Sunday thoughts

Well, I guess I spoke to soon about feeling good on Thursday. That night around 2 or so I knew I had a small fever, a reaction tho the zometa. It wasn’t full blown like last time but still I didn’t feel well in the morning. The fever was gone in a few hours but I still had to work my 4 hour shift. Fridays are usually pretty slow so I knew I was ok.

Saturday I felt fine and I had a good day overall. My son made dinner so it was. Nice not to cook. It rained all day and everything is very wet. That’s a good thing. Today is dex Sunday so, I’m going to do a few Flylady things, make some bread and maybe a soup. Oh, and yogurt.

Well, I’m back, many hours later, made soup and bread but no yogurt. It seems I’ve been going since 7 am which I have, but the house still needs a little more putting together. Geez, how many hours is that, it’s 11:30 now.?.?

Update on the JKWP (just keep walking project)

ImageThis is where I sit and drink my coffee.

Yeah, it’s day 303 of walking. We can do this. 

its exciting to be in the last bit. We walked in the mist this morning so nice it wasn’t too rainy.

I feel pretty good this morning and I’m off except later I have book club. We read ‘the Snow Child’. It’s a good period story about homesteading in Alaska and of course a mysterious child. I liked the descriptions, but the story was just ok to me.


Zometa infusion

Well, I’m sitting on an IV with zometa dripping into me. It’s not so bad except we had to wait for insurance authorization as I haven’t had a treatment here. It’s a nice treatment room. It’s been almost 6 months so I’m ok with that as along as I don’t have any bone problems. 

My blood work all looked good and… Yeah…. My m protein is at .38 . So I’m ok with it staying in this range…. Very happy….

it was pouring down rain when we left the house but now it’s not so bad. 

Next month we will try the other cancer center that’s closer to us. I’m not sure we will like it better. But it will save probably 20 minutes driving.

So we’re going to stop at Costco and pick up chicken for dinner and I’ll throw in some baked potatoes. Usually , I get wiped out by coming down here so that will take care of dinner.

Monday, my no dex day!

It is so nice to have sorta a normal day today and yesterday. Not being on dex let’s me get some things done that on “normal” dex weeks I don’t do. So yesterday I did some gardening. We’re going to try out the square foot garden idea. We have a big garden and herb garden but iwant to try and grow all our vegies this summer and have enough to freeze. My daughter is a big gardener and really does most of the seed starting etc. but I have always gardened even as a child. We bought a new lemon Meyer tree to replace the once that got hit with frost and now don’t produce. So we will keep that in. Pot. And put in the green house come winter. It’s so great to have your own lemons. So today we are going to put in more lettuce, chard, radishes and whatever else I can find. It’s suppose to start raining tomorrow so it’s good timing.

i had my blood test this morning and what a hassle. I got there 7:20, no lab work is there. So I think ok, I’ll go over to Starbucks  ,get a coffee and wait till 8 and then call the cancer center. So, that’s what I do and find out he forgot to put the order in , so I have to wait for the nurse to come in at 9. So, home I go and she calls like 15 min later and puts the order in. So back to the lab at 9 and I’m back home by 9:17. Still a hassle.then I ask her to please be sure my revlimid order is in as this is my week off but I start Friday. Ok, she’ll call him at the other center. So, I’m the patient, should I be the one having to figure this all out?.


Minimalist bedroom

ImageOur bedroom is small, a bed, one dresser, my desk ,my night table for pills and a lamp, my chair. It’s painted a nice blue that’s kinda a muted blue. I still need to do something for the windows. I’d like to get some cordless blinds from  ikea . But that’s a trip we usually we plan with other things to get. ImageImage

Costco, groceries, budget updates

Costco went well yesterday. Spent @ $200, but that included lots of non food items. Jeans for B, and snacks for the upcoming mini sales for the library. Plus using coupons for laundry detergent and oxo. So not bad, and we even bought a lemon Meyer tree that we’ve been waiting for Costco to get in. We may go back on Sunday to pick up another. 

This is my week off dex, and revlimid, so it’s nice when I can do something extra since I don’t feel so wiped out. 

We also went to Trader joes for wine and tea, and some other misc, and winco for just a few items that are cheaper there. 

I’m hoping to get more seeds planted either today after work or over the weekend. We’re suppose to get rain by next Friday, so it would be good to get them in. Next week is another blood test and my appt with Dr. l and my zometa. Last time I got a fever after zometa so I’ll be sure to extra hydrate, and take some Tylenol. I haven’t had zometa in 6 months and I do worry about bone involvement but since my numbers are low it should be ok. Next month I’m due for my yearly X-rays. So we shall see.

The budget numbers are ok, I put $100 over in Santa, and may do another because, everything else is going to taxes. If I put it in Santa we can’t touch it till November so…everythings paid till Aprils house payment, which is automatic. So that’s all good. Taxes will come out before April 15. I’ll transfer it from extra savings and EF somewhere in the first week of April. 

Tuesday , back to the library.

It’s a beautiful day. My walk had the full moon sitting in the sky and made it pretty at 6:15.

I’ve got crock pot spaghetti sauce going so dinner is almost done. Then I need to do a little tidying and get lunch ready.  When we went to target yesterday, I bought a new garden hat to keep the sun off my face. With my medications, I can’t be out in the sun or I’ll get a rash. Then some new clippers, and seeds. Also , a table cloth I’m using in the pantry as a new cover. I’ll post the picture after it’s uploaded. 

My daughter got the potatoes planted so hopefully they’re ok. We need to keep up on watering as we are not getting rain. 

Last week finished ” The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Really pretty good. Now I’m reading a mindless ” Irish Eyes” sort of detective story. It’s okay not much substance but ok. 

There are 2 bloggers I follow regularly, I’d like to mention. RV sue, is a woman who lives full time in her Casita trailer traveling and boon docking with her two lovely dogs. She’s really an inspiration, very down to earth. No pretenses or showiness. Just a great person to be admired for living her dream. Then I also adore , , she’s my age and lives in a sweet cottage in New York. She really writes straight from the heart. Today she was blogging about getting older and still feeling young on the inside . How true.