Labs okay, went up :(

It’s okay. But here’s a picture of the results.


So if you have Myeloma, two tests are important to track your cancer.  These are the light chains and the SPEP.


So in August, 2 months ago I was at 13.6 . and lambda at 12.0 ratio 1.13.

I was very happy with those numbers.

In October the jump was almost 3 points. to 16.2 and 14.2 but the ratio was 1.14 so almost no change which is quite important. The ratio is actually more important the individual numbers. Sorta  of…

Well, it’s ALL STILL WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE,  that;s themes positive thing but a 3 point leap in 2 months and then what in another 2 months?

It’s possible the myeloma cells are on the move so to speak.

Gratefully my Serum Electrophoresis is normal.


naturally, I’ve been obsessing some and it takes me a few days to rationalize it all.  It is all normal still and all good.

Just to put it in perspective, even when I go out of the normal range, treatment doesn’t really start right away. It’s more like when you hit @ 100 or so. or the ratio becomes squewed.  I’m Okay! I feel good. So onward.

I’ll be writing another blog later on just normal stuff.


Well, it’s July. Half the year gone already. It’s been a good year so far, and now that I’m off Velcade I hope it gets better.   My blood work came in and looks great. Kappa light chains normal, lambda light chains, normal, ratio normal.Yeah!!!!!

I am going to try and walk a full 30 minutes a day and then try and increase to 2 miles a day a few times a week. Since I won’t have the ups and downs of Dexamethasone, I really hoping to do more exercise. Plus just getting dex out of my system will be great. Yes, I will need to go back on at some point, but that’s not now.

It’s very smokey here due to a fire and the air quality is awful. But maybe a breeze will blow some of it away.  Hopefully ,they will get the fire contained soon.

I made a breakfast strata with bagels for breakfast. What a great idea. I put it together last night and popped it in my new Cuisinart toaster convection oven. What a great thing. It toasts nicely, but the convection oven is amazing. No heating up the kitchen. I love it. I tried baked potatoes the other day and same thing.It works great. If you’re even thinking of getting one of these ,do it!!!  I did order ( on sale) the Lodge camp dutch oven.It might take learning curve using it camping but I ‘m going to try. Especially since I like preparing food ahead of time. The dutch oven is placed on the coals or Weber and then you cook whatever for a few hours.  I’ll probably try it at home with a few simple meals like chili or??IMG_0059IMG_0060

This coming week is the Flylady kitchen zone. Always the biggest zone I do. I did reorganize where I keep bread to above the new toaster oven in the cabinet. I moved the teas up and got rid of a lot of old tea. It looks good and then I moved the microwave over to the stainless steel counter. I’m not thrilled with it there but it’s convenient.

I’m making turkey chili in the crockpot for dinner mostly because I defrosted the organic ground turkey. Plus a salad.


In Truckee, Ca

I’m sitting in Wild Cherries with a vanilla latte. It’s really quite beautiful here. There are puffy white clouds and super blue sky. You can see snow on the ridges and it’s way cooler than at home. My daughter has her staff meeting so I’m here for an hour or so. Then we’re going to go on a hike/walk and then find some sort of lunch.

There’s a diner that Guy Ferriera went to up here, we thought we might try that or there’s also a new york style pizza place.  I guess we’ll see when its time. We’re going to go walk  on a trail that’s over by Donner Lake. Yes, the famous Donner party was here. There’s a nice memorial to them plus a museum. It’s so interesting that if they just pushed on that fateful day they would have made it over the pass. Well, the rest is history.

So all my labs have come in and wait for it ……NORMAL!!!

Kappa- good

Lambda -good

ratio- good 1.27 normal

No m spike

So, this is the 2nd full cycle of normal m protein.  But then my light chains went into the normal range after the 2nd cycle. So, one more cycle and then we’ll see. I see my doctor next week and also get my first shot of this last cycle.  I’m pretty jazzed as this is the first time since ( I think) 2010  that I’ve had a complete response. Revlimid kept my  numbers very low, like .3 , but I don’t know if it went to 0. Maybe once.  I definitely nervous about going off treatment but I think it’s probably a good idea. My eyes with the weepiness and styes seems to cycle thru and of course the neuropathy ( although not severe) is there and does seem to affect my legs. I do think the Velcade has probably affected some mental alertness or lack of but I just put one step in front of the other.

So all good.

Not sure what we’re doing for dinner since B and my son went up to Chico. Usually, I do crockpot Thursday, but I didn’t start it before I left.