Thankful Thursday

Wow, I’m thankful I feel better today after the booster shot knocked me out. It was the Moderna booster whichI hadn’t had before and it felt like the flu or chemo, take your choice. Since I know both, I’m just glad it’s over. One day is plenty. Today I feel back to normal.

I’m thankful to go to the pool today but will take it easy and not overdo my muscles. since we’ll be in New Brighton next week it’ll be another week of not swimming:( We are planning to find an Anytime gym ( which we have the free membership to) and use it twice. It’s in Santa Cruz so it’ll be a good excuse to go walk the Lighthouse trail and find a coffee.

I’m grateful that the truck’s AC will be fixed but it won’t be done till we’re back so driving thru the valley will be hot probably. It is very weird that this is the 2nd time this same issue with the truck has come up. Supposedly they changed the compressor last time but why would it go out in 2 years( usually they don’t go out) that quick. Then the guy said it would take a week to get the part and I’m thinking from where? China? Slow boat?. Who can’t get parts overnight these days? It’s a dealership?? Oh well, I’m grateful it SHOULD be covered in our warranty.

I’m thankful that’s been some justice done to tRump. It probably doesn’t change his base any but at least it’s something. And also that Santos has been indicted. What a dick. Claiming unemployment while paying himself from his Ponzi scheme. What a low life.

I’m grateful the weather is so beautiful right now and next week looks even warmer. Capitola should be lovely.

Is it over yet??

I don’t know if I can take anymore about the election. Trump is such a misogynist, liar, racist, womanizer and on an on. How is it people are still willing to vote for him. I just do not get it. He deleted more emails than Clinton. He has done bankruptcy how many times, he thinks he’s smart because he doesnt pay taxes. Really, and you still think he’s a better choice. That is really scary. He has no plan except, oh, I’ll cancel Obamacare. Well, WTF, with┬áthat. It’s way smarter to try and improve what is in place and correct the problems. Yes, it has flaws, but insurance is available for all people now when it never was before. Oh, and I dont want to hear how people are paying for it for those who can’t afford it. That’s what our taxes do for social services anyway. ┬áHonestly, Trump can’t even speak with proper grammar. Is bigly even a word??? Can you imagine him sitting down with world leaders and interupting and making snide remarks. Come on people use your brain. This man is really a dictator and that’s what we would get.

Well, enough of my rant. We all have reasons to believe what we believe. So…my blog is my blog. If you love Trump and he’s the real deal for you, just don’t comment here.