I’m back home for a few days. I have to get my labs this morning and then the solar eclipse is happening, which I won’t look at.( No really, I don’t have the glasses).

I’m not too nervous about my labs but this is one of the longest spaces I’ve had between tests ( about 7 Weeks), so we’ll see.

Then I’m going to the gym, workout, and then home to get ready to go back up to Zephyr Cove. My daughter and I had a great time together and now B and I will be up there to celebrate our 47¬†th wedding anniversary. Wow, that certainly makes you feel old. ūüôā

Here’s our Lodge pizza night

IMG_0897 (2).jpg

Then me on the beach early am.

IMG_0912 (1).jpg

Then the lake.

IMG_0892 (2).jpg

We had an amazing thunder, hail, rain storm that lasted about 45 minutes. Everything¬†got soaked. ¬†We were cozy in the tent trailer but it took some clean up the next morning. The screen shelter we bought for over the table was nice but didn’t really do anything in this kind of rain so we may go buy an EZ up anyway. ¬†It would keep the rain off the table. ( I think).

So, I post more pictures in a day or two.



Getting ready for Tahoe

We’re off in a few days for 2 weeks at my favorite place on Earth. Lake Tahoe. ¬†It’s where I want my ashes dropped or at least in the vicinity(ha, ha,).

But the first night it’s just the 2 of us. Then the next day B has to come home because our son is having a surgical procedure and it will involve anesthesia so someone needs to take him and bring him home. So, my daughter will drive up with the dogs for 3 nights and then B will come back up on Sunday. ¬†It will be a little juggling around till Monday and then we should be good. Someone has to be here to take care of the 2 cats and the goat and chickens. ¬†Plus watering gardens. ¬†I’ll drive back down myself probably Monday.

But overall it should be wonderful will nice temperatures and even cool at night.

I’ve been packing dry food and others things. I also put out the 2 Lodges to take.

Mostly it’ll be relaxing, reading and walking. This year we bought a screened tent to put over the table. It may rain so this would help some. I didn’t want to get an EZ up after I saw how big they are and they weigh a lot. Usually, we try and buy one new item each camping season to add to our gear.

Nothing new on the dog front. Haven’t seen the lady or her dogs so I’m hoping she’s not coming to the park at all.

I’m excited I tried making bagels and they came out pretty good. I’d ordered a few things from King Arthur Flour and one was non¬†diastatic¬†barley malt powder. ¬†It’s what makes NY bagels ,¬†well, NY bagels. I think they came out great but my oven wasn’t calibrating (which it does from time to time) so the heat wasn’t coming up to 425. So it was a little hit and miss.




a little fuzzy on the last picture




Random thoughts

It’s been a great week camping here. We’ve been bike riding and of course, walking every day. We have a nice rhythm going with coffee in the French press, then walk out to the lake, home for camp breakfast, then figure out the day’s schedule. ¬†Tonight I’m going to try pizza in the Lodge. I watched a youtube and it looked fairly easy.

Tomorrow our daughter¬†returns with the border collies. It’s been fun to have them here. Then Friday I’ll head back down the ‘hill’ and get home to take care of chores.

It’s been one of the best vacations I can remember. Well, you can’t beat Santa Barbara or Capitola but still Tahoe is quite unique. If anyone is ever visiting and needs some ideas let me know. ¬†Speaking of visiting¬†my sister from Connecticut is going to visit in October with her 3 adult daughters.Not sure what has prompted this except she has had a difficult yea with a diagnosis of ¬†interstitial( not sure if that’s correct) lung disease. ¬†Anyway, they are staying in a hotel( thank you) and only staying 5 days. Not sure what to do in that time but heck, if she wants to do that , OK. ¬†she is always quite helpful and fun.

We’ve had absolutely no communication with the bank o the refi despite me now calling a different person. I guess we are done with them. I’m going to check with our CU if they do the HARP, otherwise I’m going to check with Wells Fargo.

That’s it in my world.image

Back home for a day.

I got back home Friday and then today I’m leaving for Tahoe again. It’s my son’s 22 birthday. Not doing anything special since this camping trip has added up. We did get him and REI gift card, a backpack stove, and $100 cash, so I think that’s plenty. I’m not sure what he wants as his special dinner or cake. it may have to wait till we’re all home.

I’ve been non-stop trying to keep up on things. I changed the pool filter but the water is still green. I guess it’ll have to wait till B’s home. Plus¬†laundry, cleaning, going over to take care of the neighbor’s cat…. ¬†that’s another story in itself.


Well, my daughter will be driving home with the dogs today.She is probably going to hit serious traffic. I’ll probably be okay as most people will be driving the opposite way. Except for near Sand Harbor Beach where the traffic to get in was backed up for miles. I’m guessing I will be in that till it clears. But I hope not.

I’m getting stuff out to the car and should be ready to roll by 10am. I think.

On another note, I’m having the worst time with Ynab. I guess I’m going to cancel for next month. It seems everything is balanced and then its way off from what I have. Budget wise it is not helping since I’m just frustrated trying to figure out what their ¬†amounts are doing and how that’s not matching what I have. ¬†yesterday it was all balanced to zero. today its like off by -$1600 . So that’s not good nor accurate. ¬†Well, I’ve had it so, It’s not easy to cancel, as you’ve got to email them. ¬†But I’m better with just paper and pencil. it’s only $5 a month but if I can’t figure out the errors , it’s not worth it.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

imageIt is amazing here. We’re at our favorite place,Lakeland Village. ¬†B is heading off to do a reset today and tomorrow , so this is a work trip and pays for the room. Usually we go out to eat too (work pays his, but last night we just ate some mac and cheese. Tonight make go out, but the snow is soon to arrive.

After my difficult bout with nausea from he Velcade on monday I wasn’t sure I could go as I was curled up in a ball all day. But I had the doctor call in Zofran. My shot yesterday went smooth and easy. I think it’ll work out well. Not sure if the nausea will continue. But you just have to stay ahead of it. Mostly, I’m willing to put up with it if I get a good response. We’ll know sometime after christmas….

Tomorrow theres still snow so we will leave a little later. the weather here in South Lake Tahoe can be totally different than going over the summit. the summit is 7000 feet or so lake level 6000, so different patterns.

Oh, ¬†my labs came back great. My neutrophil count was over 4500 and my platelets at 246 thousand/ul. On Pomalyst ,remember my neutrophils would tank so, hopefully Velcade,at least after the first shot has not done this. But Velcade affects platelets so thats the one to watch. I was great on that at least this week. I have to say i was quite taken back by the nausea, and said to my self…gee I remember chemo nausea , so that was a reminder that 10 years going on 11 i’m still a cancer patient.:(


Tahoe! Rain, and lab results!!

Well, we’re home and had a very nice time in Tahoe. It’s amazing how the drought has affected tahoe. It is the lowest I’ve ever seen. I do hope El Ni√Īo brings us much needed rain. We spent too much on food. I had planned breakfast at the condo but we ate out. Ouch! How much can breakfast be for 4 adults. . . Too much. ¬†But the place is great. And we walked in the morning although not super early. Even today we weren’t out till 6:30. Pretty late .

But the exciting news is it rained last night so every thing is nice and wet. Yeah!! My sister leaves tomorrow. Tonight we’re having spaghetti . Next week will be eat out of the freezer and I’m not planning on taking grocery money till I really need it.

I did get back my labs and ¬†nothing great but nothing went up. M protein went down a tenth .8 ok, not great. My kappa light chains went down to 930 from 1140 so 200 points. So I’m grateful but it did that before and then the next cycle went back up. I think I want big results and I need to be ok with stable. I see him next week and I’m sure he’ll say stable, we will do another cycle. Someone posted on the myeloma Beacon about doing pomalyst with krypolis and getting great results. I don’t think he’ll do that. But I’m reassured that at least things are stable. I guess we all want big results and m proteins at .0 and kappa light chains in the normal range but alas it isn’t always so.

today, I need to do some serious Flylady and then after Heidi leaves declutter and clean.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

It is my favorite place.

But when we arrived Sunday , whoa, five million people, mostly foreigners.

Monday there were a lot less people and today traffic not bad.

I tell you though, getting a reservation is practically like winning the lottery. Not sure how some of these people even get on computers, but they must since it’s all reserved.

so, even for all of August and all of September, absolutely nothing. Even October looks mostly booked and they close by October 15. Geez, I get next January I’ll be n the computer at 6:59. The amp host said that she knows people who have multiple family members trying for reservations, so maybe we’ll do that.

When we get home, we are going to look at some small hardbodies. I had another diarehea episode, I think not drug related, but could be, but food, so I need to have a bathroom. The camp one is too far for me to run to.

We’ve been saying we’d look for 2 years, so maybe now we will.

Theres a big fire down in our area, lots of poor air quality. Some evacuations, but we’re ok. But it’s going to be hot again. Here in Tahoe it’s quite breezy and only around 70, so nice but at home 104. Yikes, I hate hot weather.