5 things Friday

First, my daughter’s Honda just got towed to the dealer.She is suppose to work today so not good. And it’s snowing up there, so my car wont really cut it. I guess when I go pick her up I’ll see what she wants to do.

Sescond, made my pizza dough for tonight.

Third, I was going to Kon mari 2 bins I have that hold vintage table cloths and stuff. i’ve been thru these before but maybe with new ‘eyes’ I’ll see something ┬áto donate.

Fourth….. uhh, let’s see, the budget is a bust till payday, so that’s something.

Fifth, my gym workouts ate going well. I do feel stronger. this is week 5 so I’ll probably add some additional repetions to what I’m doing. Plus increase my cardio ( treadmill, recumbent bike) to 20 minutes. I’ve been doing 15.

Library day

Well, off to work today. I’m always happy to go the best little job I’ve ever had. I’ll be sad when they let me go for the clerk who will take my place. I’m hoping at least fall before this happens. With the closure of two branches, it could go either way, 1. Oh look we have ,only to hire part time clerks , or 2. Oh,no! We can’t be hypocritical and say now we have money after saying we didn’t have money to keep the branches open. I don’t know.
I’d like to work at least another year if my health stays good.

Speaking of which, all of a sudden my right leg is bothering me. Is that one of the lytic lesions the radiologist saw. I’m not sure. My doctor said it looked ok. But I’m going to go back and read it again.
Plus, I’ll track it. Sometimes, it’s due to bending down or walking or who knows what.

Other than that, I drove in the new to us Honda CRV and it’s quite nice.
I’m taking the vw to work, it’s only a 3 mile drive. Still not sure I want to keep it, but for now I will drive it and alternate with my van.

It’s sunny today and warm. It’s suppose to be around 70 or so. Spring has sprung!!