Five on Friday

I wanted to write this as a separate post from my good news with my labs.

But first,  I want to give a shout out to Bob over at Satisfying Retirement.

He wrote a very good post on being prepared for retirement. Or in our case, what not to do, but now scrambling to do!! ( If that made sense)!

So five:

  • my great news on my labs is top of my list
  • we went to Home Depot and bought a security screen door so we can leave the front door open at night and let cool air in!!
  • it’s been a hot,hot week, but we’ve managed to keep the yard watered and the house cool.
  • my son fixed the AC in my old van and it’s nice and cold now. so that saved us the money from taking it down the road to the mechanic.
  • we’ve had lots of zucchini from the garden this week and they have been excellent in a variety of recipes.

My sons birthday is coming up in the first week of August. He already received his present which was the trip and tickets to Elton John in LV.  But I am going to tuck a little money in an envelope for him and tell him that’s the start of his emergency fund.

Not much else going on, there are terrible fires all over but the one in Yosemite and up near Redding are especially bad. Our air quality is not so good.


May Day

imageIt’s May and everything is blooming. Plus, lots of pollen. I don’t have bad allergies but just enough with the oak and pine pollens. I take a homeopathic pill that works pretty good.

Tonight is Dex night so I’ll take a Benadryl and Ativan. Also after reading the Myeloma Beacon and the colum this month by Andrew about revlimid related diarehea and what he did to stop it by taking Colestid, I’ve decided I’m going to ask for a prescription when I see the doctor next. Even though it’s not as bad as it was, which was pretty bad for almost a year, it’s still a concern. I’ll bring in the article although he did know about the drug when I asked maybe, 5 months ago. Being on pomalyst I haven’t had quite the same issue but it’s always  a concern and I’ve had two to close for comfort calls. So I’m going to do it. Sigh, another drug, but I’d rather not worry constantly where’s a bathroom!!

Last night was pizza night. I’ve been using the recipe from”Date night In”. It’s a very good recipe and does slow rise in the fridge for 24-48 hours. Its a good cook book and I’d recommend it.

Off to library stuff.

Bbq chicken / tofu for dinner.

Another Home Depot trip today….. More money…. Spring is really about spending money on plants , yard, etc. we’re trying to put a brick patio out front and need more pavers. They’re expensive, but it looks nice and clean off the dirt.

Saturday fun

Well, I’m off today ,the library is closed for presidents day, so we’re going to go do some fun chores. 

First, farmers market to get some lettuce broccoli, and whatever else looks good. Then I need to stop at staples and check out the day planner I’m interested in getting. I want something that zips, but not too expensive. Then over to Home Depot to get some bags of soil so we can plant peas, chard and maybe some spinach. I’m hoping to do this in a bed that’s by the side of the front lawn. 

We want to plant the whole front yard, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen. Water, money etc. 

then we think we’ll get lunch at a place I bought a groupon with. But since I just ate breakfast, I may not be quite ready for lunch so soon. We shall see. Usually I’m terrible about stuff like that, say I’ll do it and then I poop out and don’t. So…..

Its cloudy here and not a sunny happy day. But no rain till tonight.