Thursday updates

Today is day 344, it’s soon going to be 365!!

went to a friends of the library meeting. I try not to say much since I’m both a friend and work as extra help.  It was a meeting where a very generous donation was made to our friends , and we needed to decide how to spend it. The short version is  it went to something, I think is a waste of money, iPad, kindle and nook, to show patrons how they work. Personally, I’ve never had anyone ask how an iPad works. Yes, how to connect a kindle to our ebooks. So, I think a waste of money when it coulda be used on children’s stuff we actually need. Oh, well, nothing I say really matters, it’s what those in power want.

I felt way better today. Maybe the 9 months on rev is finally taking it’s toll. I need to be careful and know where bathrooms are, but, this was just feeling so fatigued. Like wow, can I get up and do something.

I’m really enjoying my kindle fire. It’s fun to read on as it’s so much smaller than an iPad. Still if you’re in the market, there is nothing like the iPad or I imagine the iPad mini.

I won a Kindle Fire!!!

Geez, I never win anything, so when I got a call on Monday from our dentists office saying I had won their monthly drawing for a Kindle Fire, I was shocked. Wow, is all could say. So, today I’m going in to sign a release, get a picture taken and get my new reader. I use an iPad and am pretty set on it but it might be nice to put my e books on the kindle. I guess I’ll just wait and see. 

Pretty cool!

JKWP update, 22 days to go.