What a way to start the day…

Well, after I walked my 2 miles, I go to open the car and it’s locked with my keys inside. At the park ,I never take my keys and I don’t lock the car. Somehow, I must’ve pushed the lock button. So after searching the wheel wells twice , I found the spare key. I do live only a mile from the park, so I could’ve walked home, but still….geez, is that how my day is going to go?

yesterday was a busy day. My son came with me to whole foods. I’ve decided to get my meat there, especially after reading “Eating Animals”. No factory farmed meat! Which I did before, but whole foods has a great selection. So, I got some chicken , ground turkey, and some burger stuff. Also, a few misc like Baliene salt. Spent $62 ,not bad. I shopped only the perimeter. 

Then we went to REI, so he could get a few more back pack things. I told him we’d help with some and consider that extra birthday stuff. 

Then we went to old navy as I had a great coupon, bought 2 t shirts, a pair of shorts for my husband and my son got 2 t shirts. Saved over $50. I like old navy as I’m not a big clothes person. I have a pretty minimalist if waredrobe. I wear  black, white or navy tops, jeans, or black pants . I like it since I did this. Much easier. Sometimes I wear a royal blue top( I have 2), with a black shirt over. I wear a shirt over my t shirts to cover the bruises on my arms. Myeloma side effect. I bruise really easy. 

I also made a quinoa salad, and WW bread. 

Tonight were having pizza.

i also have bookclub, so I’ll go over to the library later. 

Wednesday walking and other miscellaneous stuff!

imageWell, I just lost the whole post I was trying to publish ,so this is a rehash. Went walking alone as B is working out of town till Friday. Other post exclaimEd what a great job he has. Also, I walked 2 miles and it doesn’t seem easier lately, I’m not sure if that due to the myeloma cell activating or what. On that note still waiting to hear from Celgene. Since revlimid is a controlled drug and very expensive, it takes time to get I insurance on board and everything else. So today’s Wednesday, we’ll see. 

On another exciting note, we recieved a small unexpected windfall. We paid off the Prius and I may be buying an ikea couch. As my other post stated, we’ve done expensive Macy’s

couches before. I don’t need or want that . Just an inexpensive ikea couch that has a mid century look. Also, we will have some savings and that is exciting.

Oh, I went to old navy and picked up a white shirt on sale. Wasn’t quite what I wanted but it’s summery .