Just keep walking update and Yoga…

So we are the last 60 days of this years walking goal. June 1st will be 5 years of walking every.single.day!!

So if today is the 4th then we have 56 more days to the 5-year mark. Honestly, I love getting up and walking right away( well with 20 minutes or so). I think it’s what has kept us so healthy for this last 5 years.  Well, apart from me having cancer but really I’m very healthy otherwise. Being in remission this last 2 years has been nothing short of extraordinary.  I get labs in a few days so I’ll know next week what my numbers are.

I’ve been doing yoga again and it’s been a month. I think I can bend a little farther but mostly it feels good to stretch. It’s not very long maybe 13 minutes at the most. I’ll probably try and make it 15 minutes starting this week.

My daughter suggested watching the new Anne (with an E) Netflix series and it really quite good. The pilot was well done and I think the series will be fun. I always loved the books and the first Anne of Green Gables series I think was on PBS. That was a great series too.

I’m off to the dentist for a dental hygiene cleaning.  Then I may go into Goodwill.

Dinner is spaghetti and sauce with salad. water-2045469_1920

I just love this picture!!




Simple Sunday

Finally, we’re getting some sunshine. We need it to dry things up some. Of course, 4 months from now we’ll all want some rain. But I am looking forward to a warm and sunny week.

The meeting the half-sister and her husband went well. They are nice people. They have traveled quite extensively so that was interesting. I still don’t feel any warm and fuzzy feelings but I’ m like that so maybe it’s just me. She had a privileged upbringing which is certainly more than I can say about ours. I guess it was Gov. Chris Christie that opened adoption papers after 50 years in NJ and that’s how she started looking.

I doubt I will go out of my normal ‘Hi and how are you’ with her but she is nice as I said. I’m sure when I fly back east, she’ll come up to Connecticut to visit.

I still haven’t decided when to go but maybe June?

I went to the gym and then to Goodwill and found some Legos for my daughters’ Library program. Plus a couple of nice T-shirts for me that were probably new without tags. I also picked up a Moosewood cookbook for a little inspiration.

Dinner is something with potatoes as I have a bag I got at Costco and maybe some chicken/tofu.

Well, I’m going to do my Yoga and then take a nap!!!