Monday catch up

So I missed Carla’s halfdozendaily  Sunday night chit chat , but I’m 

Reading, or have just finished, Jacque Pepins biography, very good and some great recipes.Also, Debbie Macomber’s new book, Starting Now, kinda sappy.

  • Reading?
  • Listening to?
  • Watching?
  • Cooking/Baking?
  • Happy you accomplished this week?
  • Looking forward to next week?
  • Thankful for today?
  • *Bonus Question*

and a quick recapture of Jeanette Walls, The Glass Castle, depressing yet inspiring that she became a successful writer.

listening to my son complain that told him to fold laundry.

  1. We watched more Castle season 3
  2. Yesterday, I did some batch cooking from “Not your mothers freezer cooking, so I made chicken breast to use in some recipes, 12 baked stuffed potatoes, bread, and I think there was one other.
  3. It seemed a lot, I sold the tree fort, Waldorf toy, very nice.did a huge thrift store drop off, did all the zone work ,Flylady!
  4. This week, working my 3 shifts at the library, walking, and generally just life. Oh, it’s my daughter, Sachi’s birthday!
  5. As always , just being alive and having a very good quality of life.
  6. I don’t know, now that I’ve gone full with minimalism, none of the household coheres are overwhelming,and I do flylady’s zones so nothing really adds up.

so it should be a fun week.

Update, student loans figured out, payment will be $507. Seriously , do we look like we can afford that, but it’s the government, and like taxes, you find a wAy. Ugh…not too happy about it but well have the Prius paid off in 4 months, so then it’ll be better. I’m going to see how I can make an extra payment on the Prius to get done sooner.

Weekend to do and menu for the week

  1. Make menu.
  2. work on our very slim budget for next week, with the dreaded SL finally figured out, it is going to hurt, a lot:(
  3. go to staples( I have coupons)
  4. walk
  5. do some Flylady stuff.
  6. grocery store, I saw a couple of BOGO . I’m trying to really work these things.
  7. vacuum
  8. Make two freezer meals.

Menu for week

Saturday: meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad, veggie burger .

sunday : steak , salad, tofu.

Monday:grilled chicken, salad, black bean burger.

Tuesday: pasta of some sort

Wednesday: birthday girls choice

Thursday: ?

Friday : tacos


Hopefully next week will even out financially. It’s been tough, I’m hoping with B’s bonus in June we will catching up.

Budget updates

It seems we are off budget, but we’ve had some I unexpected costs, primarily vet bills and a lot of special cat food for Tucker. That was $186 and $56. Plus out of our sinking funds, Costco membership, and AAA membership. So our one sinking fund is down below $1000. That’s part of my zero balance. Hopefully it will get replenished when B’s bonus comes in at the end of June. I’d really like to add at least another $1000.

Z will have books to buy in August for college. And his birthday is August so there’s always more expenses.

we have gotten a place to bring the tent trailer in Tahoe in June. Our favorite place Nevada beach is totally booked solid. I just do t think of it soon enough and then there gone. I’ll keep checking for cancelations which does happen.

I wish the font would stay and not click off.  So the budget will be a little tight for the first of June . Most of our big bills, mortgage ,car payments etc are due then. But we only have a handful of Prius payments left which is a good thing because the #%^**** student loans will kick in. I’m still waiting to see the final result with mine being in a total and permanent discharge. It’ll be just B’s but we don’t know what yet.

Sunday night chit chat

  • Reading? The new Jack Reacher”A Wanted Man” , very good.
  • Listening to? We were listening to the wind.
  • Watching?later, Castle.
  • Cooking/Baking? Made the stuffed shells ,from the freezer cookbook, a big salad with blue cheese dressing.
  • Happy you accomplished this week?alot with my new freezer cookbook.
  • Looking forward to next week? I have next Saturday off, so I’ll go to the farmers market!
  • Thankful for today? My 2 great kids, my cancer is stable, and my husband.
  • *Bonus Question* Do you like your name? Would you change it if you could?
  • I’ve always liked Anne or Annie.

Tahoe, on a Wednesday!

We’re going up to Tahoe for a night , B to work, me just have fun. We were going to bring the bikes but its suppose to rain tomorrow. So, well walk as much as I can. That’s about 2 miles. Wish it was more, but I am always grateful I can at least do that. 

Finished reading “the Last Runaway” by Tracy chevalier . It was absolutely great. She is a very good writer and this story of a young Quaker woman was very moving. We have our roots in Quakerism as B and I were married in a Quaker meeting and were Quakers for many years. 

I’m feeling pretty good. Maybe a little tired, I don’t see my hem/ onc till mid June , which makes me a little nervous if my m protein is going up. I’ve had some rib discomfort on both sides so I get scared its lesions. But I must stay strong and positive. And we’ll see

I’ve loved my new little freezer and filling it. Well, that’s a long way off, but I have prepared 2 lasagnas, 1 stuffed shells, and 8 small double stuffed potatoes. There’s so many ideas in the Not your Mothers freezer cookbook.
I’ll try and post some pictures of Tahoe. I’m still trying to figure out blogging and would like to switch to another forum but not sure how? Any ideas?

Saturday ,this and that!

Well, it’s not good news for our cat,Tucker. He has feline diabetes .They wanted us to start right away with day long testing etc. for over $500. So, my daughter said we’d think about it . She didn’t like the office personnel , although he doctor was nice she said. I think we’ll go back to the vet we usually use, it’s just it’s 25 min away. But they are great. There are some natural remedies, but I think we’ll get him stabilized and go form there. I know we can’t afford 118 a month for cat treatment.

Also, something is happening with the studen t loan mess. The cancer legal aid hasn’t been too helpful yet. Well see when I get the referrals. I’m assuming Nel net is going to do what ever they feel like doing and that will be separating the loans. I’m really ok with that, just not with having to start a payment plan when we have just started to think about retirement and savings. It totally sucks. And this whole mess has gone on for years.

On a cool note, my husband, B , and DD, are walking in race for the cure. I think it’s great even though I don’t have breast cancer, it’s still as if we’re all in the cancer family. My husbands mother did die of breast cancer so it’s in his family. Thankfully , those genes are passed maternally, so DD should not have to worry about the genetic side.

I’m off to work,at the best job ever, even if I’m not branch manager, ha ,ha.
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I think over my life, and I haven’t really accomplished a lot , never had a career . But, I had two wonderful children who are smart, not into any drugs or alcohol and are really amazing people.
I am grateful for that.

Carla’s Sunday night chit chat

Your turn!! 🙂
  • Reading?  I’ve been reading a lot of retirement books, the Wealthy Barber, the average Family’s guide to Financial freedom , and Get a life, you don’t need a million to retire well.all something to think about. Ok I just read Gone girl, I waited 6 months on the library list to get this. I was so excited. I was so disappointed . If you like psychotic behavior and a story that ends too weird, then this is the book for you. I really really didn’t like it. I guess I like a story with an ending I can live with this, but this was not my kinda thing .

  • Listening to?right now it’s rain on the roof.
  • Watching?last night we finished “the hunger games” , ok I guess the books was better, of course.
  • Cooking/Baking? I made cheese enchilada casserole, pintos  and brown rice. Tonight is leftovers.
  • Happy you accomplished this week?Worked my 3 library shifts of 4 hours each, so my hem/ onc, walked 4 days. Am making progress on getting rid of the Life magazines. If you don’t know, I had an eBay store that sold Life. I did pretty well, except now, none of the ones I have really sell. So I’m getting rid of most. I’m keeping 9 bins of history, Kennedy , Martin Luther king, civil rights, moon walk etc. if anyone wants any of my give always let me know. You can have them for the postage price. A lot of people do birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Looking forward to next week? Walking more, working, decluttering more. The Flylady zone is the kitchen, usually a big job.
  • Thankful for today?As usual, my continuing very good partial remission. Waiting for my SPEP  test and immuinopherisis test
  • *Bonus Question* What are the “top 3” things on your to do list for next week? One thing on my mini goals with B, walk more, work on freezer meals. Yeah, I finally got my little chest freezer, thanks to the leukemia  and Lymphoma society, which has given me a grant and I get my share of my husbands insurance bill refunded. They are such a great organization. If anyone  is a runner, check out the LLS, team continuum which raises money for people like me with blood cancers…!!!