Simple Sunday

Well, I took my 16mg of dex yesterday afternoon instead of at bed. I want to see how that works. 16mg is definitely way better. My face is not beet red and I feel ok, just a little unfocused. I try not to drive on dex days as my attention is less than usual. So, if my m protein musts keeps hovering @.3 or so, I’ll stay with 16mg.

im doing a little Flylady today. And going out to the barn to retrieve those Star Trek figures.  I also have some vintage lunch boxes I might sell. I gave a lot to the thrift store in the massive decluttering I did last summer. But, there are a few I can still get rid of. What good are they in a bin? I’m not into displaying like I was when I started collecting so it’s a matter of parting with more stuff. 

Just keep walking project update… We’re on day 397, so this week we cross the 400 day line. Cool! My husband got the fit bit,since he’s doing another walking challenge for work. So yesterday he did over 7 miles…. Most of this is zipping sound the yard, weed eating, mowing etc. The guys the energizer bunny. 

Menus are done for the week:

salmon with rice salad

 burgers on the grill

egg salad sammies

 grilled chicken and cucumber salad( cucs are from our garden)


Maybe a homemade pizza night