Windy and cold!

It’s very cold here @42 and we have a very brisk north wind. 36 mph gusts. It’s not raining so my wind phobia isn’t as acute.
I’m off to the library but may not work the whole shift. Why?
Because yesterday at the dentist office I had an X-ray on a tooth they’ve been watching, and I have a slight infection there and I need not one but 2 root canals. Now, I’m on zometa and dental work and Zometa don’t usually mix well. But, after asking some others on the myeloma support group, a few people said they’d had root canals while on zometa. As it doesn’t affect the bone. So I feel a little better. But I started the antibiotic this morning ( took one instead of 2 ) and I’ll take the second in a few hours. But generally I don’t do well on antibiotics so we shall see. Plus I’ve had some GI issues today so…..

Im feeling really tired too. I guess it’s the end of my Revlimid cycle and that may be contributing to that. Plus my left hip has been really bothering me. Not sure if it’s arthritis or myeloma. Geez, I’m full of good cheer this morning.
Well, I’ll let you know how it goes.
Oh, more “good” news, our washer died, had to order a new cheaper one. My car tires died and had to replace them as they were 8 years old and cracking. So, geez, now I’m really going for cheery this morning with root canals, aching hip, money flying out the window, GI issues. Agh …….
I’ll leave it at that.


My favorite quote of all time is from Tolkien’s LOTR when frodo says
” I wish the ring had never come to me”
Then Gandalf says” so do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All you can do is decide what to do with the time that is given to you”.

I lived by this when I was diagnosed and in the subsequent 10 years. I read LOTR and the Hobbit once a year. Always inspiring. He was brilliant.

Of course, I put in cancer for the ring…

Simple Sunday , and I’m glad it’s over!

Well, the trees are packed away. I streamlined our ornaments into 3 bins. This meant giving up the hall mark boxes I kept the ornaments in. But they take up so much space. I kept a few and the rest are history.
Everything looks more fresh now and simple. Less eye clutter.
Today, we’re going to do a book drop of discarded library books, thrift store stuff, and I need to go to staples for some calendar stuff for my leather binder.

I’m making 2 loaves of the Tartine bread, and dinner is planned.
Oh, our washer is acting up ( not starting) so we ordered an inexpensive on sale one from Home Depot. Our water dryer are may tags and were quite expensive when new. But now they’re 12 years old and lots of parts are wearing out. My husband has fixed the dryer 3 times and the washer once maybe twice . So we’re biting the bullet and buying at least the washer. It’s not electronic like the matag, just knobs, but heck it’ll work at least. No delivery charge, and it was on sale I think with 30% off. So I’m okay with it.
Someone was blogging about not using any cash and doing all credit cards during the month and then laying it off. I’m not sure if this would work for us. I might check about a card with better rewards than we have. It has some but not a lot. Does anyone do this regularly. My concern is going over budget and not keeping track well enough.

JKWP day is 577, we will pass 580 this week.

A couple of goals for 2015, pay extra on the car payments at least 3x, one extra mortgage payment, and try and save.

Zen and the art of minimalism.

Way back in the 1980’s we were all about everything Japanese, and zen. Thus, my daughter has a Japanese name. We definitely were in a WabiSabi mode. Actually, if you think about it minimalism really isn’t anything new to the Japanese. Always very little clutter and most things built in. We slept on a futon for ( maybe too many years)! Everything is about just essentials, no clutter, or lots of visual distractions. Wabi sabi is a concept of simplicity and beauty in natural things. Perhaps a sprig of a spring tree, or a piece of hand thrown pottery.

Today, minimalism is essentially the same, no clutter, less is more, clean lines, and white space.
In our small home, in the last few years, I’ve gotten rid of about half our things. I’d still like less furniture but what we have is pretty minimal. I’d also like each space to be fully utilized in a way that is organized. In Japanese houses, most everything is built in. I would love that. My goal for 2015 is to redo our pantry with billy shelves from ikea. It’s little things like that ,that make a space more visually appealing and is a space saver.

I always wanted tatamis and just pillows on the floor. Unfortunately now, I probably wouldn’t be able to get off the floor( ha, ha!)
We can’t have a futon anymore because our backs could not take it. So we do our best…
Just remember, minimalism isn’t really anything new. It’s been around for a while.

Saturday stuff

It’s still slow at the library. Actually a few people using computers.
Cloudy, but not rainy yet.
We are still trying to decide about a TV. Maybe we’ll check Costco out tomorrow.
My son is doing ok with his jaw pretty swollen. This is day 3 so hopefully it’ll get better from here. What an ordeal. Wisdom teeth surgery is major stress for your mouth.

Financial goals for 2015:

1. Save
2. Save
3. Save

Build up EF by $2015.

Save, save, save!!!

A lunch with my BFF Sara!

I’m lucky to have one great friend, Sara. We go way back to my “spiritual ‘ healing days. She became a terrific massage therapist and we often traded massages.
She’s helped me and I hope I’ve helped her. It’s so nice to see her. Plus last year she got married to a terrific guy and is very happy. She deserves it completely.

We both have been thru our hells of course, as most who have lived long enough. It’s nice we can laugh and just be there for each other.
Thanks Sara… Hugs!!

A weird blog moment!!!

Ok, I read a lot of blogs and occasionally comment. So over at rowdy kittens, she was singing the praises of Cheryl Strayed’s “wild”. I commented, that I did not like her book for several reasons. 1. She wrote it back in the ’90’s that made me alittle suspicious why she chose so much later to write ( like over 10 years. 2. Then, I felt the writing was forced and contrived. I read an enormous amount so I think I kinda know something about writing.
So when I saw she didn’t post my comment I thought, well, that’s kinda weird.
I like her blog, but if criticism Can’t be posted what does that mean???

I will still read her blog…but ..”.what does that mean….”
Does anyone know where that’s from….

Made it thru the storm, Costco ….

The wind was howling and the rain was impressive, almost 5 inches). But we got home around 1pm on Thursday. No wind just lots of rain. There were branches in the yard and tons of pine needles but no other damages. A few tiny roof leaks where it always leaks when it’s torrential, so I think we missed that one. SF got incredible wind and rain.

It’s still gloomy out and quite a bit colder.

I got and message back from my doctor and I started rev, and I’ll see him the first part of January, as it doesn’t make sense to see him mid cycle.
My m protein came back .4 so same as last month. My neutrophils were good too.

I’m done with christmas except some cash for my brother. We have definitely gone over budget. So next year I’ve got to up our santa fund.

Work was quiet and Saturday was a little busier. This is a slow time in the library, too much christmas going on.

My sons wisdom teeth surgery is this week and I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck.

We were looking at a new tv at Costco but I don’t think we can do it, since the copay for the wisdom teeth is @$700. So….
But as usual Costco sucked the money right out of you, but I won’t have to back till middle to end of January.

All in all a good day.
Dinner is potato leek soup.