My hero, my husband!

When I was first diagnosed, the person then, and now, who was my hero ,is my husband. He has been to every appt I have ever had. That is every chemo, every doctors appt and every day during my Sct. Now that it is 7 years later, he still comes to every appt and aredia treatment I get. He is the greatest. He was my high school sweetheart, and this year will be our 42 nd wedding anniversary. We had had a great life. Maybe not money wise, we were never very smart about jobs, but in every other way. We went to college together, had our first child after we were married 15 years and for our 25 th wedding anniversary ( well it was really our 24) , but I like to joke it was our silver anniversary , we had our son. It has been a great life, he is the greatest, and he is my hero.

Head in the sand!

I remember that first six months vividly ,as when I didn’t really go out, talk a lot to people,or do much. I think just had my head in the sand and that was how I coped. Of course, I read a lot as I stll do, but mostly I just laid around and tried not to obsess. Of course, if you are trying not to obsess then you really start to obsess. I didn’t want to know much about multiple myeloma, I just wanted it to all go away.

So I have come along ways, after my first relapse, June 2010, is honestly when I started asking lots of questions, joined the myeloma list serve, the beacon and anything else. I no longer worry obsessively, okay maybe a little. I handle my cancer better now and am very informed about treatments and what is new in the myeloma research area. I ask questions and I even answer questions because now 7 years from diagnosis I do know something about this and am glad to share.

Just finished Gideons corpse by Preston and child , pretty good read. The main character hasan incurable illness called AVM.
Then finished Bonnie in the Eve Duncan series. Frankly, I thought she came up with a lame conclusion.
Also, just got from the library the new Pioneer woman cooks cookbook, so lookout here come some great recipes.

How it started

I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma in June of 2005. It was the biggest shock and sadness in my life. I actually probably had it for at least 2 years prior as I had a compression fracture in dec 2003 which was caused by the cancer , but of course that was unknown then.
I laugh that it all started with Life. Life magazines that is. I had just bought almost an entire collection at an estate sale. 45 boxes weighing 75lbs each. I then proceeded to load all 45 into my van, unload them and the move them once more. By the weekend the T 10 collapsed and well a year and half later the MRI showed a plasmacytoma ,cancer. So 17 rounds of radiation, and 5 months of chemo and then what is called a stem cell transplant.
Through all this I was shocked, depressed and just out of the flow of life. I seemed to just drift from doctor appointment to the next.
I was homeschooling ,
My son, so that helped with some normalcy .
So after, the sct, I had complete remission for 4 great years. Then relapsed in June 2010
Now there are new drugs to try and I did a combination of revlimid and dexamethesome for 9 months again CR and was off all drugs for 10 months.
I have just started cycle 2 after a very small m spike and am doing ok.
I want to blog so I can write about stuff that we MM survivors are all going thru and what’s it’s like to live with an incurable cancer.
Plus, I want to write about, books,cooking gardening and life.

April 10 2012

This is a first for me, blogging, and I have no idea what to do. I want to write about my life with an incurable blood cancer,multiple myeloma and the goings on in my everyday life. That would include books I’m reading ,recipes I trying, gardening etc.