Simple Sunday​


It is a lovely day. Sunny and pleasant. Not really warm but that’s okay.

This morning I made almond butter in my new Cuisinart. The first batch didn’t work too well as the almonds were stale, I think. I picked up another pound and then toasted them first then put them in the food processor. Viola!!! almond butter.  It does take a while to get to the final stage but I will do it again because it’s nice to just make a mall amount. We never get thru a whole jar so that’s kinda neat.

Then I made polenta. Some for dinner I’ll grill and then some for later in the week. I have brown rice cooking with some added wild rice.  Then I think I’ll just grill some tofu on the side.

I went to the gym and did an okay workout. I’m not feeling too inspired but I imagine it will pass.

This week is the Kitchen zone in Flylady so I’ll do that tomorrow morning.  Some stuff I already did ( wiped all the stainless steel appliances) but I’ll probably have to do it again.

Next week we’re heading to New Brighton State beach to camp. The weather looks ok. there is supposed to be some showers Sunday but the rest of the week looks nice.  Our favorite bakery ‘Gayles’ is there so that’s a win-win. Plus I’m looking forward to Lodge cooking again.

We are already into April and this year I’ve had almost nothing to drop off at Goodwill. I guess my balance with minimalism is darn good at this point. I just bought a new gooseneck electric teapot and the old one will go to Goodwill but really there’s not much left to declutter.  Perhaps down the road with different needs or criteria, it will change.

Things do change and each season in life brings new things.



Getting ready for camping

We are packing up most stuff today in the tent trailer and then tomorrow we’ll pack the Santa Fe. We have really learned how to minimalize our camping food, equipment etc.

For instance, we use to pack everything under the sun including all our food. Now we just do basics like cream, butter, eggs(our own). Then as we plan a meal, I’ll go to the market. In Capitola, where were camping, a Nob Hill is maybe 3 miles away. So if we’re going to do grilled chicken, I go get it plus whatever else. It really makes it easier. Now if we were boondocking somewhere remote this, of course, wouldn’t work. But we don’t tent trailer that way. If and when we get a hard body, I would definitely do some different style camping. Or when we go up the coast to Bodega Bay to camp, there are no stores nearby. There is a tiny market but it’s more for travelers. At Bodega Bay we do pack a lot more.

I do plan out our dinners and this time we’re using the Lodge every night. I have one night not planned and we may do something else. So far here’s the menu:

  • Lodge dutch oven mac and cheese and a salad
  • Lodge dutch oven pizza( we did this at Tahoe last year and it was great)
  • Lodge dutch oven chili and cornbread vegetarian( I might cook up a small amount of beef but I’ll wait and see how we feel)
  • Lodge breakfast casserole
  • Lodge  lasagna( this is the fall back meal if I want to cook a 4th night)
  • Lodge double stuffed baked potatoes is a possibility too.

I usually buy packaged salad and that is a side.

I’m off to the gym this morning and then to Grocery Outlet for a few things. If you get a chance go read this blog frugaltexasgal

It’s pretty darn good.



Simple Sunday

Well, after a whirlwind Saturday,cleaning ,do camp laundry, shopping for a few things at our local Holiday Market, today, I’m still cleaning.  It’s catch up. I’m making a loaf of bread too and planning our meals this week.

Everyone should be back home today from camping. My son goes back to work today and B has to work tomorrow. Also, my daughter heads back up to Truckee to the library. I have a load to take to Goodwill express today or tomorrow. Plus, if I need to pick up any groceries. Mostly, I think we have enough stuff. the garden is giving us some tomatoes but not enough to really freeze a lot so I may call a local produce shop to see if I can buy some ‘uglies’. These are the tomatoes not pretty enough to sell but great to can.

Good news/ bad news on the refi.  Somehow the people working on the refi got canned or left, so the loan having sat out in limbo for so long isn’t valid. But the good news is ,after finally speaking with someone,the rate will go down slightly and that means the payment will too.  I wish we didn’t have to do this but with the interest rate going up in October and considering retirement numbers we don’t have  a choice if we want to remain here. We do want to stay in our little house.  There’s not a lot of places we feel drawn to and where we do (Capitola) we would never be able to afford.  So, I think this is a good move for us.

I guess hindsight is 100% accurate since what has happened , happened. I certainly would do things way more frugally. Anyway, done is done.

It’s hot here again and our pool is a green liquid.  So no jumping in the pool….

Well, off to switch laundry and finish the kitchen.

Back home for a day.

I got back home Friday and then today I’m leaving for Tahoe again. It’s my son’s 22 birthday. Not doing anything special since this camping trip has added up. We did get him and REI gift card, a backpack stove, and $100 cash, so I think that’s plenty. I’m not sure what he wants as his special dinner or cake. it may have to wait till we’re all home.

I’ve been non-stop trying to keep up on things. I changed the pool filter but the water is still green. I guess it’ll have to wait till B’s home. Plus laundry, cleaning, going over to take care of the neighbor’s cat….  that’s another story in itself.


Well, my daughter will be driving home with the dogs today.She is probably going to hit serious traffic. I’ll probably be okay as most people will be driving the opposite way. Except for near Sand Harbor Beach where the traffic to get in was backed up for miles. I’m guessing I will be in that till it clears. But I hope not.

I’m getting stuff out to the car and should be ready to roll by 10am. I think.

On another note, I’m having the worst time with Ynab. I guess I’m going to cancel for next month. It seems everything is balanced and then its way off from what I have. Budget wise it is not helping since I’m just frustrated trying to figure out what their  amounts are doing and how that’s not matching what I have.  yesterday it was all balanced to zero. today its like off by -$1600 . So that’s not good nor accurate.  Well, I’ve had it so, It’s not easy to cancel, as you’ve got to email them.  But I’m better with just paper and pencil. it’s only $5 a month but if I can’t figure out the errors , it’s not worth it.

Almost ready…

We are almost fully loaded and ready to go. I’ve been working on menus and you tubing dutch oven recipes for when the kids arrive.  Since our daughter still needs to work she’ll be coming up on Thursday and my son on Thursday too, probably with girlfriend, in tow. I know her from my library and homeschool days. Nice young lady.

Since check in isn’t till later we will try and get there around 12;30. Usually, they have the sites ready. We’ve ben there so many times now , we kinda know the routine.  I’m planning on at least 3 dutch oven meals, mac and cheese, lasagne, and maybe the chili with corn bread. I’d like to do a chicken meal too.

Our weather has turned a little cooler. Mid 90’s. We do have a house sitter coming to help with the chores as my daughter is gone 11 hours a day.  The young person ( only 23)is transgender and a very nice person. His family lives in Washington but he lives in our area with my sons’ best friend. That will take pressure off my daughter trying to come home and do everything. Our elderly neighbor is going away for 2 weeks and asked us to feed his cat, so that adds to the list of daily stuff…

Well, off to go lounge in the pool for a while with a cold drink.




I haven’t felt like blogging a lot. Maybe it’s just summer and there’s other things to do or I just don’t have a lot to say right now.  But things are going well. Next week I go get my first labs since I’ve been off Velcade(4 weeks) so I’m a little anxious. But it will be what it is no matter how much I worry so I usually let it go.

Yesterday I did get the outside windows done. I use Windex that’s made for outside use. It’s in a spray nozzle bottle and really does the job and it’s pretty easy. I try and do this at least 3x a year. I do the inside windows with each zone so that’s once every 5 weeks they get done. I am going to finish the touch-up trim painting this week as our temperatures are lovely and not too hot.

The budget is okay, not much new.  We have had quite a difficult time with our Harp program refi and now they want to increase the loan amount to cover the closing costs. I said no we’re not doing that.  Plus since we had completed the modification we were suppose to get a $5000 principal reduction and that hasn’t happened. So I’m just waiting to hear what they have figured out but if they can’t get it together we will go somewhere else to do the harp refi. This program ends this year so we will need to move on it as soon as we know if our current lender is jerking us around or its a go. It has been over 10 weeks of this BS> so…. I’m losing patience.

We are going to go look at an Rv today or Saturday. We still want a small hard body and I saw one 2016 that was a good price with a nice layout and bathroom.  Not sure about doing it but we can at least check it out.  Our tent trailer is 17 years old and has been great. We still love it but now we’re a little older and ahem a bathroom is sort a necessity (for me at least)….  There’s a bed that’s already down and a little dinette that makes into a bed.  No couch since the bed is down. I think I’d prefer that.  Plus we can’t afford to buy a V8 to pull something  big so it has to be a certain weight and this one seems to fit the bill.  So we can check it out at least.  Camping is really our only recreational thing we do ( and always have). We use to backpack and tent camp but those days are long over for me.

Dinner is Taco Tuesday.


Off to Quincy,Ca !

Quincy has a very nice coop that my husband sees as one of his regular accounts. It’s about 2 hours from here so a perfect trip for me to tag along and enjoy slightly cooler weather. We will only spend one night but it’s a really cool B& B , well, actually there is no breakfast, so maybe it’s just a B. Anyway, it’s a nice place with individual cottages with kitchens. I’m bringing dinner to make so we can just relax and not have to go get dinner although that would be nice too.  On the way, I want to check out camping at Donne sTAte park. We’ve never actually camped there so I thought we’d do a drive thru. Then I want to go to the really cool hardware store in Truckee and check out getting a Lodge dutch oven for camping. In this fun series I’m reading, Frannie Shoemaker Campground series, she has fun recipes using  a cast iron dutch oven. So I thought I’d check it out.

Then I want to check the campground in Quincy out. It seems it’s more for big RV’s but I’d like to check it out. Then check out the library(always). There’s a great walking trail but it’ll be too hot in the afternoon so that will have to be for our walk Wednesday morning.

Our toaster died the other day so I decided to replace it with a toaster oven. Our broiler in the oven doesn’t work because the heat sensor needs replacing, so with a toaster oven we can have toasted cheese sandwiches and even cook a pizza. I’d like to take out our old microwave too but we do use that for popcorn. But it’s easy to make popcorn on the stove too.

I’ve been following Courtney Carver’s 21-day decluttering challenge. It’s ok, maybe a little basic. But I liked her idea of eating the same thing for certain meals.  I think it’s like having a minimalistic wardrobe where you  basically eat the same thing and it simplifies your life.  We do this with breakfast which is either our own eggs in assorted ways with homemade toast. Or homemade granola with yogurt, and/or a bagel. Well, the bagels are more  what my son eats.  Lunches are always whatever. Maybe leftovers or just a sandwich.   So with dinners I have Taco Tuesday, Pizza night Friday, Pasta Monday, Bbq Saturday, the rest just get filled in. So I thought I’d do rice and beans in various ways for a week. So maybe tacos, maybe burritos, or just bean rice bowls. I’ll add some protein in like chicken for who ever wants that. I don’t think I could do this dinner is the same all the time but I think it could simplify menus to have consistent types of dinners. So I’m going to work on this a little more this week as I plan Menus for July.

IMG_0010Beautiful Donner Lake.