Five Frugal Things Friday

So, I had my eye doctor appt yesterday and the good news is I won’t have to have cataract surgery. The bad news is I actually need eye surgery at some point for a retina issue where the retina has sort of a wrinkle in it and that’s what not letting me see as clear thru that eye. It was caused by my extended steroid use over the period of 12 years.  Of course, I needed the Dex to work with the chemo drugs but this is a side effect. The good news is he said it’s not critical right now and we can take another scan in 4 months. Geez, I didn’t see that one coming.( Pun on words)….

let’s see, not a frugal week.  Went to Costco and that was $118 plus the special medication for Bonnie the rescue dog. It’s anti-seizure medication. So another $50.

All the first of the month bills are paid or on auto payment so that used up a paycheck.

B is having his 60,000-mile service at Hyundai so I expect that to be $$$.

Had the propane filled to the tune of $230.

Gee, this sounding like a very expense week.

Oh, and tomorrow my son and I have to fill out the housing for him at SFSU. That will be $270 to reserve the spot.  He will need to find grants or get a Student loan for the actual housing. We can help with these smaller things but that’s it.

So, I’m home today making brownies, and tonight is pizza night. I was going to order out Round Table gourmet veggie but decided I didn’t want to spend $25 on a large pizza. So, I made the dough my favorite from’Date nite in’.  I’m going to do a spinach and goat cheese one with pine nuts and the other just cheese and pepperoni.

Here’s a picture from dinner in Santa Barbara, notice me clutching my glass of wine. It was some sort of Italian chardonnay.  It was a pretty great chopped salad too.



Random notes

It’s a nice day. Kinda a slow day. I have a teeth cleaning this afternoon, and I need to pop into target for some Easter candy for the library. 

I’m planning on making a pizza for dinner. Maybe grill a little chicken as it needs to be used. Then I could make chicken salad for tomorrow night. I’m on a quest to make great pizza. Tonight I’m using the dough that is in the fridge for 3 days. I looked into buying  a little pizzeria machine that heats up to 650-700 but just don’t really want to spend the money. But, I’ll think about it. I don’t usually buy specific tools like that but the reviews are really good. 

I’m listening to the audio of “Game of Thrones”, and it is excellant. I don’t know if I can finish in 2 weeks, but I’ll put it back on hold if I need to. 

We’re going to check out the Santa Fe this week end and see what the possibilities are. It’ll make pulling the tent trailer less stressful and we can go on some longer trips. 

Im going to be off dex and rev for 2 weeks so that’s unusual , but nice. I’m not too worried about it affecting my blood work but I don’t see my dr till the end of the month.