Simple Sunday on Monday…

Somehow between painting and other things the day got away from me. I did get another wall in the bedroom done. What a difference it makes. I told B that it must have been longer ago that it was painted than I originally thought. It is looking very clean and crisp. Then I got inside the ONE closet we have and it was a mess. I tidied and moved some things so it looks better but today I plan to take all my canning jars out and put them in the barn in a box. I’m not planning on any canning this year except maybe salsa and tomato sauce so I can put them in a bin out of the closet.

This coming around from the door side to the window side where I’ll paint today. The contrast is startling:( I like the grey trim but wouldn’t do it again as painting over dark colors is a two coat job. I’ll just stick to white.

The yard is filled with lots of flowers and this geranium is a new one. A bright red.

Here is an assortment of succulents that were just taken out of the green house.

This is the water pond with a yellow water lily. My daughter bought goldfish so their in there too now. Last time we had goldfish the raccoons had a fish feast so it’s been a while and she is covering it at night.

Barclay has been working on getting the new stove hood up. Everything in this house is more complicated and he had to fix the wiring in the attic. But it’s done and the hood should go up today. We really needed a new one the other was just gross. I’m guessing stove hoods have a life expectancy since there is grease involved even though I clean it diligently, it’s never really really clean.

The roof is on the shed so now it’s only the doors and trim. The roof felting and roofing will be put on later.

Next Sunday we head out for our first trip in over a year to Capitola. It’ll be great to see the ocean and just camp. We do plan a few walks in Santa Cruz but mostly just hanging out. Gayle’s bakery is at the top of the list too. I don’t plan to over do the food as I figure we can go to the store( Nob Hill and/or Trader Joe’s ) and get stuff. I plan our basic camping foods, spaghetti, tacos, and whatever else looks good.

Last night I made this delicious dinner. This was from The Washington Post, Eat Voraciously Newsletter called Tortilla Espanola with two Aiolis. Of course, I didn’t read the 2 aiolis right so it ended up one with the smoked paprika and basil in it. Still it was delicious. I added a little Manchego cheese and I think that made it even better. I evened flipped it out of the cast iron pan. I have a picture but it’s on B’s phone. I’ll try and put it up later.

Frugal Friday

Back from the world of DEX, so now it’s on to how the week went money wise.

We did a grocery shop at Safeway that came in at $95 plus some wine which I’m not including in the grocery amount. I’m working on a Walmart order for next week that should take us thru the following week. That week we head down to Capitola, so the stuff I’m buying is partly for that and partly so the kids have some extra here if they need. Of course, they can get their own food too, which I’m sure they will.

I had to pay OP for my Dex copay of $36.00. That will be all I need to finish all the chemos. I checked online with the mail order and it was only less as a 90 day supply. So I won’t need that again so it’s a unusable as such.

I did order some N 95’s this morning as I/we will continue to use them even when the vaccine numbers go up. California is supposed to open more up and I’m not going to get caught in variants if I can help it.

My daughter paid for the nursery things so that didn’t cost me anything.

We’re ordering a pizza tonight but it’s from Celestino’s and their extra large is only $23, so that’s a good deal. I could’ve made one but it’s nice to do something different.

Here’s some shots of the garden shed as it is now.

And here’s a picture of one of the Japanese maples leafing out. These were planted by my daughter about 3 years ago!

I did my usual chores this morning after out walk. I vacuumed, mopped the floors, did a reset of the house ( going around and putting away whatever is out of place).

Friday’s my energy definitely comes back so that’s nice. I still don’t drive but tomorrow I’m going out so it should be fine.

Velcade, Round 4, shot #1

Here we are at the beginning of Round 4. It all went well and I was in and out in @ 20 minutes.

My daughter came along and afterwards we went to Green Acres Nursery. The parking lot was packed so I was a little unsure of how , it would be. It was busy but most stuff is all outside and ALMOST everyone had masks . A few with their noses hanging out, like dude, that doesn’t really do much if your nose is out!!!

Anyway we got the tomato starts she wanted and a bunch of herbs, a mock orange, which I’ve wanted for her garden forever, some other stuff like geraniums, plus a sun hat for me that has the UV protection. It was fun and nice to go out and do something.

This morning is Dex morning so I didn’t walk due to the shortness of breath and just general kinda out there feeling. I will resume tomorrow. It’s hard to miss a morning but I need to be flexible. I won’t be on Dex forever so now is the time to respect my body and do what I can. Plus, I don’t drive as your judgement can be off. Oh, and I don’t use sharp objects( ha Ha)…

I’m going to tidy up around, swish and swipe the bathroom, and work on a grocery list. B is going to do the shopping at Safeway and that should get us thru the weekend.

I am so excited that in 2 weeks we’ll be down at New Brighton. It will be so nice to use our old tent trailer again and just set up camp chairs and look at the ocean. Plus our favorite bakery in the world, Gayles, is high on our list of visiting( masked up of course).

That week, we get back on Thursday so I will get my Velcade shot on Friday. I didn’t want to skip the week, although I could have. I’d rather stay on schedule.

The garden shed is almost done and I’ll get some pictures on the blog. I think it will be a great addition. the yard is looking so pretty with all kinds of green and flowers. The wisteria is just getting ready to bloom too.

Tonight is my son’s night to cook so I need to check the freezer for something. My daughter did an outstanding BBQ chicken and tofu, and asparagus dinner last night on the Weber. She’s a better Weber cook than me as I usually (sort of) burn everything. It was perfect. She cut the tofu into little squares and then put BBQ sauce on. It was delicious.

Japanese simplicity

It’s no secret that I love most things Japanese. My daughter has a Japanese name. I actually tried to find one for my son, but nothing really fit him. So he ended up Zephyr which does fit him.

I love rice paper, tatami, japanese dishes etc. My house doesn’t really reflect that so much but the concept of simplicity , does. Also the functionality of many Japanese homes with built ins. I love the look of wood and the idea of Wabi Sabi. Probably it’s more ‘old’ Japan I love but it doesn’t matter really. Also being a lay Zen Buddhist for 10 years influenced me too. Practising breathe meditation, and trying to live by Buddhist principles.

Of course, all that is part of my past and now ,as an atheist, I can see the progression of how I evolved. Although, the interesting thing about Buddhism is that you’re not worshipping Buddha per se, but the Eightfold path or ideas to help live a more conscious life. Probably that’s what drew me to it in the first place.

So all that leads up to:

I just finished reading ” Simplicity at Home”by Yumiko Sekine who is the Founder of Fog Linen Work. Their linens are beautiful but somewhat expensive for me.

A really lovely book with lots of great ideas for caring for the home, using linen and many Japanese concepts. She goes through the seasons, which I like too and different ideas pertaining to each one. I am very much a seasonal person. I also adore linen. Ever since buying the linen sheets for the bed, I wouldn’t sleep on any else now. I like the crinkled look although sometimes I do a quick iron. I just bought some linen kitchen towels to try out. Usually, I just use Ikea’s towels which I do love since they are only .79 and I recycle them to rags once they are done. Last time I bought 10 and am now just putting them in the rag pile.

It’s not likely I’ll visit Japan but I can still use what is relevant to me in my small life.

Simple Sunday

A nice walk in the park @ 6am so not dark but predawn. The jerk was still there but then left @ 6:15 so we had the path to ourselves. Nice!! The Easter christians were there for their annual sunrise thing but we avoided them.

The first iris are blooming now and so is the white camellia tree.

When we moved here almost 26 years ago there wasn’t much salvageable. But there were 3 camellia bushes. These were most likely heirloom from the 50’s. The only one to survive is this white one which is now more of a tree.

Under the camellia tree is buried Ollie and Finwe. Gosh, I still miss them everyday!!

This week is the kitchen zone. Because of all the painting and moving things, I don’t need to wipe a lot of shelves. Plus, I’ve been keeping up on some things I normally do in the K zone week, like the windows. It shouldn’t take too long to do.

For Easter/ Spring dinner( we don’t celebrate Easter), I’m making Southern Fried tofu which is just like it sounds. Like fried chicken but tofu. I dip the tofu( be sure it is pressed for a few hours) in an egg wash then coat with a blend of parmesan and bread crumbs.Then I fry. I serve it with a homemade tartar sauce made up of mayo,green olives, parsley and stone ground mustard. I usually make potato salad but I think I’ll do macaroni today.

The painting commences today and hopefully we will be done till we tackle the bedroom which was,as I said previously, kind of a mistake to start. Now we will need to finish it. That’s okay we’ll do it soon. I guess I didn’t realize the touch ups I was doing were so dramatically different even though it’s the same paint. It’ll look fresh and bright when it’s done.

Great news!!

My labs came back all normal. Kappa light chains at 14.4mg/L. Lambda at 9.8mg/L, and the ratio at 1.47 . So I am quite happy, of course, that in 3 cycles Velcade has done a good job. I start round 4 next Wednesday. When I saw the doctor last week he just mentioned doing the 6 full rounds. I’m willing to do rounds 4 and 5 but will rethink 6. I have time to discuss it with him. I think as long as I get labs every 6 weeks we’ll have a good idea when the numbers start to change. Generally speaking from one’s last response ,the new response is 1/2. So if I get even 2 years without treatment that would be a win for me. Of course, there are no guarantees and Myeloma can morph.

I started the painting of the entry/ B’s office area, and it looks really good. The white really makes it bright in there. I also used up the bottom of the can of eggshell in the bedroom and oops, it looks like I/ B will need to do that room too. It is the same color of Simply white but it must have been that the color before was a blue. So painting over the color it’s obvious, the difference in the tone. Oh well, it’ll be good to do it anyway. But first things first and we’ll finish the entry way by Monday.

I’ve been slowly moving houseplants out to the greenhouse for the summer. I’m not sure how they will do but I thought I’d try it. I have way to many house plants so I need to lighten up the space some. Especially the Monstera plant which are quite big. Plus I keep making cuttings of spider plants and pothos. I really need to stop. Anyway, I’m trying to clear out the sunroom for summer and that’s where I had moved some of these plants a while back.

That spider plant needs to be split.

Tonight I’m making a Thai chicken dish. The chicken is marinating in coconut milk with cumin and other spices. I also did a tofu one. I plan on making some rice on the side. I’m out of salad stuff so I may go to the Holiday market tomorrow. Plus I need a few other things too. I’m trying not to overspend on groceries this month. Ha, we’ll see how that goes.

Spring Refresh

Another beautiful day.

Today’s our no walk day so I’m going to get started with my Monday reset. Dust, windex mirrors, vacuum, and do a general tidy up.

I used feta which is traditional. But I did like the addition of pine nuts so I added those. I also did more layers than she called for.

A few of my Vintage Easter cards

When I did the Antique Flea markets many years ago I love selling these old post cards. many of them had the original stamps and were written to people.

Here’s the Simply White trim on the door and today I’ll work on this part of the wall. As you can see this was the outside wall that was all rebuilt when we remodeled 26 years ago. I plan on switching out the light for one of those gooseneck industrial lights which I think will work there.

A couple of more bunnies. That marble eggs is something that came from Barclay’s mother. I think probably from when she was a girl. We have never kept much from her as, well, besides she never sent us much, we just didn’t get along. Or I should say she didn’t get along with her son,B, or me for that matter. She was raised very wealthy, on a sugar plantation in Haiti early on and then they moved to NY. Later her mother, moved to Sarasota Florida. Very wealthy. I guess the hippy, alternative son was too much for her. This was from the woman, who with her second husband, BArclays step father, had houses moved because she didn’t like them so close to the road,. Then later they bought a maple syrup farm in Vermont. That was the one place they lived that I did love but the one time we went to visit, it had to be 1980, they also had raised a herd of some kind of small black cow for meat. She named the cows after her kids. Weird ?? Huh?? She joked ‘Barclay ‘was in the freezer. Good thing we were vegetarians.

Well, enough down memory lane. I need to go do the living room zone. BTW, Thursday starts the entryway zone as April 1 is Thursday.

Simple Sunday and Not much happening post.

Beautiful weather going on in Northern CA right now. We hit 72 degrees yesterday. Just lovely.

Our Japanese maples are all leafing out but not the oaks. Too early for them.

Today, I plan on painting the board for the shelf as the bracketts showed up yesterday. It’ll take at least 2 coats of paint. I haven’t started the entry way yet but did do the trim the other day. Maybe tomorrow.

This is my week off from Velcade but I still need to go to Sacramento to see the doctor. My labs should be there by Wednesday. I’m still guessing that we do Round 4 and 5 and skip 6. At that point, it may not be relevant to do another round. Since I’m not a doctor, I’ll leave that up to him.

I put out my vintage Easter cards and a few little ceramic chicks I have. I’ve got rid of most seasonal decor but do keep a few little things. Of course, we don’t celebrate Easter anyway but the decorations can be cute!

This week is the Living room zone for Flylady so I’ll do a tidy up there later. As the title of the post suggests, not much going on here although B is knee(shoulder?) something deep trying to get the garden shed put together. It looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle to me and definitely not my thing. I’d give up in a second and hire someone.

We had a huge cobb type salad for dinner last night and tonight I plan on another big salad with a piece of Ahi tuna grilled. I don’t think I’ll fire up the Weber since the Ahi would only take a few minutes on each side. So ,not worth the charcoals. I bought some feta so I think I’ll make a spanakopita this week too. In one of the Ina Garten books I saw a recipe looked good. In my monthly rotation I keep 2 slots open for a new recipe. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. I also saw a recipe for Spanish tortilla which is not a tortilla but thin potato slices then a layer of chorizo( I was going to use soy chorizo) and then beaten eggs and I think cheese was in there too. It was a NYT recipe.

Velcade, Round 3, shot #3.

So this finishes Round 3 and I get labs tomorrow so I should know by next Wednesday how it all looks. I will start Round 4 April 7th.

It was a quick trip down to Rocklin. All went smooth and I got my shot and was out by 10:15. I’m having some eye issues like I did before with watering eyes and getting some styes. I have an ophthalmic prescription ointment but it’s 6 years old at least. the nurse said still use it but it may not have quite the efficacy. Then get Dr. L to prescribe a new one. It is interesting how you ‘forget’ certain things with chemo and then it’s like ” wait , didn’t this happen before”.?

I decided to stop at the Humane society bookstore in Auburn and was glad I did.

Everyone has to wear a mask and everyone did.It was somewhat busy but I found a good stack of cookbooks to read and then more of the Sue Grafton. They actually had an ‘A is for Alibi”, her first, which is pretty hard to find. It was only released in paperback. So I’m set for books for a while.

I’ve actually read ‘Bella Tuscany’ a few times but it is a great location book about Tuscany, which I’m sure I will never see in my lifetime. And I have read the Berg book too. I really always enjoyed her writing.

Today is a no walk Dex day as I end up having shortness of breath so I’m going to lay low and read. I still need to get out my monthly menu planner sheet and start April.

Monday Musings

It’s cloudy today. I guess no BBQ tonight. That’s ok, I have plenty of things I can cook. Because of chickens laying so many eggs, I will make a quiche of some sort. I have the pie crust in the refrigerator chilling. I don’t know why I resist making crusts. In the food processor it took all of 2 minutes to get it to form a ball and then into the fridge.

This morning I have already done the bedroom zone, made the quiche crust, windexed the mirrors and am still needing to vacuum.

I also paid the UCD bill for April by phone. I still need to do Allstate some time this week. That’s not due till April as well but I might as well do it sooner than later. I can remember vividly when we had zero money to pay bills on time and always had to do payments. Even our property taxes we had to arrange. Grocery shopping was limited and there was NO extra money for anything. I am grateful that we can pay what we need to. There’s not a lot left over but to me that’s fine as long as the basics are paid.

My son, who spends money like crazy,:) asked for a special edition Rockstar Pendleton for his birthday so I will do that too. It’s a throw size and quite stunning in reds and blacks with men on horses riding facing forward. I guess it’s from some game he plays.

The kitchen is back together and next we will move on to the entryway and B’s cubby. The one wall was actually an outside wall so it’s the siding on the house. It’s painted in the Navajo White I used originally around the house. We’re planning to use the semi gloss on that and the other siding too. I don’t think we’ll start this week but maybe Saturday. This area was a deck that we built right after we moved and remodeled. So 26 years ago. Then at some point we closed it in as room. At some point we should make the foundation of it up to code as it is only on foundation blocks. i don’t know maybe that would work but I doubt it and it would need concrete. Well, that’s out of my zone of things to think about.

Today is our no walk day and I don’t plan on going anywhere.