21st of December

Happy Solciste!!

I am thrilled that this is the shortest day and the longest night since it means we start going in the other direction.  It does take a while to really notice it(like January) but you can feel it.

Still, no gym workout although I really wanted to go but my cough is croupy and I don’t want to put that on other people. Maybe tomorrow. It’s getting better daily but still not good enough to go workout.  I miss it. I’ll have to add some days after I’m back in the swing of it.


Tonight we’re having a minestrone I have going in the crockpot.  I think I’ll add some ravioli after it’s cooked so there’s a little pasta in it.

We’re joining Frugalwoods in a low -no spend January.  If you haven’t seen her blog you should go take a look. I like her practical and down to earth advice.  She and her husband worked to become Financially Independent at a very young age. Quite remarkable.  We never had any money sense when we were young. We just sort skipped along and never really thought about it. I certainly wish we had now.  But hindsight is 20/20 and whatever we can do to be frugal now we certainly try.  I’ll do a post soon on budgeting and financial goals for 2018.



20th of December

A lovely walk this morning but later than usual. We went out at 6:30 which is really late for us, but it was lovely with just enough light to see the path without the flashlight. It rained last night and things were wet but it wasn’t all that cold.

I feel better today so I’m hoping I feel good enough to go to the gym tomorrow. I’m still coughing and my back muscles are sore from coughing but hopefully, it’s working its way out.

Since I’m home again today, I will focus on tidying up the Hanukkah stuff and other things lying around that other people, honestly, don’t see. I’ve already cleaned out the refrigerator as the turkey breast I had in there leaked as someone didn’t put it in another plastic bag. Oh well, it needed to be cleaned out anyway.

The minimalist game has slowed down since I got this cold but I’m planning on doing a few things today. Does throwing away food in the fridge count?  Just being funny. 🙂

Dinner is turkey, aritchokes, grilled tofu, and maybe potatoes.


19th of December

Ahhh, feeling better but still coughing. I’m hardly ever sick which is amazing considering. But, if I get something it’s always the same thing. Sinus, cough, right into the chest.  I rarely get a fever so that’s good.  I hope this is done and over so I can get to the gym. I really don’t want to be THAT person hacking away over at the weight machines.

So it’s a cloudy day and damp. No rain in sight but not sunny and warm. Of course, this time of year warm is relative to @ 65.

I walked just 2 rounds and that’s all my chest could take so this morning I’m taking an Epsom salt bath and then relax. Probably read some more ebooks from NetGalley.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of ‘The Gentle Art Swedish  Death Cleaning’. It’s a very short book (70 pages) and is really more of her accounts of her own decluttering and downsizing. It’s charming and interesting but it will not rock the decluttering world in my opinion. I think what has most people drawn in is that she has coined a new and different term( death decluttering) and I think that’s what people are curious about. The book is fun to read and she does have a unique take on the subject and she does have a great sense of humor.

But the book that really rocks is ‘ Decluttering at the speed of Life’. I was blown away by this book and absolutely loved it.  This author’s take on decluttering is completely unique and I have implemented a number of her ideas. I plan on buying the book when it comes out.

I’m still doing the 90/90 rule from The Minimalists and that has also opened my eyes to stuff I have stored. For instance, I have a lovely antique silk shawl that I’ve had for 40 years and it was antique then. I use to use it as a table covering. But I haven’t used it in probably 25 years. But its been folded into a keepsake box. so, should I pass it on??  I’m leaning towards yes even though it is pretty. But I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use it again.  So that has been the kind of thing the 90/90 rule has helped me see things differently.  It does open your mind up to a new of thinking and I’m all for that.

Taco Tuesday! ( maybe just nachos!)


17th of December

Today we’re heading down to Costco, mostly because I need laundry soap.  I like their unscented environmentally friendly soap.  So while we’re there I figured I’d get cheese, bagels, and whatever else I have on my list. I’d like some Meyer lemons if they have any. I love Meyer lemons. We usually have a dwarf Meyer but the dwarf we bought a few years ago is just a regular lemon. this spring I’ll need to get one.  As long as they are covered they can winter over here.

My sinuses are acting up and I hope it’s not going to be more than that.  I could tell walking this morning that I was coughing up stuff which I don’t usually do.  Plus I have a sinus headache:(

Still working on the Minimalist game, and my daughter loaded up a ton of stuff so I’m counting that in.  I think at day 17, which would be 153 things, I must be about 250, so I’m ahead for now.  I start to lose count after a while.  There are 14 more days in the month. I still haven’t gotten in my file cabinet but plan to this week.

Dinner is ?? Since I’m not feeling super, I’ll see what I come up with. maybe soup.




16th of December

A brisk day with a north wind. Chilly but sunny.

We had a lovely walk this morning. It was nice to walk together.

I went to town and dropped another GoodWill load of the things I’d gathered from doing the minimalist game. Then I went to drop off food pantry stuff at our credit union that had a barrel out for our local food bank. It was a hefty bag of stuff that I gleaned from my own pantry.  I’m trying to have only enough in our pantry that we use regularly.  I guess if the apocalypse happens we’ll just have to make do. We do keep emergency water and some canned goods in the barn but it’s not in my regular rotation.

Then I went to Target to get some colored twinkly lights and there was not a one. But I picked up a candle, a white basket to hold some pantry goods, cat food(of course) and something else? Oh, there was a little artificial plant (tiny) in a white pot 1/2 off so it was $ 2.50. I put it in the bathroom as real plants have a hard time in there during the winter as it’s pretty cold.

So, home again and putting together my sisters christmas box of goodies to send. Then I put a gift bag together for our garbage guy. A target gift card and a bottle of maple syrup. Next up is our UPS guy. Proabaly another Starbucks gift card. That’s it. Oh, B picked up the GC for my brother at Tractor supply.

Dinner is a potato kugel and a cornish hen and a kale salad. My daughter said she’d cook. Yay!!! The potato kugel is from Smitten Kitchen so undoubtedly, good.


15th of December

Five things I learned from Chemotherapy.

Some things you just wish you didn’t ever have to go thru and Chemotherapy is certainly one of them.

But you don’t have a choice if you’re faced with cancer. Well, you do have a choice not to go thru chemo but more than likely it will end in death. Of course, there’s no guarantee even with chemotherapy but the odds are better.  But generally, with today’s amazing drugs the odds are pretty good.


  1. Your world gets smaller. You really just don’t go out as much. Partly because you feel lousy but also you want to avoid crowds, germs etc. I remember sitting in the car while my husband would go into the store for a few things and I would look around at all the people coming an going and thought, “wow”, “it’s all so ‘normal’ for them.”
  2. You realize that most things aren’t that important. So you ran out of eggs, figure out something else to eat then. Oatmeal? Just an example.
  3. Time slows down and you just drift from appointment to appointment. Time definitely was different. I didn’t keep a schedule as such and it wasn’t till I found FlyLady that I started my routines.
  4. Normal things become a big deal, like taking a shower, or getting out of bed. It wasn’t till a year and a half after my SCT, that I realized, I wanted to be normal again. I am forever grateful to A.L that hired me as a Library helper and equally profoundly saddened that S. S., ended that 8 years later by not stepping up to the plate to library administration.  But life moves on.
  5. Your relationship to food, money, life, shifts and you realize life is just a fleeting moment and You learn to live in the Present. Even after being a meditator for 35 years, living in the moment with cancer taught me more, than all those years combined.  You just had to be in the moment no matter how you felt.

It’s a strange place to be but then life moves on and you get back into the rhythm of it all when you hit that wonderful moment of remission or for some people and actual cure.

Today was a gym day,( yes, I love routine).

Dinner is homemade pizza.image