16th of December

A brisk day with a north wind. Chilly but sunny.

We had a lovely walk this morning. It was nice to walk together.

I went to town and dropped another GoodWill load of the things I’d gathered from doing the minimalist game. Then I went to drop off food pantry stuff at our credit union that had a barrel out for our local food bank. It was a hefty bag of stuff that I gleaned from my own pantry.  I’m trying to have only enough in our pantry that we use regularly.  I guess if the apocalypse happens we’ll just have to make do. We do keep emergency water and some canned goods in the barn but it’s not in my regular rotation.

Then I went to Target to get some colored twinkly lights and there was not a one. But I picked up a candle, a white basket to hold some pantry goods, cat food(of course) and something else? Oh, there was a little artificial plant (tiny) in a white pot 1/2 off so it was $ 2.50. I put it in the bathroom as real plants have a hard time in there during the winter as it’s pretty cold.

So, home again and putting together my sisters christmas box of goodies to send. Then I put a gift bag together for our garbage guy. A target gift card and a bottle of maple syrup. Next up is our UPS guy. Proabaly another Starbucks gift card. That’s it. Oh, B picked up the GC for my brother at Tractor supply.

Dinner is a potato kugel and a cornish hen and a kale salad. My daughter said she’d cook. Yay!!! The potato kugel is from Smitten Kitchen so undoubtedly, good.


One thought on “16th of December

  1. Ha ha, I’ve also been deciding that I really only want to be prepared for a 3 or 4 day apocalypse so I’m using up my pantry and freezer items. Sounds like you are getting a lot done!

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