Just Keep Walking update

Tomorrow the 30th marks 4 years and 6 months of walking every.single.day.

I went out at 5:45 am alone as B is in Chico working. The stars were lovely.

By the time 6:15 rolled around the sky was lightening up and it was pre-dawn.

I need new walking shoes but still haven’t ordered them. My North Face shoes are 2 years old in January. I was reading another blogger about the “Walking STore”, and how they take a computerized image of your feet and then recommend after that.  I may consider this as my orthotics in my shoes are 4 years old and I’m sure not doing anything.   The’Walking Store’ shoes are quite expensive but it’s probably worth it. Especially when you have foot problems like I do.

We’ll see.

IMG_0912 (1)

Walking in Tahoe at dawn.


Simple Sunday

We ended up going down to the theatre on Friday, only to get there and see it was sold out for both showings. I was kinda shocked at the number of people out going to the movies. I guess I just don’t get out that much but still on Black Friday, I expected them all to be shopping. So we may try again this coming week, but I’ll have to see how I feel.

Both  Christmas trees are up and almost fully decorated. I’m not putting every ornament on and will definitely give some away. I also didn’t put out my Vintage Life Magazine Santa pictures. Did you know it was coca cola that started the image of Santa as we see him today.? The coke ads in Life created a stereotype of Santa.

images.jpeg  But the exciting news is I think I can get everything in 2 bins. That’s down from 6 or 7. So that’s progress.  Two bins feel just right.

It’s supposed to rain later but it’s still warmish so that’s nice.

This week Flylady has 2 zones since the next month starts on Friday. So, the living room zone and the entry zone. Both very simple for me as they are decluttered and usually tidy. The entryway this time of year does hold shoes, boots etc since it’s winter( almost) so I’m thinking of some kinda shoe holder. It gets a little more cluttered than I’d like so a shoe bench might help. Ikea has some nice wood ones that are reasonable.



I’m heading to the gym for a short work out and then maybe the Holiday Market for a few things.

Dinner is broccoli rice cheese casserole and some baked chicken breasts. Simple and it uses what I have.


Fun Friday and vintage bullet ware


I thought someone would enjoy seeing my vintage bullet utensils. I still am totally in love with these and use them every day. They are typically 1940’s but some are 30’s. I never see them at flea markets around here but then again, I don’t go anymore. Most of these I bought off of eBay years ago and that’s where you can probably still find them.

Today we’re going to see the movie ‘Ladybird’ which was filmed in Sacramento. That should be a fun outing. I don’t usually go to the movies as it’s too loud for me and I get sensory overload. But I will today as my son, who’s a film major, wants us all to go.

Then we may stop for a quick taco or something for lunch.

It’s another beautiful day in northern California. The oaks are all golden and there are some reds too.

I have the artificial tree up but not enough lights so I need to go to Target maybe Sunday to get some. Not today with it being black Friday.  The live tree we got up in Tahoe I had bought twinkly lights for so that one is done. I didn’t put all the ‘ugly ornaments on as I’m trying to be more selective. That tree is a white fir and we bought the permit when we were up there 2 weeks ago.  It’s not a big tree but just right for the space.  I put on all the bird ornaments and pine cone ones too.

Dinner is ‘who knows what cuz I’m not cooking’.

Thanksgiving menu

I thought I wanted to do something wildly different for Thanksgiving but our little tradition won out. We don’t have any family to speak of really. My sister and her family are in Connecticut and although my brother lives locally he always goes to his buddy’s house for Thanksgiving.

Over the years I’ve tried to create our own traditions with my small family.  Originally, when it was just B and me and we were both vegetarians, I’d do a lasagna or something like that. Later, and a number of years later when my daughter came along and then 9 years later my son, we started with the more ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving of a turkey, a vegetarian main dish and then all the sides.  We’d use the silver and nice dishes( i’ve always loved dish sets as I’ve written about.  So in spite of wanting to do something ‘wild’ and ‘crazy’, it’s traditional that has won out. Plus, really, I like to do it and for me it’s fun.

So this year, I’m not doing a whole turkey

  • but a bone- in turkey breast,
  • nut and cheese loaf,
  • stuffing,
  • homemade cranberry sauce,
  • mashed potatoes,
  • green bean casserole,
  • gravy( a vegetarian gravy as no one likes turkey gravy)
  • rolls.
  • I will make a homemade pumpkin pie.

I’ll probably cook some stuff Wednesday and then the rest Thursday. I’m going to do a dry brine on the turkey.  I think. We usually eat our dinner around 2 pm. So it’s kinda late lunch early dinner.


Tonight, I’m going to roast some new potatoes and grill some tofu and use some of the frozen corn from this summer.

I finished the bedroom zone except maybe a little more in the closet/pantry.

I decluttered some baskets(8) from the bathroom as I did a mini makeover with new white ones(4). I think it looks better and brighter.




Simple Sunday

Today, I’m off the gym and then to Safeway( which is almost next door to the gym, to get olives from their olive bar, wine, cream and whatever else I need for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to have to go to the store till after Thanksgiving.

I’m in the bedroom zone with Flylady and I just washed the inside windows, tidied the Christmas packages in the corner, and I’ll work on the closet/pantry a little more.img_1086.jpg

This is the stained glass hanging in our bedroom window.

img_1085.jpgA plant in the corner on a bar stool I was going to donate and then decided to reuse it.


Having put the pantry stuff in the closet has been really great. If you live in a small house with no pantry or closets for that matter this is such a great idea. We really have only one closet in this house. In the other bedroom, we have an Ikea closet that is essentially a built-in now.


Dinner is those meatballs I made yesterday and marinara sauce with spaghetti.



Lots of cooking going on!

Crazy day cooking.

First I made the rice, cheese, nut loaf in mini pans for Thanksgiving and put them in the freezer.

Then I made meatballs to freeze or I’ll use tomorrow night for Sunday Supper.  Then I made a fresh batch of coconut, pecan, maple granola. Yummy!

Then I made some chocolate chip cookies and they were yummy.

Now, after collapsing for a while, I’m making spinach soup for dinner with cheese ravioli. The soup part I will use the immersion blender and blend with some cream then add the ravioli.

All worth it! Cooking for my family brings me joy!!image4.jpg

Vegetarian nut,cheese loaf from Tassajara Recipes!