Happy Father’s Day and a simple Sunday

Happy Fathers Day to my dear husband who was and is the best Dad ever. Since I did’nt have a Dad around growing up B is everything I would have wanted in a Dad.  Our son made waffles with Farmers Market strawberries, scrambled eggs and bacon and veggie sausage. Pretty darn good.

Today, I’m going to the gym with my daughter and then home and float in the pool. B’s fathers day present, and anniversary, and birthday and Christmas is a new Intex pool. The one we bought from Costco 8 years ago finally bit the dust. So hopefully we will get lots of years out of this one.

I’m in the bedroom zone this week, so I may tidy the closet(again), and then wash windows and that’s about it.

It is so freaking hot here, it’s hard to breathe. It’s suppose to be 109 in sacramento.  That is pretty darn hot. So we will be @ 103-4.

Tomorrow are my labs, and then a dentist(invisalgn) appt. Then Thursday is my oncologist appointment. We’ll see what the numbers say.

I have a load to go to Goodwill(small load) and I’m trying to get stuff out of the barn for my son to sell at the flea market. Hopefully he does this soon as I want it out of the way. There’s the 2 chairs and a bunch of other stuff.

Happy Fathers Day!!

To my husband and the best father 2 kids could have asked for. My husband was a completely involved father when they were young and still is. Just this past week he took our daughter with him on his work trip up the farthest point in California. Eureka. As a sales rep he gets to go to some great places, stay in nice hotels, eat out and see the areas he’s servicing. So when a chance arises that he can take one of us (and he pays the extra ,of course) then it’s like a mini-vacation for who ever goes. So have a geat Fathers Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there and especially to my husband who is the greatest dad ever. He was always super involved with our children and still is. Of course now they’re 29 and almost 20. Still, he’s the best. Love you, B.

On a very different note, today is the day when I was officially diagnosed in 2005. It’s funny how we all remember that day. It had been a very grueling couple of months before culminating in a biopsy for my plasmacytoma . Thinking back , I’m not sure why that was necessary as it was clear this was myeloma. But maybe then that’s how it went. Anyway, it was pretty awful. It was an awful time. So, not a good memory of an anniversary but still part of my life. I’m happy to be here and doing pretty well. 

So, off to make Father’s Day breakfast of eggs from our chickens and some other sides.