Ice Roads

I made an attempt to go get my labs( with an appt) this morning. Monday I had to cancel because their computer system was down. So yesterday by late afternoon we were getting more snow then around midnight more snow. But then it cleared and that snow turned to ice. Our low was 27 degrees. The road out of town was backed up, and cars were everywhere including lots of non-all-wheel drive. A truck coming in the opposite direction was telling people to turn around as there were cars blocking the road in every direction ahead. I did a U-turn and drove very carefully up our driveway. So now I have to reschedule for a third time.

I’m playing around with the Zojirushi bread maker again. I was considering giving it to the thrift store and then thought why don’t I make a loaf of sandwich bread in it. Well, the first one did not work and it was deflated.?? So after getting back from the ice road debacle, I tried another after having read what might have caused that. So it seems maybe I added a slight bit too much yeast. In this loaf, I added slightly under the amount called for.

It did a nice rise and the crust looks good. I’ll let it cool and cut it. Does anyone have the Zojirushi Virtuoso?? I’m thinking mine is working fine but I got the yeast off. But is the newer one better?? Of course, it’s almost $400 so that’s not happening anytime soon. I think I’ll put an order in with King Arthur for bakers’ dry milk and vital gluten. that will help with the rise. For now, I think I’ll keep it and keep adjusting for sandwich bread. I’m also considering milling the flour. I’ve seen a number of YouTubers milling wheat berries and it seems like the flour would be incredible. Is anyone, grinding their own wheat berries.?