17th of December

Today we’re heading down to Costco, mostly because I need laundry soap.  I like their unscented environmentally friendly soap.  So while we’re there I figured I’d get cheese, bagels, and whatever else I have on my list. I’d like some Meyer lemons if they have any. I love Meyer lemons. We usually have a dwarf Meyer but the dwarf we bought a few years ago is just a regular lemon. this spring I’ll need to get one.  As long as they are covered they can winter over here.

My sinuses are acting up and I hope it’s not going to be more than that.  I could tell walking this morning that I was coughing up stuff which I don’t usually do.  Plus I have a sinus headache:(

Still working on the Minimalist game, and my daughter loaded up a ton of stuff so I’m counting that in.  I think at day 17, which would be 153 things, I must be about 250, so I’m ahead for now.  I start to lose count after a while.  There are 14 more days in the month. I still haven’t gotten in my file cabinet but plan to this week.

Dinner is ?? Since I’m not feeling super, I’ll see what I come up with. maybe soup.




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