Five on Friday

  • Well, I ordered the upright freezer.

That’s the good news. The bad news is delivery is 3 months away. Who knows if it even will be delivered or I will get an out of stock notice. I think I must have gotten one of the last ones.  This Lowes upright was $719. From there they went way up at $1500 and higher.  So we’ll see. But I have a plan for this upright and feel it is a wise investment. Regardless of the pandemic, it’ll be nice to have a 6 months’ worth of freezer stuff and be done with it.

  • Our budget is done for August and all bills accounted for.  I put in for my LLS reimbursement. They have a new format on their website and it is very easy to use. If I didn’t get the reimbursement for insurance I don’t think our monthly income from SS would cover it. So I am very grateful for all who donate to the LLS.
  • We are planning a trip to Costco next week( 1st week of August). I don’t need to go to the store before then so that’s nice. I’m not planning on prepper stuff just normal we need like cheese, bread, olive oil, and some other random things.
  • Tonight is pizza night. Tomorrow I plan on BBQing a pork roast for the carnivores and will probably do a Field Day roast sausage for the vegetarian.
  • I canceled the extra Amazon channels of Brit Box, and Acorn for now as we have watched all the current shows we like. Maybe when some new seasons come out I’ll re-up. But that saves almost $15.00 a month. Then I saw somehow we were paying for PBS masterpiece too so I canceled that. We haven’t watched any of those channels for quite a while so I guess we were throwing that money away. Right now, we mostly watch Amazon Prime stuff and are currently rewatching Death in Paradise which is a good detective show.
  • I need a new book so I  may peruse Amazon for an ebook today.
  • I’ve decided to take a Facebook break. So I’m deactivating my account for a month. I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook but I just feel it’s time to break away for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel when it’s over.  Maybe my creativity will get sparked again.??
  • okay, I can count and this is more than 5!!!!


Minimalist Monday

I did most of my fly lady stuff yesterday, just a few things today, like vacuum and steam mop. It’s the bathroom zone , so because ours is so small and minimalist, there’s not much to do. It takes 15 minutes too to deep clean. Also our bedroom is sparse do 5 minutes tops to straighten, make bed etc. 

Today, it’s just those few things and I’m going to plant some marigolds. There’s one load of laundry. I might go to target for a few food items I like to get there, but I may not. B still needs to get out the patio umbrellas and we need to see what kind of shape they’re in. 

We had BBQ turkey burgers and griller for the vegie. It was good. Tonight I’m making a cheese soufflé as I need to use up some gruyere and I have lots of eggs.

im also getting my LLS insurance stuff ready to go out. They are an amazing organization and any of you out there who are runners and want to help raise money for the leukemia lymphoma society , it’s called Team in training. Thank you all who do it as my grant comes from these dedicated people. 

Well, off for the day, another beautiful day in Northern California .