19th of December

Ahhh, feeling better but still coughing. I’m hardly ever sick which is amazing considering. But, if I get something it’s always the same thing. Sinus, cough, right into the chest.  I rarely get a fever so that’s good.  I hope this is done and over so I can get to the gym. I really don’t want to be THAT person hacking away over at the weight machines.

So it’s a cloudy day and damp. No rain in sight but not sunny and warm. Of course, this time of year warm is relative to @ 65.

I walked just 2 rounds and that’s all my chest could take so this morning I’m taking an Epsom salt bath and then relax. Probably read some more ebooks from NetGalley.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of ‘The Gentle Art Swedish  Death Cleaning’. It’s a very short book (70 pages) and is really more of her accounts of her own decluttering and downsizing. It’s charming and interesting but it will not rock the decluttering world in my opinion. I think what has most people drawn in is that she has coined a new and different term( death decluttering) and I think that’s what people are curious about. The book is fun to read and she does have a unique take on the subject and she does have a great sense of humor.

But the book that really rocks is ‘ Decluttering at the speed of Life’. I was blown away by this book and absolutely loved it.  This author’s take on decluttering is completely unique and I have implemented a number of her ideas. I plan on buying the book when it comes out.

I’m still doing the 90/90 rule from The Minimalists and that has also opened my eyes to stuff I have stored. For instance, I have a lovely antique silk shawl that I’ve had for 40 years and it was antique then. I use to use it as a table covering. But I haven’t used it in probably 25 years. But its been folded into a keepsake box. so, should I pass it on??  I’m leaning towards yes even though it is pretty. But I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use it again.  So that has been the kind of thing the 90/90 rule has helped me see things differently.  It does open your mind up to a new of thinking and I’m all for that.

Taco Tuesday! ( maybe just nachos!)