Simple Sunday

A nice walk this morning with some cloud cover. Today is supposed to be a bit cooler and with some clouds.

Yesterday, I grilled some chicken on the bbq and made extra for a chicken salad tonight. I had made an Asian salad last night and added crispy tofu and chicken on the side.  I think there’s some of that left too.

I started the kitchen zone and will do a bit more after I go to the gym. Tomorrow, I’m not going out at all so I can finish it then.

I did some meal planning for the week and plan to use the IP for a few recipes. We’ll see how I feel using it again.  I know I don’t like the beans cooked in the IP for some reason but the crockpot is great for beans.  Anyway, we’ll see.

I’m finally back on schedule that this is sheet day and Monday is towel day. When we got back from Sacto, the sheets had been washed and were on the bed so it thru the week off. The following week I did them on Saturday and this week is finally the right day at least on my schedule.

We’ve been talking about getting the small RV this fall to be ready to go. I’m sorta thinking maybe we should sell the tent trailer now as it is summer and probably a better time to sell. I’d be sad to see it go but I know we won’t be out this season at all. And we know we want a toilet and shower. So, I guess the time has come.  I’m also thinking of paying for 1/2 the RV and then financing the rest but not sure on that either.  I’d like to get $4,000 for the tent trailer but that may be optimistic although they do go for a fair price, even older ones.  I’ll check what’s on Facebook Marketplace to compare.

Other than that, a nice simple day enjoying the beauty of life.


I haven’t done a whole lot sinc we got back from camping. It was pretty hot and I sorta just wilt. I’m making a nice summer minestrone with garden vegies for dinner. Maybe add some bread , I’d have to buy a baguette and I’m not sure I’m going into a store.

I have to get printer ink and post it things at staples. Then I wanted to maybe do a few errands around town.

We went and looked at a few xtra light trailers. Found one we both love, but, we decided we really need to do a roof this year, so I think trailer dreams are on hold.

Dropped some squash off at the library for someone and a person( I knoiw), from the main branch was working. Hummm. They have no extra help, but they let me go. ????

stuff was moved around in there again as per the BR M mania for moving things. I didn’t think it looked good. I didn’t check anything out and just left.

Well, off to flylady a little and then town.

Getting stuff done!

So it’s Thursday ,and I’m filling in at the library for a few hours. It’ll be good as I lost the shift on Saturday since we were closed. So that’s ok.

Right now I just started red potatoes for mashed potatoes for dinner, and I’m going either going to do chicken or turkey. I won’t be home till 5 so I like it to be done. Then I’ll have left overs for freezing or another meal. 

Exciting news, I maybe getting my bread maker today. I read thru a lot of blogs and decided I didn’t need the most expensive(Zorushi ) sp? . So I looked at all the reviews and found one with excellant reviews. I could keep checking the thrift store .as I did find one there before. But our goodwill is a mad house for hoarders and things are picked over quickly and even when they are still in the large bins coming out. I really can’t stand that grab, grab, mentality. I’d rather just pay for it. In this case it’s being shipped by Walmart for almost nothing. So it’s a win win. I don’t have to go into a store. Mostly I decided after readin some blogs to use it primarily for dough and then bake in my new William Sonoma pans. I’m excited to try it.

then I have some apples and am going to make a crisp. Otherwise, no one is going to eat them. 

Yesterday, I worked on the closet for about 5 minutes. Pulled out the electric heaters. They are very dusty inside so not sure if I’ll use them. We really only have this one closet, sad I know, so it does have to hold a lot. 

I got my cash for food yesterday and non food. Since I spent so much at Costco last week I decided to try and get by with $200 for food. We’ll see. The budget looks good, although, one Bill a special fire tax assessment still hasn’t come out. I paid it on the 7 th so I’m not sure what the hold up is. Maybe I’d better call. Also, I moved $300 to our small savings, this is for odds and ends and whatevers.  We’re still processing extra payments on things or save. I think for now any extra we will save at least thru Christmas. 

B is thinking of trading the elantra for a Sante Fe, so we have something to pull the tent trailer. that means probably  a down payment of some sort. 

We keep talking about a different trailer ,but they’re all expensive. But we do want a hard body with a bathroom. So, we will just keep processing for now.