Long day and stressful

I had a long day at the library( longer than usual), but did okay. No diarehea as I took an immodium before work. Tuesday seems to be my most difficult day, but did ok. Tomorrow  it’s wait for my revlimid to be delivered. First though , I’m going to pop out to auburn and pick up a flat of blackberries for jam/ sauce. My daughter will be home in case UPS shows up.  He doesn’t usually come till 4 or so , so it should be good.

i was glad to be back at my normal routine at the library. Even though I’m pretty sure I’m not working all all thrusters, I manage.

the big news ,though, is the GF has gone to a friends house. I’m predicting a crisis within 72 hours though that my son will have to deal with. But, there’s no coming back now. It’ll take I think a few days for me to tidy and Lysol everything.

i did see a nice studio for rent in auburn , but it said only a single person, so too bad. 

So, I guess, it’s on to the next moment. I’m only hoping we are clear and know our boundaries and go from there.

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