Made it thru the storm, Costco ….

The wind was howling and the rain was impressive, almost 5 inches). But we got home around 1pm on Thursday. No wind just lots of rain. There were branches in the yard and tons of pine needles but no other damages. A few tiny roof leaks where it always leaks when it’s torrential, so I think we missed that one. SF got incredible wind and rain.

It’s still gloomy out and quite a bit colder.

I got and message back from my doctor and I started rev, and I’ll see him the first part of January, as it doesn’t make sense to see him mid cycle.
My m protein came back .4 so same as last month. My neutrophils were good too.

I’m done with christmas except some cash for my brother. We have definitely gone over budget. So next year I’ve got to up our santa fund.

Work was quiet and Saturday was a little busier. This is a slow time in the library, too much christmas going on.

My sons wisdom teeth surgery is this week and I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck.

We were looking at a new tv at Costco but I don’t think we can do it, since the copay for the wisdom teeth is @$700. So….
But as usual Costco sucked the money right out of you, but I won’t have to back till middle to end of January.

All in all a good day.
Dinner is potato leek soup.

The calm before the storm!!!

Well, we are in for a pretty nasty storm Wednesday night and on into Thursday. Wind, lots of rain, flooding Predicted and very high winds. So, in that light I cancelled my doctor visit and zometa on Thursday. It’s just too much to drive an hour in that kind of weather. My numbers are stable and zometa can wait a few weeks. I’ll get my blood work and wait to hear from him. I asked him to let me know when to start my next cycle. Plus, I’ve felt awful all day and I’ve definitely got a sore throat. If it’s not better tomorrow I’ll call my co worker. I just don’t get paid enough to suffer thru at work. She’ll have to find someone or come over herself. I’ll wait till the morning to decide.

Other than that not much new…