Simple Sunday

Another week has gone by. The weather is warm today but then when we’re in Tahoe there’s quite a change for the week. It’ll be cool and even thunderstorms. That’s ok, we can still walk in the morning, read, and cook meals inside if we have to. We don’t have specific plans as we’ve been to Tahoe so many times, but we will hit the gym up there twice at least. We may drive down to the Y and head up to Pope Beach. We’ll see.

I swam at the Roseville Aquatics yesterday in what’s called the recreation pool. There are 5 lap lanes in the middle of what’s really a big kiddie pool. On one side is a huge water slide and then on the other it’s very shallow for young kids. Fortunately, I got a lane to myself for about half my swim and then shared for the rest. It was ok. Now that I’ve been there, I think any of the serious swimmers won’t swim there because there’s no way to flip turn as it’s too shallow on the one end and it’s short. Perfect for old people like me. I won’t be back till next week but when I checked the schedule the early morning time will continue to be in this pool and then at 12:45, lap swimming opens at the Olympic pool. I just don’t see myself driving to Roseville in the summer at 1 pm. It just doesn’t work for me.

We’re loading up Rubi today and I went to Safeway and picked a few things so we won’t have to go to the store for a few days. Then I went to Starbucks for a bag of ground coffee to take with us. We always buy a bag so we don’t have to grind it beforehand. We have a Hario ceramic cone and a Hario glass carafe. It makes excellent coffee. We do have a press too but we don’t use that too often now.

I have my labs tomorrow so after I get home we’ll finish loading and probably be on our way by 10. Nevada Beach is only 2 hours or less away so you don’t want to get there too early. 12-12:30 is about right.

I’ve been on a reading marathon of Louise Penny books. What a good writer. So many charming details.

The rest of my day is open. I need to water a few plants and tidy up a bit. The kids will be here all week so they can keep things going.

Friday Things

I’m doing things around the house today. I finished the sourdough rye. My starter needs some reviving so I’m adding flour and water to see if I can get it to double. I’m planning on another loaf before we leave on Monday morning. Speaking of which, I will go get my labs Monday morning so I should have the results by Friday. I know it’s probably gone up since I can tell I’m a wee bit more tired. Well, I’m figuring that it will be Fall when I start Velcade, at least if my calculations are correct.

Yesterday was Costco and that went well. It was very busy though. It’s hard to know why sometimes it’s so busy but then we figured out that it’s probably graduations and weddings.

Our yard is full of roses blooming, foxglove flowers, mini carnations, tons of tomato plants, peppers, sage, and lots of lavender too. This is a very pretty time in the year here.

Tonight we’re opting out of pizza and will just have some spaghetti and sauce I think. Nothing too involved. I have some salad stuff I can use too.

I’ve been thinking about how things go full circle. Back when we were first married we owned next to nothing. We traveled from NY to Tucson in a 1964 VW bus and what was in there, is all we owned. We never really bought furniture as such until right before we moved here in 1975. Then we had some antique dressers, a table( this was an old Forest Service table) some chairs and a few other things. It wasn’t until we built the house in Foresthill that we bought things. A nice couch set from Macys, an oak round table, a few chairs and misc. Then when we moved here after the house sold, we had everything in storage while we remodeled. We had gotten rid of a lot but still had way to much for this space. I guess I just kept trying to stuff things in here even though nothing fit. So the full circle is I’d like to own next to nothing again except what is truly used and loved. My Heywood collection for sure, a couch to sit on that’s comfortable for reading and watching some TV, and bookcases either built in or the one we have for the Easton Press. I look around and think what more can I reduce. I’d rather have space than things. It’s pared down but not quite to the poetry yet.

Frugal things:

Costco was under $300 and that was quite a bit of freezer stuff and pantry basics.

I went to the library and got a lot of books to take camping.

We filled the truck up with gas at Costco where it was .70 cheaper than here in town.

One of the pears tree we bought at Home Depot didn’t make it so B was going to bring it back. Kind of a PITA since he had to dig it up but that’s $ back in his pocket to either get another tree or wait till next year to replace.

I was tempted by a LV neverfull of FB market place. But then I checked the code and it said it was invalid. I tried numerous sites and no one could verify it so I saved myself $800. The woman said it had been authenticated but since the code( which all LV have) wasn’t one with right country I passed. I’m still planning on getting one but it’ll need to be from site that verifies it like Fashionphile.

Thankful Thursday

A good week overall. Sachi’s birthday was nice. I made a yellow cake with chocolate icing.

For a box mix, it was tasty.

I’m thankful for my daughter and all her talents. A published author, gardener extraordinaire, research librarian, and cat lover.

I’m very thankful the plumbing got fixed. Z helped his Dad and made the job much easier. Now the sill wood and beam need to be replaced because of the water damage but that will have to wait till we’re back from Tahoe.

I’m thankful that we live in California and not some horrible right-wing state like Florida. We live in a Red county but then you drive down to Roseville and Davis etc and it’s Blue!!!

I’m thankful that I have lived to be 70 and even though Myeloma is hanging over me, I’m hopeful my next course of treatment is successful. Despite having lived with cancer for almost 20 years, I’m fairly healthy.

I’m always thankful for the Roseville pool and even though it’s closed for 3 months, I can go over to the other pool. It’s an Olympic pool outside so I’m not sure how the temperature will be. It is heated though from what the lifeguards said. Most of the people I talked to like it a lot.

May 29, Memorial Day, and Sachi’s B.D.

Our daughter was born on this day. I think it was a Wednesday and it was raining. Grandpa( B’s father) was here for the Dixie Land Jazz Festival in Sacramento. For many years he never missed one. So it was a nice surprise he was here. Being a mom was pretty great for me and I loved it. Of course, I was almost 33 so that might be part of it and we used a fertility drug called Clomid to stimulate ovulation. It worked like a charm and after 2 cycles, we were pregnant. So, I really wanted this baby.

Memorial Day, remembering Philip E Ruminski, killed in Viet Nam, Jan. 7, 1968. My mother never really recovered from the shock and it was a downhill slide till she died 10 years later. Remembering all who gave their lives in all wars for freedom, and democracy.

It’s too bad people like tRump don’t really understand those sacrifices. He had how many deferments?? And being a New Yorker, people like my brother, who couldn’t get a deferment, took his place. Sadly, Philip was only 21 and quite a talented artist.

Well, today is a celebration day for Sachi. I made breakfast of hash browns, eggs, toast with homemade jam, some sausage and, cinnamon rolls. I’m not sure what we’ll do for dinner but tomorrow or Wednesday she and are going to go to the nursery and then out to lunch.

Simple Sunday

A nice Sunday walk to wake up the old body!!!!. We get up fairly early 5am or so usually 5:15 and have coffee. Then we go to the park and do 2-4 rounds. Today it was just us and that is always a treat. The Canada Goose families were there too!! The babies are all growing.

Supposedly the kitchen pipe is getting fixed today so that’s a good thing. The next issue is the wood on the foundation is pretty rotted and will need to be replaced. That could be a bigger job than just the pipe. So maybe it’s a good thing the pipe was leaking as we would never have pulled off that siding.

After tidying up I went to the Auburn gym and did weights and treadmill. I was going to go to Safeway as they have corn on sale again but I didn’t feel like it after the gym. Maybe tomorrow. After getting home, I put a chicken in the oven to roast for dinner. I made some coleslaw too.

The yogurt was put in a colander and drained off the whey. So what were 2 quarts of yogurt after draining the whey was one full quart. This method is pretty great and I feel I’ll keep making yogurt this way once a week. I figured out the cost factor to be @ $2.00 for an organic probiotic yogurt quart. The Nancy’s probiotic yogurt I’m using as the starter was $6. So a significant savings.

I moved a few house plants around for summer and probably will need to move some out of the sun room as it gets too hot for them. But since it’s still cooler out, for now their fine.

I’m glad something is happening with the debt ceiling crap but who knows? I’d like to see any of them deal with having to rely on SS to live and then see how fast they do something to change the system. Every Senator and Congress person should be required to live for one month(or more) with $$ xx for one month and see what it’s like. And it should be what the average senior gets which I can’t remember but I think it’s only $1500 or less.

Frugal Friday

Our weather has turned to the cooler side. Actually, the house is quite chilly but I refuse to light a fire. I have some house plants on the wood-burning stove platform so I don’t want to have to remove them to start a fire.

I didn’t walk this morning as I went to the gym yesterday and had on my new gym shoes. Anytime I get new shoes my feet and back take a hit till they adjust. So my legs were sore and my low back. I’m wearing them around the house today to help break them in and adjust.

On the frugal end of things, B is using our free dump pass to take a whole truck load of crap to the dump. Honestly, I don’t know where it comes from. It seems we just took a load and here we are again. Well, this was free so maybe he just loaded everything he could.

The plumbing is still not fixed but B has all the siding off and has access to the pipe so that’s a start. He and son are planning on fixing it this weekend. Fortunately, it’s not a gusher and just a slow leak. But I suppose it will save money doing it himself.

I did the Walmart order and a Trader Joe’s so I’m set with groceries for a few weeks. I came in at @ $200 altogether. I do need to do a Costco trip for coffee etc. but will wait till next week. The week after we’re in Tahoe so I wouldn’t be able to do it then.

I’m still doing cash envelopes for groceries, dining out, misc, Home Depot, and fun money. It seems to be working well and I like to have the cash available. It helps me with my budget and then I’m not debit carding everything.

Next week is my daughters birthday so she will pick where to get dinner. I figure about $100 for all four of us. So not frugal but it’s part of the birthday gift.

Thankful Thursday

Our weather has been perfect. We sat outside last evening, had a fire, and enjoyed not being chased in by mosquitoes.

The truck’s AC is fixed and we’re picking it up this morning.

My VW’s AC works great and is original to the car ( 2000). I went into town yesterday to drop off the red Fiesta Ware and it was warmish out so I turned on the AC to check it out.

That we had a lovely walk this morning with no one there.

I made homemade yogurt and it came out great. I tried a new method that a You tuber showed with it being made in a ball jar. Heating up the milk to 180 took the longest. Then cooling to 115. Then put it in the oven with the light on. I didn’t think the oven would work but it stayed a nice warm temperature.

I’m thankful our SS came in as next month is a ??? Since that’s our only source of income it could be worrying but I’m not going to worry. It’s out of my control.

Wednesday stuff

The plumber called back and was going to come the next day but in the meanwhile B figured out that by taking off the outside paneling he could do it himself as the pipes are right there. I was unhappy about this as I thought the plumber was a plumber for a reason, but I just acquiesced. Humm. I guess we’ll see.

I had a great swim yesterday and the pool was quite nice. I only had to share the lane for the last 10 minutes of my swim.

Today is just a do stuff around the house day and then go to town to drop off the Fiesta ware at the hospice thrift store. they only take donations on Wednesday so I’ve missed quite a few. I made a loaf of sourdough rye(24-hour slow rise in the fridge, I made homemade yogurt using a new-to-me method, and I vacuumed, and washed the kitchen floor. I also need to drop off an Amazon return for my daughter and go to the bank.

Tonight for dinner I have some ground precooked turkey so I thought I make a turkey chili mac. I have all the ingredients so that’s what’s for dinner.

I ordered some peaches from a farm in the valley. I bought two boxes so that should be enough for jam and a couple of pies. It wasn’t cheap but I hope they are delicious.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym and drop books at the library.

Another view of the ocean at New Brighton. The stuff you see at the top of the picture is what is left of the concrete ship and pier that used to be out there before the huge storms. To the left of that is where Seacliff was and that is all closed too.

Simple Sunday

It’s nice to be home and get things settled after almost a week away. It does take a day or two to get things up to par.

Yesterday B went under the house to check on the leak and said it was a slow leak but probably had been happening for a while. He also discovered there had been a vent in the siding so he opened that up. We’re going to figure out a hatch door on that wall side so the pipes can be reached from there. It should add light and make it easier for the plumber(hopefully) next week.

Today I plan on going to the gym in Auburn and then coming home and doing a few more house chores. I got the Walmart order yesterday so I have the Swiffer dusters. The pollen is pretty bad and everything is covered in yellow.

I did a bunch of batch cooking yesterday too. I did a chili with my canned kidney beans, grilled some chicken for a salad, and made some biscuits. We’ll have the chili tonight with some biscuits. I harvested spinach from the garden and we had a wonderful spinach salad. Nothing beats fresh stuff from your own garden.

On the Arlo, we saw the 3 fox kits and they are cute but mama fox is on the lookout. I hope she moves them soon. I do worry about our 2 outside cats. We try and keep them in at night but sometimes they don’t come around to get let in.

Yesterday, OMG…. after 8 months, AH was back walking his dog. I couldn’t believe it. I think he had some sort of mental breakdown as he didn’t look very healthy. He was there again this morning. He doesn’t really bother me anymore it’s just that his energy is weird and affects the park ambiance( he’s playing music on his phone sans headphones. 😦 Well, maybe he’ll disappear again. This was actually the 2nd time this happened.

Here’s a few pictures of the inside of Rubi. A galley type kitchen and couch and table.

looking out the back of the campspot.

the beach is very long and mostly wide.

Here’s where often look for shell rocks. I’m not sure of the dating but a few million years maybe?? You can see one in the lower right. There’s lots of granite rocks too.

That’s all shells imbedded in the rocks.

Thankful Thursday, Frugal Friday and Saturday sum-up.


  1. I am thankful we had a safe drive home from Capitola and traffic was not too bad at all. We made it home in 4 hours with a stop for gas and something to eat.

2. I am grateful that B does the driving and set up and take down of Rubi.

3. I am thankful the weather was beautiful and we had some lovely days in our camp spot. With the influx of kids, bikes, and loud people, we left a day early and I’m grateful we have the sense to do that and not just say” Oh, we paid for the night, we should stay”. We do not enjoy it when kids are throwing balls in front of the trailer, riding bikes, etc, while their parents are loud with partying.

4. I am very grateful to my daughter for taking care of the house and yard. With the chickens and cats, it can be a lot.

5. I am so incredibly grateful that LLS opened funding for Myeloma and I got my application in. It’s pending, waiting for my doctor to fax his form.


We spent very little this past week while camping. We didn’t eat out except for Gayles and that was just coffee and a danish. We ate the rest of our meals in camp. We went to the grocery store for a few things and that was it.

If you figure a week almost in Capitola, and we had just the cost of gas and some food, it’s a low budget getaway.

Overall, the budget has been good this month. But some things have caused some alarm. I’ll describe that in Saturday Sum up.

All the monthly bills are done. I’m working on keeping a zero balance in the bank account and it’s right where I want it for now.

It’s a huge savings for me to have my LLS grant since it covers all my insurance costs. I’ll be able to have a look back of 90 days so for reimbursement.


Well, that was the frugal stuff.

The night before we left my son notice some water(moisture) on part of the kitchen foundation. Of course, I freaked out and had B use the giant flashlight to look under there. There was a slow drip from the kitchen water pipe that will need to be fixed. Now part of the problem is our house foundation is not that great and as you go from the back to the kitchen area it gets very small to access. When we had this work done the person had to use a very long something to put those pipes in place. So now we’re facing a difficult challenge of getting a plumber to go under there. B is going to suit up and go in to try and clear some old pilings of dirt. But he isn’t a plumber that can weld the copper pipes. We put a call in to someone while we were in camp and we will try and set up an appt for next week to have him check it out. I tremble to think of this added expense.

The good news is the truck will go in next week to fix the AC and it’s covered by the extended warranty we bought. That expires in August so right in the nick of time.

Today, I’m going to pick up a Walmart order that has some camping stuff( toilet paper, and small propane bottles for the Weber). Plus I need to dust as the pine yellow pollen is coating everything in the house.

While we were gone a red fox chased and almost caught Ciri the cat. It was caught on Arlo and it’s scary to watch. It actually jumped the gate and chased her into the laundry rooms. We’re guessing it has a litter of kits nearby and that’s why it was so aggressive.