Today is the DAY( I hope!!)

B is engrafted and has an immune system that looks great by the numbers. But there have been a few setbacks and the big one now is his not peeing. He’s been on Flomax for the last 2 years but during the transplant, they took him off it and that caused his lack of urinating. The problem is Flomax also lowers BP and he’s on a medication to lower BP so they didn’t want him to tank with extremely low BP.  So now they have him on his normal dose of BP and they are still cathetering him. He was supposed to be released yesterday but still not enough peeing.

It’s also crazy hot in Sacramento, well 103 probably isn’t that hot for Sacto) but it’s the first triple digits of the summer.

The cooler in the RV works fine to a point and that point is about 100 and then it’s not cool cool in here but certainly ok.  Tomorrow it looks like back in the ’90s, so not too bad.

We had the one-time deep clean lady do the house yesterday and my daughter said it looked great. Since I’m not there to do FlyLady zones this works out really well. I kinda wish I could see it though as it would give me an idea of what she might have had done differently.  Anyway, I’m pleased that I did it and will consider it again maybe in 6 months.

I’ve been walking every morning my usual 30 minutes, so that’s nice.

If B gets out today then there will be a clinic/labs appt on Thursday.  I’m still going to push to be allowed to go home though if this first week seems to go well. I just don’t see the point in being here that long when we can drive down here 2-4 days a week as necessary. But I will talk with the doctor on Thursday about it. I’m willing to stay thru next Friday at least.

I guess another option is I go home for a few days and have my daughter/son come to stay. I will look at that option after we know how he’s doing here and there are no surprises.

Well, I’m off to walk for a bit.

Life in an RV (a fifth wheel, really)

We got all set up on Wednesday in extreme heat and I felt really bad for the owner. He was sweating a lot and it was 100 at least. It did take a while to set all the things but I’m quite comfy now.

Yesterday and today and tomorrow are supposed to be red flag days in Sacramento and it is very breezy/windy. The temperature yesterday was lovely at 83 or so but by Monday we are in for 105. So very hot!!!

I’ve been going over to the hospital twice a day. It’s almost a mile so yesterday I walked over in the morning to check it out and it wasn’t a bad walk at all as long as it’s not 100 degrees. I also was very brave and figured out the shuttle back and forth. It doesn’t run on weekends so I’ll drive over to the parking garage today.  The parking is $2.00 an hour and it goes by the top of the hour. So even if I leave 15 minutes to the hour I get charged that $2.00. It’s all good though. It’s averaging about $10 a day. And Thank you, GoFundMe donations:)

So B’s numbers are all in the normal range. But he has had a few setbacks which have delayed getting released.  First, he is retaining fluid and that caused pressure on his lungs and heart. They had a cardiologist come in to check and he had an echocardiogram. Also, his blood levels of an enzyme they check for heart attacks was slightly elevated, but the doctor said that was due to the fluid around the lungs.  Also, his blood pressure was too high and they started him on another medication to help with that. It has since come down to a good range. Now the biggest problem is he is not peeing and they have had to catheterize him to get urine out. So until that gets resolved, he’s in there. It’s frustrating but it will all be good soon enough. He has one appt set for next week already at the clinic if he’s out. So fingers crossed he starts peeing!!!!

Overall, he has done amazing and this is just a small setback.  These doctors and nurses are truly amazing and anything at all they are on top of it.

My daughter came down on Friday and we went to Trader Joes and picked up groceries and it was fun to get out and see this neighborhood. The houses were stunning. These are not small bungalows but huge mansions. I still don’t know the name of the neighborhood but I’ll check.

The one nurse did say that going home earlier(from the RV) should be an option for us as we are really close enough to get here for appts 4 times a week and if there was an emergency. So I am going to talk with the nurse coordinator about that so she can talk with Dr. Abedi. I don’t want to just go home immediately but as soon as it seems things are holding steady, I will.




Simple Sunday

It’s supposed to be just beautiful today with a high near 70. Well, 67 at least. Then it’s downhill from there. Rain expected later in the week.

We will be going to Sacramento on Thursday to meet with the nurse coordinator and the social worker. It will be a long appointment as a lot has to be gone over about the transplant and the nurse coordinator will go over sending the donor match kits to the brothers. I think she mentioned they will also be looking at the donor bank but I wasn’t clear whether that was simultaneous to getting the brothers test or after. Also, they want to go over transplant requirements such as a caregiver etc.

I’m heading out to the gym and then B has to get platelets so I’ll just hang out after the gym. I do need to go into Safeway for some chicken I want to make for dinner. I wanted to go to Target and get an ironing board but I think I’ll postpone that.

I dropped off a load at Goodwill the other day that included a bunch of food stuff for the local food bank. I’m noticing that each time I go to Goodwill we really do have less and less to drop off. That is progress for sure. There are a few things I’m still considering giving away but not decided yet. One is the small table in the sunroom. Last year I had plants on it but this year I just put them in the greenhouse so the table top is clear. It’s a nice midcentury looking table I bought at Target a number of years ago so it’s not vintage or anything, so I’d be ok with it going. But if it’s useful(still to be determined) I’ll keep it.

Well, off then to lift weights:)




Middle of the week…

Wednesday… Hurray…I don’t go to Sacramento this morning. After 7 months of going almost every week for Velcade, it’s kinda weird not to. But hey, I’ll take it. I think my body is still getting rid of drugs and I’m not sleeping great and don’t seem to have a lot of energy. Enough to get things done but I’d like to feel a little more energetic. I’m upping my walking to 30 minutes. I think that’s a good place as long as I’m not on dex or whatever.  My eyes are still watering a lot so I hope that improves in the next few weeks.

I signed up for the new YNAB program which has been redesigned. I used the original YNAB  for quite a while but it neve quite helped with the visuals of budgeting. The new one has taken a few days to learn but I really really like it so far.  It has very good visuals for the budget and keeps it simple too. I’ve learned a few new things in the last few days about budgeting from reading their booklets. So sit is $5.00 a month as opposed to buying the program like before. If you sign up for the year the cost goes down to 4.00.  I’m going to stay with the monthly for a bit till I decide to keep it or not.

I’m home today although I was going to go to the thrift store to look for some jeans but with the new dogs, I’m not sure about leaving them for too long alone. They’re very good dogs, mellow and well trained but still it’s been less than a week here so I’ll wait to go to the thrift store. I’ll post some pictures so. Older border collies that are named Bonnie and Rocky.

Tonight is salmon cooked in parchment, couscous and a cucumber (home grown)salad with dill and homemade yogurt.