9th of December

Another nice day here in Northern California. It’s so horrible what’s happening around Santa Barbara and southern Ca. B was supposed to fly down Monday to work the co-ops but cancelled due to the fires. I’m glad he’s not going. Just too dangerous.

I’m planning on making the 2 wreaths with pine boughs this weekend. I’ll post some pictures when they’re done.

We’ve been watching on Amazon prime’ The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. It is so great. If you need a show to watch this is just about as good as it gets.

I made some rice crispy treats for everyone. My daughter is going gluten free after a breakout of hives from gluten( we think) so we’re trying some easy treats. I also made some fudge that I will use some of in Christmas gifts. (Unless we eat it all first). Then I may try some coconut macaroons tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is a potato leek soup and a green salad.


this was my bird tree from a few years ago. Since minimalizing even more, I just have one tree. I did want to get another live tree because they smell so great, but I wasn’t willing to spend the money.

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