Going Uber Frugal with Frugalwoods.

So starting in January we particpating in both The Compact, and Frugal woods uber Frugal month. Buy nothing new except food, gas etc, is the basis of the Compact. It should be really fun to think outside the box. We actually had our first challenge this week. Our dishwasher stopped draining. It is almost 20 years old . This has happened before and we knew something was stuck but could we ( oh I mean HE) get it out.   Visions of ordering from Home Depot danced in my head and it was not a pleasant thought to think of having to charge $500 for a dishwasher. Especially since we’re doing the The Compact ( nothing new) and trying to be Uber Frugal. But as I was leaving the gym, the text on my phone from my sweet and amazing husband said…”Fixed”!!!!! yeah…. and Whew that was a close call. I’m not really one for hand wash dishes day after day. Some are Okay and I get the Zen of it, but for sanitation and sterilizaton, give me a dishwasher.


I’m acutually, really looking forward to this challenge. I always need a goal or multiple and it keeps me focused.

Today is just a home day with chores. B needs to get cat food and a prescription. That’s it.

I’m going to work on lists for Christmas dinner and breakfast. I’m going back to our traditional lasagna. I’ll do a pan of cheese and a pan of meat lasagna.Then a salad, garlic bread and that’s it.

Christmas breakfast will be cinnamon rolls and a breakfast sausage casserole. Plus one just with green chilies and cheese for the veggie:)

Dinner tonight is Baked cod in parchment, couscous, and a salad. Grilled tofu for the vegetarian.

‘Frugalwoods’ uber frugal challenge

So if you like reading frugal living blogs,go to Frugalwoods and read about the challenge. I’m signed up and am ready to go. Except for a couple of GC for our UPS guy and our garbage guy, we’re done with christmas stuff.  The Frugal woods are quite an amazing couple who live extremely frugally and have reached financial freedom at a young age.

It’s never too late to do new things and I do love a challenge.

In decluttering, I’m starting another round for December.  I did a half a bin Life magazines, approximately  30. I did really good just saying it has to go. My plan is to end up with 2 bins of the most notable Life magazines, Kennedy assination, MLK, pearl harbor, .  There are some notables that sold for a lot of money, marilyn Monroe, Woodstock, etc. So eventually these are for my kids to look at and see history as it was.

I’m also going to pull out the Brio bin and put it on Craigs list. I’m going to start at $400. It’s probably over a $1000 worth of Brio. I’m going to do that today or when ever I can get someone to bring it in from the barn.

It’s too cold out there to do anything right now.


  • the gym is going well. i’m still going very slowly but I like it and i think it will be a big plus when I get thru another month or so.
  • got rid of a few more cookbooks i dont really use.
  • did the kitchen zone yesterday
  • B put up clear insulating plastic on the window and it has made a big difference.

getting budget stuff ready for January.

  • Just keep walking project is almost at the 6month mark at the end of December
  • That’s walking everyday for 3 1/2 years.

Dinner is Taco Tuesday , I’m doing bowls with rice, beans, avacado, salsa etc.