A new week, a new month!

Today is the last day of April. It’s been a good month. We’re almost done with the chicken coop, the chickies are really growing. Went on our mini trip to Monterey. Lots of other stuff too.
Budget wise I’d say we did ok. Starting tomorrow, may 1 , I’m going to track food, non food, pet food all separately . I do this now but not on single designated sheets. So I think that’s how I’ll do it. Especially since cat food costs a lot. We have 4 cats who eat a lot. Birds, and now chicken food.

We still need to finish the chicken coop, buy birthday presents for my daughter, and who knows what else.
I see the doctor tomorrow , never fun but necessary. I don’t get nervous till I know my blood results are due, then very nervous.
Well, I’m off to my little job at the library.
Still dealing with SOB ‘s at the student loan division. If this isn’t resolved a payment plan will start in June. We barely make it now, how is that going to be. It’ll suck, because we just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel with bills, and had hoped to really start building an emergency fund.
It’s very frustrating, and I’m getting nowhere wit them. I did contact a cancer legal aid group, maybe they will be able to help.

Very nice weather this week.


Dropped off a load at goodwill . I’ll do more this weekend. I’ve given my friend Beth , about 10 loads of stuff. Very good it’s going to someone with a big house and it fits in…
Not so much in my 1000 sq ft house.
Dropped off library discards too.
Overall it always feels so good to let go of stuff. And at this point I really don’t have a lot to let go of.

Monterey bay!

It is so relaxing to be here, were having a very nice time.
Pacing ourselves, more for my sake. We were going to rent bikes this afternoon but because we walked so much this morning, I don’t want to risk overdoing it.
So we’re going to go to the farmers market, and then to cannery row. We bought some trader joes salads for dinner. So I think we’re set.

Sunday night chit chat

Your turn!! 🙂
  • Reading? Finished “the wheat belly” interesting. Reading ” fifty shades freed” pretty much porn but its classified erotica by the library . Not worth reading. 
  • Listening to? The frogs outside starting their spring croaking. 
  • Watching? A funny British show ” spy”
  • Cooking/Baking? My son cooked some lobster, pasta, salad!
  • Happy you accomplished this week? Quite a lot, decluttered some of my Pyrex collection to a friend. Sent my sister my only Roseville pottery vase. And more magazines.
  • Looking forward to next week? Today we are heading to Monterey for 3 days,
  • Thankful for today? It is beautiful outside. I feel good, no medications!
  • *Bonus Question* Fill in the blank: I am by far the biggest ________ snob! Gee, I don’t really know.

Monday morning and a look at the last week

Last week was a good week overall. Walked almost everyday. I have to watch my low back but I still need to move.
WW is going ok. I wish I was dropping the pounds but it seems I’m staying about the same. This week I’m going to start to cut out all wheat. It’s hard to do as I’m a bread girl and I love making bread. But I want to drop the pounds. Also, have some no alcohol days. But I love my glass of wine outside this time of year.

Heading out on an adventure today with B. the ocean is calling
I’m also working on my other blog at christina1952!   christina1952.wordpress.comNot sure how to link them yet or switch one over. I like the look of the other blog better. But most of my posts have been here. Still can’t quite figure out how to keep another persons blog linked. Or do I have to do it each time?

So do have to do that each time?

Monday morning

So it’s earth day and it is beautiful outside. It’s is my first post here I think. Usually I post in my other blog chrismyelomajourney . I’m not sure where or what I want to post here. 

My husband and I are going away today to Monterey . I’m excited to do something different. My daughter is off work for 2 months since she ran out of hours at her library job. It totally sucks but hopefully she can do some productive things like take care if the house while we’re gone. My son has junior college so he’ll be busy. We’re only gone 3 days.

the new chickens and ducks are doing good and the coop is almost done. I’ll try and figure out pictures.

Sunday night chit chat!

Ok!! Your turn! 🙂http://halfdozendaily.typepad.com/my-half-dozen-daily/2013/04/sunday-night-chit-chat-1.html#comments

Reading? I’m actually re reading “you can buy happiness and its cheap ” by Tammy strobel

Watching.?just finished”the following ” wow , that is scary and so intense.
Listening to? Nothing
Cooking/baking? We had stir fry tofu and chicken!
Happy you accomplished this week? Actually a lot, budget is good, worked 3 days, de cluttered, and that’s it.
Looking forward to next week? Working, going to call an attorney about my student loan mess, grocery shop, and probably more.

Thankful for today? As always, that I feel good. My L 1 was out , inflamed, all week so I didn’t walk much. But it  feels better today, so I’ll walk tomorrow .
*Bonus Question* What is your *ideal* wake up time and what time do you *usually* wake up?
I wake up at 4 am to take my thyroid pill. Then  go back to sleep to around 6am. Then actually get out of bed around 6:30.

Friday update

Well the tax man cometh! Today was the day our taxes came out, kinda a bummer. But we had the money from the stock sale. A glorious day out and I can’t walk because my low back L1 is out. I have a bulging disc there and every once in a while it goes. It is sore and inflamed. So no walking for at least 3-4 days. Here I was walking every day. Oh well;(

We decided not to pay off the Prius and hang on to the money and make extra payments. That feels good. We’ve met our April savings and beyond. We just need to get sinking funds going. We don’t have a lot left over in each check so we need to be careful…

Dinner is chicken fajhitas , and tofu fajhitas .

April savings update

Well, we did it , of course it was my husbands bonus that did it.
$1000 in sinking funds to cover, car tags, birthday, Costco membership and AAA membership. That leaves some left over even.
$1000 zero balance in checking.
Husband used $500 to by a tablet and a music amplifier. 
So, that was his bonus, and we reached our April goals.
I’m also adding $5 dollar bills to the $5 challenge, and I’m current on the 52 week savings plan.
So all in all I’m very happy.

Sunday night chit chat with Carla and what’s coming up this week!

Ok, your turn!

Reading? Well, I just finished Nature Noir, about a state ranger right here in the auburn ,ca area where we live. It was interesting, not great.
Then also just finished ” raining cat sitters and dogs” , this a really cute mystery series that takes place in Florida. Good characters.
Watching?well, I’m hoping to finish Downton Abbey tonight. So far it’s great but sad.
Listening to? A wood wick candle burning, they crackle.
Cooking/baking? Tonight is Greek pasta salad and grilled chicken.
Happy you accomplished this week?Alot,  worked 3 days, of course I only work 4 hours each shift. Saw my oncologist, cooked every night. Kept the house up and walked 3 times.
Looking forward to next week? Just same old same old, but I’m always grateful for another day.
Thankful for today? Just everything!!!!!!!
*Bonus Question* What is your regular day to day “outfit”?
Usually jeans and a t shirt with a shirt over.

This week not much is going on, I still need to do the menu for the week. I’d like to move over 75 to our Christmas fund , keep looking at budget stuff,as usual.
Hubby is working out of town Wednesday-Friday.
I think that’s it .