The tree is down!


We got a call on Saturday morning from the tree guy about showing up later that day. It was a message on my phone and like 20 minutes late he was here with the small crane. Not sure what would have happened if we weren’t home. Maybe he figures retired people are always home? Anyway,  I headed out to the gym and the driveway was going to be blocked by the crane. Up he went and topped the tree and then worked down. B decided that paying the $200 to have them buck it up was worth it and it totally was. Now we have small rounds that he can use the log splitter and split. They worked ALL day and still were working at 4:45pm. finally, I said, we can rake the rest. All in all the 2 trees and 2 small oaks cost $3300.  I gave the workers a $200 tip to split between them. I think they were a little surprised as I guess most people don’t do that but they had worked really hard all day and felt like it was deserved.  So in total $3500. It looks really good to have these 2 ponderosas out. The one in the front was the leaner toward the house. Who knows if it would go or any of the trees left could still go actually but that’s the risk of living in pine trees.

I have my labs this morning and then home to do some light chores. This week we are in the living room zone if you’re following Flylady.  I put up the tree yesterday and put on the lights. We were going to go up and get the tree permit today ( in Truckee) but decided not to as I don’t really want to deal with 2 trees. Unusual for me as I use to love all of the 3 little trees I had around that were themed( the bird tree, the snoopy tree, the ugly ornament tree). Well, those days are over. So anyway, the one tree is up with lights and very few ornaments. I’m just not doing the whole thing this year and as a minimalist, I’m trying not to overdo stuff.





This is where the 2 small oaks were that we wanted out so that we can maybe eventually park a vehicle there.



This is  not the ponderosa we took down but it gives you an idea of the size:)

Rainy and windy and here we are.

Well, we’re sitting in the Holiday Inn because the forecast for our area included a high wind advisory for winds over 40 mph and gusts over 60 mph so you guessed it, we left and came to Auburn.  Although we have taken down many trees around our house we still have giant ponderosas on the south side and southwest side.  These trees tower over 100 ft and are big.  The bulk of the storm was to hit after 10 pm and not a good scenario for sleeping. So B called it and we came to town. On the plus side, we got to eat at our favorite greasy Mexican place. I have leftovers for lunch.  WE watched TV about the missile strikes and 5 million commercials. Geez, I’m so glad we don’t have TV except for Hulu and Netflix. The commercials are so awful no wonder our society seems stuck on consumerism, buying more, looking better etc. It’s  actually really scary what people see in those commercials.  So now we’re having a Starbucks coffee and then heading home.  It’s actually still quite breezy but not raining.  Hopefully, the Kitties are ok. We put the border collies in the van and they came with us and slept in the van.

We might get breakfast in town but we might wait and just eat at home.  It would save $30 dollars.

I’ll go for a walk in the park when we get home, although we did walk to Starbucks to get coffee.  But another walk will be good.

Another blogger I like thrifty mom in Boise suggested writing a list of goals for April.  I don’t usually do monthly goals, more like daily but this was a good suggestion so I did. One was to bake something sweet(which I usually don’t), so I made lemon poppy seed muffins. They came out pretty good and I froze some.

Tonight is pizza Friday so when I get home I’ll make up some dough.

I tidied the house before we left yesterday at 5 pm so It should be good.