Budget 2014

imageI’m pretty close to our budget for 2014. The thing that we need to do is be sure to budget in for home repairs and maintenance and non food items. That’s where we tend to over spend. Most of our bills are fixed so I know those amounts. Our monthly out go is still too high for retirement. Not sure how this will play out in the next five years. I may or may not be here. But with the new drugs that are out, I’m hoping to be. I would love to pay off our second and then work on the first mortgage. But, thats not happening anytime soon. I guess we’ll have to make decisions on those in the next few years.

Im going to use cash envelopes for a few months till were back on track with some areas, such as clothing. Usually I just sort of fit clothing in. We don’t buy a lot of clothes, but when we do it’s easy to spend $100 or more. So I’m budgeting for that. Also, we have car tags in January.

I’m using my YNAB budget again too. Since I can’t use it on my iPad, I have to use my daughters netbook . I’m going to see if I can buy it from her so I have it up when I need it. She has 2 other computers so she doesn’t use it. It’s an okay program. I’m more of a pencil and paper budgeter( is that a word)???.

so, I work today and I’m sure it will be slow. Also, I need to call optumrx  for my revlimid refill.

So have a great day! How’s your budget looking for 2014?

Thanks , giving!

I’m thankful for so much . So on this thanksgiving , here’s my list:

 I’m thankful for my wonderful family, my husband is so stellar, and my children are the best. 

I’m thankful, we have a roof over our heads and food to eat.

I’m  thankful for my husbands job and the insurance it allows me to have to pay for extremely expensive drugs, like revlimid. 

I’m thankful to feel pretty good overall.

I’m thankful I have a little job to keep me involved .

theres so much more too, but those are the big ones. 

Tonight starts Hanukkha. As I’ve said we are Not Jewish, but I love the idea of the Festival of Lights and candles. And of course, latkes!


Walking 6 months :)

Well, it’s almost official. I thought today was the 6 month mark of walking everyday. It’s day 180, but my husband pointed out at 6 am walking that it really would be day 182 1/2. But heck. I’m counting today! Everyday for 180 days. I love going out in the dark. It’s special and then by the time were done it’s getting light. I’ve had some pain in my muscles on my left chest side, so I’ve been trying not to over do it. I’m always having some issue with something, but if it’s not resolved by the time I see my oncologist next week, I’ll ask for an xray. I don’t think it’s a rib fracture, but I can’t tell sometimes. It feels like muscle pull, but I’ll get it checked out. i just had zometa in October, so I don’t think it s bone related but who knows it ‘s always something. But I’m going to just keep walking!!!

Saturday stuff

Well, we dodged the bullet on the wind. But all areas around us including San Francisco got hit very hard with extreme high winds. We had some wind but not bad. So, I’m relieved. I saw on our local news that a huge ponderosa fell on a house and split it in two. Thankfully no one was home. So it can really happen. 

I’m pretty much ready for thanksgiving. Just need a few items and I’ll go early Sunday morning to get those . We have both turkey and a vegetarian option of nut and cheese loaf. It’s very yummy with veg gravy. I keep it very simple and have everything done by Wednesday, except the turkey.

I’m working on doing a months menu . I want to have rotating meals every six weeks. I’m trying to get what we eat regularly like, baked potato night, or soup night down and refine it a little more. Plus eat eat out of our freezer when I have stuff. 

I’m going to box up some dishes this weekend that we never use. They’re pretty ( desert rose which is Franciscan ware. ) it’s vintage and pretty but I’m into our white dishes so….. It’s taking up cabinet space , so I’m going to put it away and then decide what to do with it later. I’m thinking my daughter would like them but they may not be her style. 

Also, I want to get out the Christmas stuff. I’ll start decorating right after thanksgiving. I already have our menorah out for hanukkha . Remember, I’m not religious but I do love light candles and what things represent. No, I’ve never been Jewish, just like the candle lighting. Oh, and the donuts and latkes.

well, it’s off to work at the best little library ever.

Windy day and night!

Our weather is windy, windy and it’s going to be windier tonight . Have I mentioned I have a wind phobia. Well, maybe not a true phobia, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That’s because @ 5 years ago in a huge wind storm I watched 2 gigantic ponderosa pines fall. Yes, I did. What are the chances of standing at one window and watch one smash our neighbors RV, and then not 10 minutes later going to another window and watch another tree fall and miss our house and dogs by maybe 8 feet. It was not fun, so hence my phobia.

It’s been a tough week, maybe revlimid is getting harder to take , I don’t know,I’m  just tired and a little grumpy and sort of distracted.

I’m going over to open the library later and then I’ll stay to my co worker gets back from a meeting. I don’t do evenings . I’m tired and want to just be home with dinner done , wine in hand , and a movie in.

its close. Walking 180 days straight. This weekend. I’m pretty proud of that.

Dex Monday

Well, it’s always difficult to go thru Mondays. Dexamethesome kicks in and it goes from hyper to crash! I have x amount of energy and then not any. Also I’m having some other muscle problems and it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with that. On top of that I’ve had to deal with some business stuff and that was a pain too. On another sadder note, our 15 year old cat is not doing well, tucker, who has feline diabetes. It seems like he’s in his last few days. That’s tough too because we will need to have him put down otherwise he’s just suffering. Not sure when, but it’ll be this week. So, a tough start to a week. 😦

Saturday stuff

Today is a work day till 2pm. Then I need to come home and catch up on the minimalist game (decluttering the number of items for the day). I have yesterday and today. Most of the stuff is junky little stuff, so it’s just a clean sweep really of some bins and other drawers.

I haven’t felt great again, just overall blah and tired. I feel like I’m slipping on some Flylady stuff cause I just don’t have the energy. But im going to go back to just 15 min at a time.that seems to help.

so, I just finished the bathroom zone, lights and shelves, so now I feel better about it.

Well, I’m off to the library and then it’s a pizza night so I don’t have to cook!

Wednesday budget day

So, it’s a pay week and I’m working on the budget. Our last big yearly expense is house insurance. The bill showed up yesterday. So I’ll go to AAA today. Then what I want to do is schedule out all our sinking funds for next year. We really haven’t saved anything in the last few months. It’s all been house expenses, etc. now with Xmas here, we need to stop and start seriously savings. I’m thinking a separate account, or something like my 52 week savings or the $5 savings, both of which I’ve done pretty good. The 52 week savings was up to $900, then with my sister here, I used that cash instead of checking or savings. So I’m ok with that. It’s down some so I’ll work on that next and see if I can’t reach the final goal by January which is @ $1300.

I’m off today to do a little shopping at the regular store, and then a few errands. I feel pretty good this morning compared to the last 2 days.

Back to work at the library!

I had the whole week off last week. It was good, but I missed my routine at the library. Being I only work 3 days, and that’s only a 4 hour shift, it’s not a lot. Still I love my little job and wish it could have been more( branch manager). But, I’m just happy to have this job and with my health, glad I can do it.

Relaxing Sunday


Well, my sister left this morning for Connecticut . Overall, I’d say it was a good visit and I have to remember she flew out, and spent quite a it extra in dining out. I guess the biggest thing is our house is just really to small for guests staying a week plus. 

Today is day 165 walking. It’s very cool walking in the predawn. I should hit 6 months by december 1 or so. 

This week dinners will be VERY simple. I’m tired of cooking every night

Sunday: freezer casserole, manacotti

Monday: lentil soup

Tuesday: freezer enchiladas and frozen beans

Wednesday: tofu/ chicken Chinese something

Thursday: organic burgers and fries

Friday: homemade pizza

Saturday: soup ?


so, a good week, but I’m tired from it all, so I’m going to take it easy.