Tuesdays updates

imageimageThe book sale was a great success and then we had everything loaded for thrift stores by 3pm. Not sure if our final tally but hopefully good.

Sunday, was nice, walked and since it was a dex day, did some extra stuff. Not too much. With my sister coming I’m trying to get things ready. I need to go to target and get her a pillow and a few misc for her. It’ll be a challenge with my son sleeping out in the studio but we have no extra house room. The studio is nice , but small, and it’s where my daughter is doing her school work, so everything will be messed up for a week  or so.

But exciting news, we finally went to ikea , which for us is an hour away. But we did it and I I finally got a couch. its the ektorp . I really wanted the more modern look but this was on sale and almost $200 less. So that decided that. And I got the farm table. I love the white. I love my Heywood Wakefield but as a table it’s not very comfortable. And it wiggles which I HATE. I’m going to try and sell it on Craig’s list, but usually stuff like this doesn’t sell.

so I’m pretty jazzed. Here’s some pics.

Well I’ll try uploading later.

its cloudy today and there was a little rain. I need to vacuum and steam mop the floors. This week is my oncologist appt, but it should be quick except for my list of complaints…

Library book sale

So yesterday and today is our annual booksale. We went Thursday and set up. Everything will be $2 a bag. That’s a great deal for hardbacks etc. I’m going in early to buy some raffle tickets. Then when I close at 2 pm we will be  boxing everything and taking them to the local thrift stores.

Walked this am 2 miles. I’m feeling better but these drugs are taking a toll. Tonight’s my last night on dex for 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still struggling with where to put my sister when she comes to visit next week. As most of you know my house is very small, and there is no extra room. So someone has to give up there room and use the studio. It’s nice out there but no bathroom , obviously , and so I’m just not sure what to do. Plus, I thought I’d buy a new futon instead of a couch but is that what I really want. Basically everything would look the same and I’m trying to freshen up our front room.so…….

Wednesday whatevers

This is past due, but, I still wasn’t feeling great today. I’m making good progress withHanukkah  gifts and Christmas.

walked 2 miles, and went to the thrift store looking for a cabinet and if there were any couches that were decent. Absolutely no luck.

Mondays to do list

I already walked my 2 miles. A little slow as the dex is still affecting me. 

then I’m starting flylady’s home blessing day.

Do the bedroom zone.

Then I’m off to town to bank, and pick up my prescriptions. 

I might go out to the barn and start working on the mess out there. It seems to grow over night mostly due to my son’s piles of stuff..

  • dinner menus for week will be simple
  • last night we had left over black bean burritos and polenta
  • tonight chicken (left over) Alfredo 
  • Tuesday  Broccoli cheddar soup and home made rolls
  • Wednesday  crock pot something
  • Thursday freezer meal of pesto pasta bake and salad
  • Friday homemade pizza or taco night
  • Saturday  soup or chili

This is another busy week as I have to open the library Thursday and then stay for a few hours . Not bad, but it throws the day off.

then I’m hoping to go to ikea to check on a sofa they have. 

So, well see how the week shapes up. They weather is picture perfect.

Getting stuff done!

So it’s Thursday ,and I’m filling in at the library for a few hours. It’ll be good as I lost the shift on Saturday since we were closed. So that’s ok.

Right now I just started red potatoes for mashed potatoes for dinner, and I’m going either going to do chicken or turkey. I won’t be home till 5 so I like it to be done. Then I’ll have left overs for freezing or another meal. 

Exciting news, I maybe getting my bread maker today. I read thru a lot of blogs and decided I didn’t need the most expensive(Zorushi ) sp? . So I looked at all the reviews and found one with excellant reviews. I could keep checking the thrift store .as I did find one there before. But our goodwill is a mad house for hoarders and things are picked over quickly and even when they are still in the large bins coming out. I really can’t stand that grab, grab, mentality. I’d rather just pay for it. In this case it’s being shipped by Walmart for almost nothing. So it’s a win win. I don’t have to go into a store. Mostly I decided after readin some blogs to use it primarily for dough and then bake in my new William Sonoma pans. I’m excited to try it.

then I have some apples and am going to make a crisp. Otherwise, no one is going to eat them. 

Yesterday, I worked on the closet for about 5 minutes. Pulled out the electric heaters. They are very dusty inside so not sure if I’ll use them. We really only have this one closet, sad I know, so it does have to hold a lot. 

I got my cash for food yesterday and non food. Since I spent so much at Costco last week I decided to try and get by with $200 for food. We’ll see. The budget looks good, although, one Bill a special fire tax assessment still hasn’t come out. I paid it on the 7 th so I’m not sure what the hold up is. Maybe I’d better call. Also, I moved $300 to our small savings, this is for odds and ends and whatevers.  We’re still processing extra payments on things or save. I think for now any extra we will save at least thru Christmas. 

B is thinking of trading the elantra for a Sante Fe, so we have something to pull the tent trailer. that means probably  a down payment of some sort. 

We keep talking about a different trailer ,but they’re all expensive. But we do want a hard body with a bathroom. So, we will just keep processing for now.


Busy Monday !

So, walked 2 miles. It was a chilly 38 degrees. Whew!

Then home and accomplished alot. 

Did the bathroom zone.

made nut and cheese loaf:Image


Then a batch of sour cream mashed potatoes to freeze.

Tidied the house, did flylady’s home blessing.

then I collapsed…. But got most of what I Wanted done.

oh, I spent money too. Bath and body had some great deals plus $1 shipping and 20% off. I always use these as Christmas gifts so, I’ve got a good start on Christmas gift bags.

And it is another beautiful fall day!


Sunday musings

We walked again, almost 3 miles. Nice. It is a dex day for me so for those of you who don’t know what decadron does. It’s a steroid that helps with the chemo, but it  causes some unpleasant side effects. I take it at bed so I get thru the night( the first 8 hours) asleep. Well sort of since I never sleep straight thru. But the next day you have a lot of energy for part of the day.  Then you sort of just run out of steam and crash…. I lay down for maybe 3 hours and then by 4pm I start to feel alright.  Tonight then I will take Ativan to sleep otherwise you’d lay there all night. Tomorrow is better and so forth , then it starts all over. It’s once a week . So, that’s my life. I do get a lot of batch cooking done and some Flylady stuff. Usually I finish the zone in an hour . Well, here’s our fall lights outside.Image

Beautiful fall day!

imageI put out my vintage Halloween collection. One of the few things I haven’t gotten rid of ,because I love them.

Went for a walk with B at 6:45. I like the early morning. Today the library is closed so we headed for Costco. Got there right a 9:20. Spent a lot but I made a dent in Christmas/hanukkha  stuff. Yes, we are non religious, but I like both celebrations. So, we do them as celebrations of the gift of light and the winter solsiste. Works for us.



I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver my revlimid. It’s almost 4 pm, and it was suppose to be before 12 noon delivery. It seems there’s always a problem.

My monoclonal protein is about the same at .5

I’m disappointed as it’s hard to go thru a whole cycle and not get better results. But we’ll just have to see how this one goes. 

Kinda a weird day, cloudy and cool. I’m making chicken tortilla soup using Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Hers are always yummy.