Simple Sunday( AKA as no electricity or …

or Little House on the Prairie Episode.

Lights out at 8 pm last night so we at least got thru dinner. We were sitting around listening to my son’s Spotify and talking. It was nice really.

There have been winds all night from the northeast but nothing too frightening( well, it’s still dark so I can’t’ tell yet). the solar lights were going on and off due to the wind though.

Yesterday was really a beautiful fall day. Everything is turning shades of gold and yellow. We don’t get a lot of reds but we do have Japanese maples that are turning red so that’s nice.  There wasn’t any wind to speak of.

Last week the PG&E tree crew came and took down a dead tree from the back near the barn. I happened to ask if they freelanced and they mostly didn’t speak much English but the one guy said “yes” and I showed him the 2 trees where they had just been cutting. They aren’t a threat in any way but they had pretty good leans, I mean like at 45″ angles and one was very large.  So I gave him my phone #.  Later that week they stopped by with a quote and it was VERY good for 2 trees. No bucking up just 4-5 lengths.

So now we those 2 taken care. In front of these 2 is a very very large tree that is also a leaner. It is leaning into the barn area.  If it went it would take out the barn for sure. But this tree requires a large crane and that’s not on the agenda for this year. We still haven’t had the other tree guy that we have the contract with contact us about the tree in the front.  I’m guessing that’ll happen soon though.  So maybe next year we can do the big tree but I’m guessing that is a $5,000 tree so??

This week we have a clinic visit for B and I have a dental appt about the tooth that is broken. That’s it for this week so not bad in terms of appts.

This week the Flylady zone is the living room if you’re following.  If you want to follow her plan in a modified way this is what I do.

  • dust
  • wash inside windows
  • make sure only things that live in the LR are in there, remove the rest.
  • declutter anything that isn’t loved or beautiful( I did this forever ago) but I still look around
  • vacuum
  • wash mirror

that’s about it. If you’re just starting out you might set a timer for 15 minutes and see what you can declutter or remove.

Dinner is unknown since the power is off but fortunately we are quite comfortable since we have a propane stove and can cook. No oven as that is electronically controlled. I may do pasta or something like that.

Rainy and windy and here we are.

Well, we’re sitting in the Holiday Inn because the forecast for our area included a high wind advisory for winds over 40 mph and gusts over 60 mph so you guessed it, we left and came to Auburn.  Although we have taken down many trees around our house we still have giant ponderosas on the south side and southwest side.  These trees tower over 100 ft and are big.  The bulk of the storm was to hit after 10 pm and not a good scenario for sleeping. So B called it and we came to town. On the plus side, we got to eat at our favorite greasy Mexican place. I have leftovers for lunch.  WE watched TV about the missile strikes and 5 million commercials. Geez, I’m so glad we don’t have TV except for Hulu and Netflix. The commercials are so awful no wonder our society seems stuck on consumerism, buying more, looking better etc. It’s  actually really scary what people see in those commercials.  So now we’re having a Starbucks coffee and then heading home.  It’s actually still quite breezy but not raining.  Hopefully, the Kitties are ok. We put the border collies in the van and they came with us and slept in the van.

We might get breakfast in town but we might wait and just eat at home.  It would save $30 dollars.

I’ll go for a walk in the park when we get home, although we did walk to Starbucks to get coffee.  But another walk will be good.

Another blogger I like thrifty mom in Boise suggested writing a list of goals for April.  I don’t usually do monthly goals, more like daily but this was a good suggestion so I did. One was to bake something sweet(which I usually don’t), so I made lemon poppy seed muffins. They came out pretty good and I froze some.

Tonight is pizza Friday so when I get home I’ll make up some dough.

I tidied the house before we left yesterday at 5 pm so It should be good.



Well, I finally caught something from either the library or someone brought germs in the house. I’m sniffly and sinusey. Not terrible but still … I’m taking lemon water, sinus stuff and some Chinese herbs. Otherwise I’ll let it run its course. No fever so, I’m ok there. With my BMB on Friday im hoping I’ll be better. I don’t think getting my hip drilled will make a lot of difference to my sinuses but I’d prefer if I’m not too under the weather. Speaking of weather the same day ( Friday) were in for rain and wind. Oh joy that will help my stress levels. 😬

Well, it’s pay day, and I’m off to get cash for groceries and fill up my van. I saw gas at 2.07 yesterday so that’ll help. I need some groceries but my head feels 10 times bigger than it is so I’ll wait.

Windy and cold!

It’s very cold here @42 and we have a very brisk north wind. 36 mph gusts. It’s not raining so my wind phobia isn’t as acute.
I’m off to the library but may not work the whole shift. Why?
Because yesterday at the dentist office I had an X-ray on a tooth they’ve been watching, and I have a slight infection there and I need not one but 2 root canals. Now, I’m on zometa and dental work and Zometa don’t usually mix well. But, after asking some others on the myeloma support group, a few people said they’d had root canals while on zometa. As it doesn’t affect the bone. So I feel a little better. But I started the antibiotic this morning ( took one instead of 2 ) and I’ll take the second in a few hours. But generally I don’t do well on antibiotics so we shall see. Plus I’ve had some GI issues today so…..

Im feeling really tired too. I guess it’s the end of my Revlimid cycle and that may be contributing to that. Plus my left hip has been really bothering me. Not sure if it’s arthritis or myeloma. Geez, I’m full of good cheer this morning.
Well, I’ll let you know how it goes.
Oh, more “good” news, our washer died, had to order a new cheaper one. My car tires died and had to replace them as they were 8 years old and cracking. So, geez, now I’m really going for cheery this morning with root canals, aching hip, money flying out the window, GI issues. Agh …….
I’ll leave it at that.

Made it thru the storm, Costco ….

The wind was howling and the rain was impressive, almost 5 inches). But we got home around 1pm on Thursday. No wind just lots of rain. There were branches in the yard and tons of pine needles but no other damages. A few tiny roof leaks where it always leaks when it’s torrential, so I think we missed that one. SF got incredible wind and rain.

It’s still gloomy out and quite a bit colder.

I got and message back from my doctor and I started rev, and I’ll see him the first part of January, as it doesn’t make sense to see him mid cycle.
My m protein came back .4 so same as last month. My neutrophils were good too.

I’m done with christmas except some cash for my brother. We have definitely gone over budget. So next year I’ve got to up our santa fund.

Work was quiet and Saturday was a little busier. This is a slow time in the library, too much christmas going on.

My sons wisdom teeth surgery is this week and I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck.

We were looking at a new tv at Costco but I don’t think we can do it, since the copay for the wisdom teeth is @$700. So….
But as usual Costco sucked the money right out of you, but I won’t have to back till middle to end of January.

All in all a good day.
Dinner is potato leek soup.

Saturday stuff

Well, we dodged the bullet on the wind. But all areas around us including San Francisco got hit very hard with extreme high winds. We had some wind but not bad. So, I’m relieved. I saw on our local news that a huge ponderosa fell on a house and split it in two. Thankfully no one was home. So it can really happen. 

I’m pretty much ready for thanksgiving. Just need a few items and I’ll go early Sunday morning to get those . We have both turkey and a vegetarian option of nut and cheese loaf. It’s very yummy with veg gravy. I keep it very simple and have everything done by Wednesday, except the turkey.

I’m working on doing a months menu . I want to have rotating meals every six weeks. I’m trying to get what we eat regularly like, baked potato night, or soup night down and refine it a little more. Plus eat eat out of our freezer when I have stuff. 

I’m going to box up some dishes this weekend that we never use. They’re pretty ( desert rose which is Franciscan ware. ) it’s vintage and pretty but I’m into our white dishes so….. It’s taking up cabinet space , so I’m going to put it away and then decide what to do with it later. I’m thinking my daughter would like them but they may not be her style. 

Also, I want to get out the Christmas stuff. I’ll start decorating right after thanksgiving. I already have our menorah out for hanukkha . Remember, I’m not religious but I do love light candles and what things represent. No, I’ve never been Jewish, just like the candle lighting. Oh, and the donuts and latkes.

well, it’s off to work at the best little library ever.

Windy day and night!

Our weather is windy, windy and it’s going to be windier tonight . Have I mentioned I have a wind phobia. Well, maybe not a true phobia, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That’s because @ 5 years ago in a huge wind storm I watched 2 gigantic ponderosa pines fall. Yes, I did. What are the chances of standing at one window and watch one smash our neighbors RV, and then not 10 minutes later going to another window and watch another tree fall and miss our house and dogs by maybe 8 feet. It was not fun, so hence my phobia.

It’s been a tough week, maybe revlimid is getting harder to take , I don’t know,I’m  just tired and a little grumpy and sort of distracted.

I’m going over to open the library later and then I’ll stay to my co worker gets back from a meeting. I don’t do evenings . I’m tired and want to just be home with dinner done , wine in hand , and a movie in.

its close. Walking 180 days straight. This weekend. I’m pretty proud of that.