Thankful Thursday

A good week overall. Sachi’s birthday was nice. I made a yellow cake with chocolate icing.

For a box mix, it was tasty.

I’m thankful for my daughter and all her talents. A published author, gardener extraordinaire, research librarian, and cat lover.

I’m very thankful the plumbing got fixed. Z helped his Dad and made the job much easier. Now the sill wood and beam need to be replaced because of the water damage but that will have to wait till we’re back from Tahoe.

I’m thankful that we live in California and not some horrible right-wing state like Florida. We live in a Red county but then you drive down to Roseville and Davis etc and it’s Blue!!!

I’m thankful that I have lived to be 70 and even though Myeloma is hanging over me, I’m hopeful my next course of treatment is successful. Despite having lived with cancer for almost 20 years, I’m fairly healthy.

I’m always thankful for the Roseville pool and even though it’s closed for 3 months, I can go over to the other pool. It’s an Olympic pool outside so I’m not sure how the temperature will be. It is heated though from what the lifeguards said. Most of the people I talked to like it a lot.

Thankful Thursday

Our weather has been perfect. We sat outside last evening, had a fire, and enjoyed not being chased in by mosquitoes.

The truck’s AC is fixed and we’re picking it up this morning.

My VW’s AC works great and is original to the car ( 2000). I went into town yesterday to drop off the red Fiesta Ware and it was warmish out so I turned on the AC to check it out.

That we had a lovely walk this morning with no one there.

I made homemade yogurt and it came out great. I tried a new method that a You tuber showed with it being made in a ball jar. Heating up the milk to 180 took the longest. Then cooling to 115. Then put it in the oven with the light on. I didn’t think the oven would work but it stayed a nice warm temperature.

I’m thankful our SS came in as next month is a ??? Since that’s our only source of income it could be worrying but I’m not going to worry. It’s out of my control.

Being Grateful…….

Having survived now for 13 years with Mulitple Myeloma, I know how lucky I am.  I am grateful every day for my life with my wonderful husband and children.  My son was almost 11 when I was diagnosed and my daughter almost 20. So the many years I’ve had are remarkable. Graduations from High School and college.

Some people using the bullet journal method write down what they are grateful for each day. Some do it a little OCed.  I don’t need to write it down to be reminded that the sun comes up or it’s raining and I’m fortunate enough to see it and experience.

Especially since I am enjoying this remission period. My next labs are coming up in the first part of April. Who knows what they will bring but I can only hope they are still good. Although, I don’t “hope hope” like in praying or anything.  Because your blood will be what it is no matter what you hope for. It is what it is.  That was a hard lesson for me when I was first diagnosed.  It took many years to realize basically nothing I ‘hoped’ for essentially made a difference but still one needs to hope. I think it’s a human element.

My neighbor that I’ve mentioned before in my ‘Death decluttering’ blog, is with hospice now. She only has a small amount of time left. I talked with her the other day. One thing that struck me was she said,” this wasn’t how she envisioned her retirement”. She’s only 2 years older than me and was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer 5 years ago.  She made it longer than a lot of cancer patients.

I’m one of the lucky ones and believe me, I am extraordinarily grateful. Not in any religious sense, just grateful to have lived to see another day.





3rd of December

I’m grateful for my husband who works extraordinarily hard to support his family.

We have excellent health care as long as he continues to work full time and our son is covered till his 26th birthday, which will be right around the time my husband retires.

This next year I have some specific financial goals, one being, paying off the Santa Fe or at least most of it so B can get a small car like a Hyundai Elantra. Since he will still get a car stipend thing, he can use that instead of racking up more miles on the SF which we need to pull the tent trailer.  We will sell either the van or my VW. I’m guessing the van but who knows.

Today is a gym day and I need to go to Safeway for a few things like milk. Then this coming week is Flylady’s kitchen zone. I’ll probably start today and at least wipe the cabinets.

Our week looks dry and sunny but still cool, only @ 60 degrees high.


Beautiful Lake Tahoe!



Being Grateful…

Another blogger frugal girl just did a blog on being grateful and many others are following with a post on what they’re grateful for. So here goes:

  1. I’m grateful for my wonderful husband,who always is supportive, and my 2 amazing children. They are the best and every day I am grateful for them.
  2. I’m also grateful that my new treatment, Velcade, has knocked my numbers down into the normal range. Even with some side effects this is a pretty wonderful thing to have had that happen.
  3. Each day is a gift and I appreciate it in some way. I don’t always feel top notch, but I’m grateful for  the wonder of a day and beauty that it holds.
  4. I’m very grateful to have a home, be it so ever humble and small( one bathroom) 🙂
  5. That I can walk each day. I never take that for granted.
  6. I’m very grateful my husband has a job and excellent health insurance since my treatments and drugs are very expensive.
  7. Also, for all my cyber myeloma friends and others who have taken the time to comment and share.