simple Sunday

So, we had the huge oak tree taken down yesterday. wow, it looks really different.  they did a great job. I’ll post some pictures  after B sends them to me from his phone. As suspected, it was full of carpenter ants and so it was a good thing. Still, I feel a little ‘orc-ish’ about it. It was an old oak with lots of stories. This is all Maidu  land and I’m sure they came up on this hill long ago.  There are many grinding rocks in the area and in the now out of print book ‘Ooti’ , there are pictures of the meadows around here from the turn of the century.

I’m trying a new sandwich bread from Frugalgirl It seems to have risen very nicely so I’ll see how it turns out.

I’m also going to cut up apples from our tree and make some more applesauce. Probably cook today and strain and can tomorrow.

I’m hoping B gets the bathroom painted and that will freshen it up. Since it’s so small, I keep it very minimalistic. White towels( the hotel ones from Costco) and then baskets on shelves for misc. We’re doing it the same color which I have never tired of. It’s a very pale blue.

Also making spinach soup for dinner. I use Goldies spinach soup from the catering murder mysteries. It is by far the best I’ve found. I didn’t have any gruyere so I just added more cream cheese and used veggie broth. Plus I use an immersion blender to whip it up.


Whole Wheat Bread, and Saturday stuff!

imageWell, first off I wanted to show a picture of some yummy whole wheat bread I made and homemade butter. I’ve really wanted a zojirushi bread machine forever. But I recently started using Jim Laheys no knead bread. It’s delicious and easy. But, I still wanted the Zojirushi  bread machine. But I have a kitchen aid, so I saw a great recipe on another blog and decided to go for it.

So as a special treat and I’ve wanted this forever, I ordered from Williams Sonoma , their gold or professional bread pan. So instead if spending $200 on the Zorirushi, I spent $25 on a great 1.5 loaf pan. Can’t wait to get it. Also, in the old hippy days, I always made fresh butter. So when I saw the blog on Tomato boots, I thought, yeah, baby(Austin Powers reference ), I’m gonna do that too. It was fun .

So, here’s the next thing, not so happy, but, it was June 15 2005, when I got the official diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I’d never heard of it, and truly was in shock. So, it’s been 8 years, I’m doing pretty well. When you have this cancer, you’re just always waiting for the next shoe to drop, or something like that. I get checked (with blood tests ) every month. I know eventually I’ll be back on chemo, but for now life is good, and I’m going to keep making bread!