Simple Sunday

We lost power for about an hour last night but I’m surprised it wasn’t more. It’s still raining so we decided not to walk this morning. I actually like walking in the rain as long as the wind isn’t blowing and today it is still windy. It looks like we’re in for rain all week. There have been many trees down so I hope ours can hold on. Even along I -80 I saw some pines that had fallen over.

I did go swimming yesterday and got a lane fairly quickly but by the time I was done lots of ‘new ‘ faces were showing up and the high school team again. I imagine it’ll slow down after a while with NY resolutions fading away.

Then I popped into Winco for salad stuff and other veggies. I didn’t buy a lot of anything else as I’m doing the pantry challenge which is to use up what I have. So far it is going splendidly. Last night we had some salmon I had in the freezer so that’s used up and we had a salad with it. I also used my last acorn squash from the farm stand I bought this fall. So overall I’m pleased with the challenge. This week I plan on using 2 pressure-canned soups, and some enchiladas from the freezer, and then see what else needs to be used up.

I just finished reading an excellent book called ” The Longing for Less” by Kyle Chayka. It is quite the essay on minimalism. I’d highly recommend it. I’m not planning on writing down the books I read this year as last year once I hit 150, I didn’t bother anymore.

Today, I plan on doing the Kitchen zone and then read some more. This week is a mellow week, with no appts. Depending on the weather though, I’ll go down to Roseville to swim and to the Rec center at least 1x.

Rainy Monday


It’s still going to rain today, so no gardening. But it’s not cold at least. 

When the sun does come out I think a lot of things will sprout. We still need to plant out potatoes. Kinda late but we’ve planted later and still had a good crop.

Someone came and finally took our two male ducks who were harassing the chickens. I hope she had the right space for them. I didn’t really ask her as my husband handled it. Oh well,  I hope they’re safe and happy. The yard is MUCH more peaceful and the girls are happier. 

It is dex Monday, and yesterday was dex Sunday. Ok, but I didn’t really do any zone cleaning and today is the kitchen. That’s always my biggest area because of cooking and grease. But my kitchen is small so that helps. I just haven’t been as motivated lately. I’m still doing the daily stuff but I’d like to do more.

this morning is going out with B to get our tobacco blood tests for insurance . What a PITA Is all I have to say. I just had my blood. Draw last week for my monthly labs, now this draw, and later this week another for cholesterol . Ugh…. Too much. I do not like over schedule weeks and usually don’t. But this I hope won’t be too bad. 

I’m going to declutter the pantry later or at least organize it . It’s a mess(again). If the weather gets nice I may go out to the barn. As I said it’s not too bad, but needs some straightening up. Now mind you this is a funky barn, dirt floor that B has covered with tarps and old rugs, but it still an area of storage for all his work samples , and my son has his exercise equipment out there. Plus Christmas decorations, bikes and stuff like that. I think a good clean sweep is in order

Well, I’m off to wash cabinets and turn on the oven for cleaning. 

Raining non stop!


This is quite a rain storm. Fortunately no wind and relatively warm.

I meant to finish this yesterday but dex took over and I did other stuff and then crashed.

I almost finished the bathroom zone, very easy, but I want to clean the vent this morning.

plus I usually cook a lot, so I made pizza dough that proofs in the fridge, an artichoke ,garlic frittata ( new recipe), cut up salad vegies( my new thing now to get it done).

Did some home blessing stuff for today, my husband did laundry, then I rested for a few hours.

The rain kept up yesterday and on our walk we were warm under our new

“Frogg Toggs”, but our feet got soaked. Still we did our 2 miles. imageThese are a great product my husband bought us each a pair for Christmas, I would highly recommend.