Fun Friday and vintage bullet ware


I thought someone would enjoy seeing my vintage bullet utensils. I still am totally in love with these and use them every day. They are typically 1940’s but some are 30’s. I never see them at flea markets around here but then again, I don’t go anymore. Most of these I bought off of eBay years ago and that’s where you can probably still find them.

Today we’re going to see the movie ‘Ladybird’ which was filmed in Sacramento. That should be a fun outing. I don’t usually go to the movies as it’s too loud for me and I get sensory overload. But I will today as my son, who’s a film major, wants us all to go.

Then we may stop for a quick taco or something for lunch.

It’s another beautiful day in northern California. The oaks are all golden and there are some reds too.

I have the artificial tree up but not enough lights so I need to go to Target maybe Sunday to get some. Not today with it being black Friday.  The live tree we got up in Tahoe I had bought twinkly lights for so that one is done. I didn’t put all the ‘ugly ornaments on as I’m trying to be more selective. That tree is a white fir and we bought the permit when we were up there 2 weeks ago.  It’s not a big tree but just right for the space.  I put on all the bird ornaments and pine cone ones too.

Dinner is ‘who knows what cuz I’m not cooking’.

Tree hunting and budgets

I’m not sure the two go together but that’s whats happening.

We’re heading up to Tahoe City to get a forest service tree permit to cut a Christmas tree. Yes, I know it’s an hour drive to get a $10 permit but it’s fun to tromp around and look for a tree. Although, I’m not sure we’re getting the tree today as it depends on the areas they designate. But the permits sell out so that’s why we’re going today. Plus, we get to go out for lunch somewhere.

My budget is set for December and I only have a few Christmas items left to get. Wine for my sister in Connecticut, cash for my son and a few odds an ends. Both our gym memberships are our christmas presents. The anytime fitness has a joining sale this weekend so no intiation fee and one month free so a great deal. Mine was 39 to join but only 9.95 a month. I met with the trainer yesterday and she showed me how to use some nifty machines. So I feel ready to get going.

We’re going to push hard to get rid of all debt except maybe my dentist bill in the next 3 months. I feel we can do it if we’re focused. This is credit card stuff form the trees coming down and we just had to pay my son’s spring semester( more than I thought). He’s not getting the board of govenors grant this year so it does impact the bottom line. We have one more Allstate bill and thenn that’s done till spring. So overall I’m feeling positive about it.

We are in for cold and rainy weather this weekend. It’ll begood to stay home and keep the fire going. Well, I’m going to the gym at least twice but after that.

Dinner is taco tuesday!

Our Christmas trees!

Well, hanukkha is over and I’m glad. It’s fun with little gifts and latkes, but then by the 8 th night it’s a candle wax mess and and who cares if they get candy?.. Remember , I’m not Jewish so maybe thats it. 🙂

ok, over to our Christmas decorations. I have downsized a lot but still have quite a few small fake trees I love for decorating in themes. So here’s our snoopy tree,image

okay, I can’t get them to load. But there’s the snoopy tree, the small hallmark ornament tree, my favorite is the bird tree. imageThe extra ornament tree, the special needs ornament tree, and one that just has some crappy ornaments, that I’m probably going to get rid of. Most of these are the little 3 or 4 foot trees so not too much. My real Frazier tree is showing up today. I had a groupon for more than half off so I thought I’d try one. This is the last year if a real tree. Next year will be all fake trees. I guess it’s just easier.

im off to the library and then tonight is snow. So I’m not going to drive to my branch since I won’t make it, but I can walk to this branch near my house , so I’ll open that. Fun!

And yes, I walked at 6 am and it was 22 degrees. So did my sweetie who is always supportive.

I’ll check in tomorrow with my doctor updates and weather too!