Well, it’s July. Half the year gone already. It’s been a good year so far, and now that I’m off Velcade I hope it gets better.   My blood work came in and looks great. Kappa light chains normal, lambda light chains, normal, ratio normal.Yeah!!!!!

I am going to try and walk a full 30 minutes a day and then try and increase to 2 miles a day a few times a week. Since I won’t have the ups and downs of Dexamethasone, I really hoping to do more exercise. Plus just getting dex out of my system will be great. Yes, I will need to go back on at some point, but that’s not now.

It’s very smokey here due to a fire and the air quality is awful. But maybe a breeze will blow some of it away.  Hopefully ,they will get the fire contained soon.

I made a breakfast strata with bagels for breakfast. What a great idea. I put it together last night and popped it in my new Cuisinart toaster convection oven. What a great thing. It toasts nicely, but the convection oven is amazing. No heating up the kitchen. I love it. I tried baked potatoes the other day and same thing.It works great. If you’re even thinking of getting one of these ,do it!!!  I did order ( on sale) the Lodge camp dutch oven.It might take learning curve using it camping but I ‘m going to try. Especially since I like preparing food ahead of time. The dutch oven is placed on the coals or Weber and then you cook whatever for a few hours.  I’ll probably try it at home with a few simple meals like chili or??IMG_0059IMG_0060

This coming week is the Flylady kitchen zone. Always the biggest zone I do. I did reorganize where I keep bread to above the new toaster oven in the cabinet. I moved the teas up and got rid of a lot of old tea. It looks good and then I moved the microwave over to the stainless steel counter. I’m not thrilled with it there but it’s convenient.

I’m making turkey chili in the crockpot for dinner mostly because I defrosted the organic ground turkey. Plus a salad.