11th of December

So, when I checked my blog this morning yesterdays post was gone except for the title. I’ve gone everywhere to find it and even had my tech-savvy daughter check it and she couldn’t find it either. So, I’ll at least post the pictures.


These are the coconut macaroons, and there’s the first wreath.

So first off, I did the bathroom zone. Then dusted everything.  Next, I made the peanut brittle. Yummy!!





So I just received my copy of the new book”The Art of Doing Nothing” by the blogger of Minimalist Mom. I love reading her blog. But the book, in my opinion, is just lacking something. I get she’s talking to a broad audience with ideas of how to lighten your schedule, do stuff for yourself, say no to things. I get it, but the book just seems to drone on and doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. I’ll give my copy to the Truckee Library. Maybe, I just already do most of the ideas so I was hoping for some new stuff.

Dinner is going to be a garbanzo curry stew.



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