Simple Sunday

The week ahead looks nice. We are in for some rain tonight and tomorrow.

I skipped the gym today and went to Home Depot with B so we could get a bathroom fan and a few other things.  I want to have him put up another safety bar in the bathroom as well. Mostly because our tub is a clawfoot and sits high. Either we need to change that out as we get older or do some other things( like the bar) to help with stability.

Yesterday was one of the nicest days we’ve had. I fired up the BBq and made chicken and BBQ tempeh. I made a macaroni salad to go with it. We even ate outside, the first this year!!

This week we’re going to go to Ikea too and check out ideas for redoing the counter and sink area of the kitchen.  There’s not much we can do to change the layout because of where doors are and such.  I’m interested in a farmhouse sink and would like quartz countertops. All our appliances are new so that part is done.

IMG_1196 (1)


As you can see it’s really just one wall of counter with the sink in the middle. The stove is to the left of the second photo.


Ikea is great to get ideas from. I’d like to replace the kitchen window to as it is starting to get a few cloudy spots. The cabinets I’d like to replace with something more modern. We can’t really have them as open shelves as we wouldn’t have any place to keep spices and teas and things I just don’t want visible.

We redid the whole kitchen after we moved in. It was gutted and we took up like 20 layers of linoleum. It was brutal work.  So the kitchen is 23 years old. Except we just bought the appliances in the last 2 years.

Other than that, it should be a nice week for some fun things to do.


Kon mari, the kitchen part 2

so there’s the upper cabinet cleaned out. The utensil drawer redone. The ikea cart for extra stuff(still working on what works here.) And those are our everyday white dishes.

I’m looking into trying to get another drawer somewhere under a cabinet so we’ll see. Someday we will remodel and this wont be such a crappy kitchen. For now it works and I guess that’s good enough.

It’s finally sunny here but freezing. On our walk, I even waited thill 6:30 since it was 30 degrees outside.  Funny, nobody else was out walking…

today is just tidying chores and that’s it.

Dinner is leftover black bean burritos ( I think).

Sunday chit chat

  • Reading: I’m still reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, so terrific.
  • Listening to: nothing, except birds outside.
  • Watching: we’ll watch The Sopranos, season 2
  • Cooking/Baking: here’s my bread below. It’s a cheese jalepeno bread in my new loaf pan. Yummmimage
  • Happy you accomplished this week: gosh, it seems like all of done is be on the go. I moved all my dishes, ( see prior post), trying to sell an armoire , no luck! Sold a few things on eBay. And I walked everyday.
  • Looking forward to next week: it’s a busy week, I have to work everyday, as there are some library events that need 2 people.
  • Thankful for today:as always, that I feel good.
  • Bonus Question – Do you play games? Board games, card games, video games, games online, on your phone, iPad, etc…
  • No, never.

today, is flylady’s home blessing day, I do some extra things, and the zone is the kitchen. That’s my biggest zone. It’s pretty clutter free but still it’s wiping cabinets oven, and more.

Do any of you follow Flylady? I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and it’s great!