Our studio

ImageSo, here’s our studio. It was my school room for homeschooling till z got into high school. Plus, everyone uses it for something. My husband plays guitar here, my daughter plays her electric piano. And I read out here. Since our house is small it’s been one of the best things we ever did. So new colors. I want the main house a way darker green but this worked out. My daughter is painting the inside. She is starting her MLS on line graduate school  so we’re putting out the Heywood Wakefield desk for her to work on. I’m going to move our Heywood Wakefield dining table in our bed room as a desk. I was going to sell it as it wobbles unless it is against a wall, so now I will repurpose it. It’s actually nifty as it folds down (with the leaves out ) quite small. So a win win. Now I can explore buying a farm type table. 

On another note, I’m 100% sure I didn’t have shingles but a chlorine burn from the pool. My husband has sprinkled shock that morning and he thinks it landed on my floatie. I think I overreacted, but it certainly was burning and itching. So I stopped the acyclovir. If I need it again, I’ll have some on hand.  I’m still waiting to hear from Curascript . Not sure what’s up there. If I don’t hear by Wednesday I’ll call the nurse.  Also, I had faxed my insurance reimbursement to LLS, midmonth. Well I called today and they never recieved it so I went to town and refaxed it. So somewhere in cyber space is my LLS forms. Next time I’ll just mail them like I usually do.  I appreciate that I can get that grant and help monetarily. 

Beautiful weather and maybe shingles , AGAIN!

First, I don’t know for sure it’s shingles. But I’m not waiting 3 days to find out. Yesterday in the afternoon I was floating peacefully in the pool, and my upper black started to itch. Ok, bug bite? So, I get out and think well, it’s still burning some. Then by 6 pm , I’m going this is too weird, my skin on my upper back is burning and itching. Hmmmm , my daughter gets home and I ask her to look at my back, she says it looks like a rash, in quarter sizes. No evidence of a bug bite. I take a few Advil ( I know we’re not suppose to with myeloma, but sometimes..so by 9 pm I’m in PAIN! What the ##~~¥¥¥+***! Now I’m trying not to freak, because when I had shingles on my arm last spring, I didn’t even know what they looked like. So , long story short, I called Dr. L right away this am, said I’m not sure but….. So the nurse called back and said, start valacyclovir . 

Even if its not shingles I don’t care, I just don’t want to risk it. It’s 12 noon and its still burning and itching so who knows? Allergic reaction? 


On another note I asked her while she was on the phone about the revlimid and that I hadn’t heard from Curascript. Good thing because she said she called it in on the 24th. So she was going to follow on with a call to them. Not that I’m rushing to start but, I might as well man up to it. Or woman up to it. But at the pharmacy I loaded up on immodium , and Benadryl , as last time both were needed. 

I’m going to to another blog today on The William Morris project from Pancakesandfrenchfries website. Check back.