Wednesday stuff

Well, I had my blood test on Monday, and today is the doctor appt. Since I reduced dex to 16 mg we’ll have to see how my m protein is. 

I’ve still had on going issues with diarrhea but I work on timing especially at work and when were out camping. I’m not sure really if there’s anything to do about it except the immodium . It’s part of this whole thing and I’m just happy my m protein went down last month. It’s kinda a wait and watch sorta thing. Then we’re stopping briefly at Costco to return something, and then home. I should get my revlimid delivered either tomorrow or Friday . 

Not too much new here,  same old same old. 

I have some touch up painting to do in the house, and about 6 bins of Star Trek figures to go thru. Ugh, why did I buy them so many….

this is such a good time of year to declutter as stuff can be brought out side and put on tables or a tarp. I still feel the need to minimalise more. Less stuff makes everything easier . Easier to keep the house clean. Less to have to deal with , and less to dust, put away etc. 

it might be time for me to really look around again at what stuff I’m not using and see what 

else can go.  I really like the idea of ‘ white space’. It’s space where there is nothing.  Since our house is small, I need the ‘white space’ .

Wednesday stuff

Well, it was my doctor appointment. It went well, nothing new. Didn’t get my SPEP test results back so maybe tomorrow. It’s the main reason to go. Blood work otherwise was good. I’ll get my revlimid delivered tomorrow . The only main problem, is my gastro intestinal issues. He said try some Metamucil . Anyone do that for diarrhea ? 

We stopped at our local feed store and bought 5 more chicks. Since I’ve been selling eggs, we need more chicks . Plus a few have been coyoted.;(  So, I love sharing our eggs. Our chickens have almost our whole fenced yard and are very happy. If you can don’t ever buy and eat commercial eggs. It’s pretty horrible what the industry does. Go to your local farmers market or find someone like me who sells. I sell a dozen for $3.00. The farmers market is @7.50. So , do your part and don’t support commercial egg farmers. 

We have 7 days till the big day.!! Wow. A year of walking every single day!