Myeloma beacon!

I just saw my blog reposted on the Beacon, thanks, if some added me. Since my blog is about my journey with multiple myeloma, it’s relevant . But it’s also about minimalism, frugal living, decluttering , menu planning etc.

Wednesday walking and other miscellaneous stuff!

imageWell, I just lost the whole post I was trying to publish ,so this is a rehash. Went walking alone as B is working out of town till Friday. Other post exclaimEd what a great job he has. Also, I walked 2 miles and it doesn’t seem easier lately, I’m not sure if that due to the myeloma cell activating or what. On that note still waiting to hear from Celgene. Since revlimid is a controlled drug and very expensive, it takes time to get I insurance on board and everything else. So today’s Wednesday, we’ll see. 

On another exciting note, we recieved a small unexpected windfall. We paid off the Prius and I may be buying an ikea couch. As my other post stated, we’ve done expensive Macy’s

couches before. I don’t need or want that . Just an inexpensive ikea couch that has a mid century look. Also, we will have some savings and that is exciting.

Oh, I went to old navy and picked up a white shirt on sale. Wasn’t quite what I wanted but it’s summery .

Sunday to do list

Yikes, we did a lot already and it’s just after 1 pm.

B and I walked 2.7 miles. This is the most I’ve walked yet. That was at 7am. Then breakfast, went to town. First stop Staples for more of the photo holders. Nope it was 9:45, not open till 10. Onward to the feed store for hay for the birds, nope 9:50 not open till 10.

down to Bel Air to return to extra spices B had gotten me for pickles , yes, they were open. Over to Home Depot for stuff, caulking, a hook ,and something else, can’t remember. Then over to target. Spent way too much, but got a bunch of organizing stuff. An oxo turn thing for my vitamins. A cute shelf thing that stacks the cans, very nice. A new set of fry pans as the ones were using are all scratched. The old ones are Rachel ray . I loved the orange color but they did not last. These new ones are kitchen aid. Not very expensive . My other pans are all clad. All clad my opinion are the best besides Lecruset. Then a new t shirt. 

And of course cat food!!! then back to the feed store and staples. Yikes, this is a lot for me. 

Then came home made some yummy bread( I had made the dough this morning), and started on the pickles. Then put up the shelf in the pantry and I really like how it stacks them . Very neat. 


So, I think I’m going to go read for a while….


Costco and winco

Up and out the door by 9am. Did a1.6 mile walk earlier. Yeah… So costco ended up $207 and Winco $66. A lot at winco is cat food, cat food, CAT FOOD!

so this actually goes on our August shopping money as it overlaps till next pay day. It gets a little confusing but it works. Later is book club and then I’m cooking some beautiful salmon wild, I got at Costco .

it sure is hot today…..

Not good news:(

Well, Dr L called yesterday so I knew it was not the news I wanted to hear.

My monoclonal protein is up again to .6

yikes, so I’m going to go back on chemo . This is called revlimid, it is a pill and taken once a day for 21 days with 1 week off. In addition you take decadron, which is a steroid. It’s usually called dex. It’s generic name is dexamethesome .it is taken once a week and boosts the chemo. Dex is very hard to take. You get very hyped, can’t sleep and very snappy. My dose is 20 mg, and the usual dose is 40. You also get what is called the dex crash, where, well, you crash. But I’m not letting my numbers keep trending up. 

This is my 3 rd time on this regime. So I know the drill, WBC can get low, blood clots, rashes,….. So we’ll see. Also, eventually this does stop working or what is called refractory, and you need to mix it up with another drug.

Fortunately, I feel good, I’ve been walking, so I guess I’m ready. Hopefully, we’ll get a response right away.  I’d rather be hereImage

Saturday updates

image imageToday was my 50th day walking. Yeah, so I’m starting week 8. As I said my new motto is”JUST WALK”. So even if its .5 mile, it’s walking. I’m pretty pleased with this progress. Not much in the way of weight loss, but that ‘s not my primary goal.

its getting hot here, is going to be 100 or more. Ugh! I do not do well in the heat.

but, we are leaving for Tahoe tomorrow so, it’ll be nicer up there. Should be interesting ,as S and Z are staying home. It’s probably better as our cat tucker ,who has the feline diabetes ,needs food every 4 hours.

I’m decluttering tons of photos as I redo the books. It looks better and I’m hoping to get the photo albums down to 4. I also got rid of a cabinet I had tried painting but the cabinet wasn’t very functional. I was using it for shoes but it just wasn’t right. So that’s gone.

then I’m painting a bookshelf ,really just touching it up with white paint.Above is a picture after and before.

Then I told Z to clean up his room,as there was clothes all over. Well he didn’t so I put everything in a laundry basket, outside his door. Then pulled a stereo  cabinet that held absolutely nothing out. I told my husband to trash it. Then I pulled out his totally destroyed leather chair. It is not going back in. But since I’m gone till Wednesday, I can’t go get him anything, it’ll just have to wait. He also needs a longer mattress as he is 6’3″. So I’m going to do a mini room makeover. Not paint, cuz that’s too much for me.. But new rug, and side table.

Honestly, I could’nt  take it anymore. I told when school got out may 29 , clean your room, so what’s that 2 months…..

Well, I’m off to work and then home to get ready to camp!