September 16
Well, I haven’t written in awhile, so things must have been ok. Usually, if I have issues I tend to write more. So it’s been a good period of time. 

DEx has been difficult, but it’s just one day a week and then I improve.
But the exciting news is as of today I’m off revlimid and dex! Yeah, 
Not sure how long it will last but I’m in CR now and that’s what’s important and I am going to savor every moment. 
I feel normal today, even went for a nice work and seem to have pretty good energy. 
We’ve had lots of tomatoes and I’ve been freezing sauce. Sachi has done a beautiful garden this year. We even have apples on our tree really for the first time and lots of potatoes.
I’m totally into trying to do minimalism. And it’s been a great project. Just continually decluttering and passing nice stuff on to others for them to enjoy and love.
I really like the idea and the look of minimalism , each room is looking better, when I get rid of the patterned rug in the living room for a solid I think it will dramatically improve.
Less is more and for some reasonit seems very important to me to get rid of more and more clutter and just stuff. Some of that stuff is pretty nice, buti don’t want it anymore.
This house works better with less furniture and things.That’s it for now, I will try and update more regularly.