Thursday Budget stuff

IMG_0009Before June budget stuff here’s a picture of Donner Lake.IMG_0014And here’s another. It’s very warm here in Northern California with not a lot of change over the next week. Tomorrow and Saturday are even hotter. So we will need to put in our window air conditioners. This will raise our electric bill but it’s too hot not too use them.

Yesterday’s doctor visit was quite good. We decided not to do a maintenance of every 2 weeks for now. Also, I won’t see him for 2 months but will get monthly labs to see what’s going on.  I’m sure this is a gamble but I think if I have the chance to be drug-free for a short while it will be worth it. I still have 3 Velcade shots so not till July. I’m feeling positive about my decision though. My numbers have never increased radically and hopefully this  will stay the same so future relapse will show it self early on.

Onward to the budget. June is still starting out at a deficit so I will need to transfer a little money to cover a few things. But overall our June budget should show that we need $700 less due to a few things.  I’m hoping the numbers even out by B’s first paycheck of the month. Electric has gone down, but we’re on the balance pay program so it’s balanced based on the year so it’s still at $200. But that should drop once it gets recalibrated.

Also, school money won’t be going out and a few other things will drop too. July will even be better when the Harp refi takes effect ( I hope).  this was of course, a tough decision but with the increased % by October under the previous modification we really don’t have a choice. After much thinking and discussion, the way I have come to see this: we don’t want to move, we will never pay off the mortgage in retirement, so we need to look at getting the mortgage to be an amount that is like a ‘rent’. This refi will do that so I’m pleased with that. When one of us goes to the great beyond then that other person can decide to sell or stay. Unfortunately with my diagnosis, I can’t get life insurance, but many years ago B had me get life insurance ( a small amount ) thru his work. But it would be enough to help. One thing I am concerned about and maybe someone knows the answer to this.. Is when B retires from this company would my life insurance policy just stop? Or would we be able to keep it and keep paying on it?? does anyone know the answer to this?

Well, dinner is crockpot Thursday chicken. Since I’m on dex today, that’s a good thing as I don’t feel much like cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I’m reading the new Ruth Reichel’s book,My Kitchen year  it is so great. I’d highly recommend it.  Of course, I don’t think she would consider crockpot chicken, but then again she’s not on dexamethasone.

JustKeepWalking Update

We are close!!!!   11 more days till we reach the 3-year mark of WALKING INTENTIONALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY!  That’s 1,095 days if my math is correct. Today was quite cool and windy with rain on the way. We walk in the rain and wind and snow(rarely). We are lucky to have a park with a walking trail 1/2 mile from our house. That probably makes a big difference. I think if I had to walk by the side of the road( at least around here with crazy drivers, I wouldn’t have lasted.  Also, for any of you thinking of starting a JKW project a word of advice.  Get up, put on your sweats and PUT ON YOUR WALKING SHOES!  I think that makes a huge difference psychologically. I wear New Balance Country Walkers. Very supportive and I have inserts.  I’m thinking of trying North faces walking /trail shoe but I’m usually reluctant to try something when I have something that’s working so well. Part of the reason I thought of North Face was, 3 years ago I bought my jacket that I wear every day walking. It’s not expensive $99, if I remember. But the zipper broke . I was gong to order a new one and then I thought about North Faces lifetime guarantee. So I e-chatted with the rep and he said send it in. I did and 2 weeks later my jacket was returned with a new zipper. I was very impressed and give a big shout out for North face. They didn’t even need the receipt which I would have long gotten rid of.

Also, just do what you can. With the steroids ,I’m on my muscle never really build ups since steroids reduce muscle mass. But Just think if I wasn’t walking, so I do what I can.

I’m looking forward to finishing the Velcade and going off Dex hopefully sometime in July. Of course, if my numbers are good. And of course, at some point ,I’ll be back on but in the interim it will great.


So, Lace up those walking shoes, and Just Keep Walking!!!

country walkers by New Balance

Sunday walking

We were out about 6:15 and nobody else was there yet, so nice.

Todaywas equal sunrise, sunset. 6:55 sunrise, 6:55 sunset. It’s cloudy today but still warm @ 85. Not too bad.

B leaves on his trip to Maryland tomorrow am at 3am to get his 6 am flight. He’ll be gone till Friday.

This week I go in for my Invisalign set up. I’m glad as I’m sick of this other thing in my mouth. I’m hoping the Invisalign is easier to eat and talk with.

I’m going monday or Tuesday to get a wig. What you say?? Well, since July I’ve lost half my hair due to the steroid I’m on. That’s the best the doctor could come up with. My dex was increased to 20 mg and he’s guessing it’s due to that. But I’m pretty self conscious about it so , my last wig I had when I didn’t have any hair, I gave away last year.  I think I paid @ $125 or so for it . So I’m willing to pay that for something again.

the hair is still coming out and until it stops I think I’m going to need the wig. My hair has been quite long and full. Now it’s wispy and mid length.

Oh, well, it’s always something.

Im mid way in my Pom cycle so, still a bit to go till I can get a blood test. 2 weeks about.  I’m anxious to finish , get the results and plan the next stage. I don’t hold out too much that this cycle is the one.

Not to be pessimistic , it just hasn’t done it in the last 4 cycles so….

Monday musings

It’s warm but still cloudy here in Northern California. No rain, just cloudy.
All the leaves are popping out and things are growing. We’re still losing some ponderosa pines to bark beetles down in our woods and ost likely this is due to lack of water. Not sure what we’re going to do yet as it’ll probably be expensive. Since they’re not threaten ting the house, I think taking the big ones near the house( not infected, just too close) makes better sense.

Oh, good news! My daughter finally found the perfect car to commute into the sierras. A Honda crv 2007 with 85,000 miles. It’s very nice and with the awd, if she gets into snow she’ll be fine. Of course, now we’re moving out of snow season, but in a normal year Truckee, ca can see snow in June. Not happening probably this year. Then sometime down the road she can start looking for a roommate situation so she can stay up there 2 nights. But for now BCD will be her new best friend.

My 12 mg of dex, is tolerable, but I still had red face for a few hours and hyped out cleaning. Oh, well, that’s par for the course.
We’ve been eating out on the patio, and last night had a nice Cobb salad. Even my son, who’s never home it seems, ate with us. And tonight he said he’d be home as he has midterms soon. So I think ill just grill some burgers. I need some rolls. Or, I make make crockpot meatballs and make sammies. I have the meatballs in the freezer.

I have work tomorrow and then Wednesday I’ll have my daughter drive me too Winco in her new to her car.
We didn’t trade in her vw( too low of a trade in) and it works fine. So I may drive it for a while and then decide if we’ll keep it or sell. We could get maybe $3000 for it. So we’ll see. We’re going to pay her the $3000 to help her with the down payment and then if we sell we’ll keep that money.
My van that I love is 16 years old with 145000 miles. Still runs great but does need work so. Her VW is 15 years old, has had work done( new timing belt, tires brake stuff) but only has 84,000 miles. So we’ll see.

I did most of my fly lady zone ( the bathroom ) already and yesterday I finished the kitchen zone because last week on Monday I had the bladder infection, so nothing got done.
B has my shelves ready to go up on the one white wall and it’s going to make my vintage catherine holm really pop. We need to buy more pait for the rest of the kitchen . Probably 2 gallons as we’re going over a green.
But, I figure one wall at a time is all I can do.
I’m loving the idea of the white space as in the future touch ups re painting will be very easy.
Well, off to do something.

No matter what you do, dex is dex!

So, I’ve been busy. Dex busy. I’ve been off dexamethesome for about 7 weeks. We wanted to see how rev would be alone. My number went up imagejust a bit, but I decided I’m not waiting for it to go higher. Well, I loved being off dex, but other things crept in. One, my foot problems amplified. And now I need to see a podiatrist. The X-ray looks like arthritis but who knows. Then my energy of course wasn’t as high. My husband and did something special every Sunday instead of me being flat out after the dex high. So, when I took it Saturday night, the same routine. Sweating, peeing, and then busy energy in the morning. But it was yesterday that was a little over the top. I cleaned and did a ton of things from 7 am till @2 pm. I made dinner, cooked black beans for the week. Made a cherry pie, and cooked butternut squash for soup. That’s on top of vacuuming, washing the couch cushions and geez, here’s the wild thing. Cleaning every grate hole in our propane wall heater. Hello? Am I nuts. ??
Well, it was ok. I feel okay today and I’m off to the library shortly.

Apart from that, it’s cold here and it’s suppose to rain this week. Tomorrow I need to go pay our house insurance( more money out the window)… And then a Costco trip (more money out the window)for a pie for thanksgiving.( I’ll freeze it then take it out). Plus some other basics. I’d rather not go but Costco toilet paper is calling…

We had a fun and ( more money out the window) trip to Ikea. We go about once a year and the reason this time was to get some sort of curtains to help keep heat in.
I am not a curtain person at all. None of my windows have them but this time of year I hate being cold more than I dislike curtains so off we went. Ok, so one thing led to another and $$$$. But it was really fun.

Dinner is planned,the butternut squash soup and maybe some pasta.

Applegate fire and budget woes!

So, from my blog most of you know I work at a little branch library. It’s Applegate. So yesterday a fire started in 7 different areas on I-80. It closed the freeway and by afternoon evening there were mandatory evacuations. Pretty scary. I don’t work Thursdays so I’m ok, but will the library open. If she can get there probably. Hopefully it’s all better by this afternoon but it’s smokey here. Scary to think about evacuating. Grab your pets and go. So I’m worried about some of our older patrons who I know we’re evacuated. I hope their safe.

So on to budget stuff. We had our mortgage modified under one of the first Obama programs. It was great.and easy. But now the interest rate has changed per the modification and our payment has gone up $150. That’s quite a bit for us, but what’s really scaring me is it will change again next year too. I didn’t know that or chose to forget. But another $200 increase will kill us. We will have to sell. Any number crunching I’ve done for retirement is based on the old payment amount. So, it is difficult to think about. I’m not a mover and with my health always in question it will not be easy. But there is no

way with the new numbers could we do it. I’m going to call the mortgage company and see what they say but probably there’s nothing they can do as this was part of the loan agreement. Its very depressing to me and I hate to think about the stress if it all. I am also a planner and I guess I’d better start planning our options. Rent? Whatever.? I don’t know… It’s just hard to deal with this at our age.

otherwise, I’ve done well with not buying lots of groceries. Today I need to get 1/2 and 1/2 and some other things.

We also still do not have the car back from the repair shop. This is now 6 weeks and that is so messed up I can hardly deal with it.

Plus, since I’m off dex, everything is hurting more as dex is of course a steroid that is anti inflammatory. So that completely sucks. Yeah great to be off dex, boooo, I’m hurting.

gee what other bad news, oh the trees. We have now another one dying. The tree guy said it’s way complicated to get these down. It’s probably okay to leave them as they are down the hill. So we looked at the oak near the house and one pine. $1700 is the quote. We said ok, but now I’m really thinking we can’t afford it. They are not a threat yet so should we wait. I’m really insure. We really have so little savings and this would be a big hit. Plus we have property taxes due in December. Ugh…. We just can’t cut a break …

Well, on that dismal note, I’m off for the day.

October budget stuff and other news

So, yesterday was doctor day. My labs all look good. M-protein at .3 ,so good. It has been in this range since last February . He says I’m stable and he wants to try dropping dex,and see if revlimid will work alone. I’m willing to try. The only experience I’ve had with this is when I first relapsed in 2010, I tried revlimid alone and it didn’t work. But, it could be different now.,my body will know pretty quickly and since I see him once a month and have blood work, I’m not too worried. ( well, maybe a little). It’ll be weird to be off dex, but probably nice. I actually won’t see him till November as I have to work 2 Wednesdays in November , and other days don’t work either for one reason or another. But I’ll still get the labs done, so we will know if something changes. Hey, the great news is the labs are now on an online portal so it makes it so easy to check and less stressful.

OctoberI  budget….well, im going to try and keep groceries low. Ha, I think always say that. But seriously I am. We’re going to do a freezer / pantry challenge and try and buy only essentials. We’ve been going to the produce market for vegies, so I’ll keep doing that.

we have to rent a wood splitter this weekend, and buy a car battery. I bought some garlic on line and I may look at potatoes. I really want to plant these at the right time( fall) to get a harvest. Let’s see what else. We need to pay the car insurance bill some on the credit card, and I’m hoping that’s it. Our Christmas fund is funded at $1000 but I always seem to go over with extras like food and little things. I’m not buying a real tree this year so that’ll save $.

November is house insurance and thanksgiving food. I’m still thinking thanksgiving menus and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to basics.

More applesauce

We got maybe 12 more jars done. About half are apple butter. We have at least 2 more batches to make,but I’ll wait till next weekend.

This was a tough dex week. I didn’t sleep well for 2 nights. Today, it’s very smokey here due to a fire so I’m not going out. I’m just going to read and nap. Yesterday, I made chicken pot pie and put black beans in the crock pot for the week. Tonight we will have black bean chili with tortillas.

Not too busy of a week, work, take one kitty to the vet for annual shots and do some shopping.

I’ve decided to limit my internet time, too much blog reading, so will see how that goes.

Sleepless in Seattle , no Meadow Vista!

ImageArghhh, no sleep last night. It’s a dex night but this is ridiculous. I went to bed at 10 ,slept till the cat woke me up at 1:44, then never went back to sleep. Got up at4:55 , had coffee, then we did our walk. Now, I’m ready for a nap. But I have already done some stuff. Listed some vintage lunch pails. And I’m going to list a few other things today. I have a few Flylady things to do but that’s it. Tonight is egg salad sandwiches, so the eggs are hardboiled already. I need to get my LLS forms ready for my insurance co pay. It’s going to be less since we’ve had a reduction in how much we pay. I am very grateful to the LLS for their support. 

I might go out to the barn and declutter some more but will see if I’m still awake. Plus we are having very hot weather, 100 degrees so not to conducive to being out side.

Dex Monday!

Well, the 20 mg is noticeable . I’ll go back to 16 mg next week and compare. But my face is pretty red today, and on 16 mg not so noticeable. Plus, I’m zooming around doing things. So far, making potato salad eith potatoes from our garden, making the last of the tomatoes I froze last year into sauce, swish and swiped the bathroom, took sheets off the bed… And going to make some whole wheat bread. Umm, oh, walked my 2 miles. So this is definetley more than the 16 mg. I guess ,I’m curious , is it going to effect my m protein. Who knows. I’m still in a very good remission on rev/dex, and there’s been no increase other than minor. 

Later, I’m dropping off thrift store stuff. Not a lot but every little thing that goes feels good. 

Almost finished the one wall of the barn that’s the Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek , memento boxes and Christmas and camping. So it looks better and I got rid of 2 empty bins that were old. So all in all good!