Friday Things and back from Capitola!

We had a great trip to New Brighton State Beach.

The weather was picture perfect too. Lots of sun and temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s.

The ride down took about 4 hours and the only real traffic was near Los Gatos going over Hwy 17.

We thought it an accident but turned out just tons of people going to Santa Cruz. All in all a nice drive down. We got there and set up in out spot.

We did both realize that we really are going to have to get a new/used trailer as this one has seen better days. But we do still love it and it has taken us lots of places. At New Brighton, there are showers and bathrooms so a tent trailer works fine.

The view from the upper cliffs in the campground.

We had lots of good food. The first night was beans, macaroni salad and hot dogs. The next night we had BBQ chicken/tofu, twice baked potatoes from Gayles and salad. We had a pizza night order but it was terrible. Do NOT go to Village Pizza in Capitola. The last night we had bean tacos with trimmings. A lodge dinner would have been fun but I hadn’t really planned it out.

Another view from the bluffs.

Tuesday we drove over to Santa Cruz and walked the lighthouse trail.

This where the surfers go in the water to catch waves.

Nope, not a surfer:)

Gayles was great and I bought a bunch of treats to bring home including a loaf of their Capitola Sourdough sandwich bread. Delicious.

Today is my last shot of this round. Velcade Round 4, shot 3. I plan on putting together a falafel dinner so my son can cook that up later. I’ll take Dex after lunch.

The weekend will be low profile as I’ll be out of it tomorrow. Sunday I’ll do my Flylady chores.

A change of plans…

We headed down to Sacramento at 8:15 am to get to my 9:20 am doctor appt. Traffic moved along well with only a few slowdowns.  We got there around 9:15.

Walked in and the receptionist, who is always very sweet, said “oh Christina, we tried calling but your voicemail was full. ”  Dr. Laptalo is sick today.  Well, okey dokey and off we went after rescheduling. Since my labs came back great again, I wasn’t too concerned about seeing him.  My Kappa light chains went up to 14.1 and lambda went down to 11.4 and the ratio was at 1.26. So that went up too.  But still all in the normal range so I’m a happy camper.

Speaking of camping we are booked for New Brighton next week but now the rain is showing up on Wednesday too.  So I think we’re still going to go but will leave a day early.  Sunday looks ok, Monday shows rain, Tuesday sunny, Wednesday rain.  I guess we will just have to see when we get there. Especially if it’s chilly. The tent trailer does have a heater but I don’t think it’ll be that much fun just sitting in the tent trailer.


the beach at New Brighton looking toward Capitola Wharf.



Back from New Brighton State Beach

We had a great time. Our spot was level and out of the way. We didn’t have an ocean view but could walk to the overlook and see. Our next time here we do have a premium spot( has an ocean view). These are really hard to book. It looked RV city over on that side. Of course, there were the monster children whose parents think that camping is an excuse for their kids to run wild.

We spent time down at the beach walking and of course, B and I walked every am. Although not getting up at 6am.IMG_0670.jpgWe went to the store 2 x and the big hit was going to the Santa Cruz Farmers market. That was fun.

Plus we hit up Gayle’s for rye bread and a few sweets. If you’re ever in Capitola, do not miss Gayle’s . It is absolutely wonderful food and a great bakery.

It took us 4 hours to get home. WE had light traffic thru San Jose and Stockton and even Sacramento.