Thursdays updates

My doctor visit went well, although the place was packed and he was running late. I haven’t seen it that busy so that was different. All my labs look good. My ANC is at 1700 so I was quite happy. And my m protein .2.   So down even from last month with 2 weeks off. He mentioned me going off revlimid since I’m stable, but honestly I’m scared to. Yes, it be good to take a break but what then. I’d have to start all over.

so, I’m not sure. I’m going to put the question on the myeloma Beacon and see what other people think. Oh, and the new forum too.

So, living room zone is done, as there’s not really anything to do but wash the windows. I’m still planning to wash all the outside windows just not sure when. 

I’m going out in a bit to Staples, grocery outlet, and Target or Walmart. Walmart is farther away but I wanted some new yoga type pants for walking. So, I’ll see in a bit. 

We’re still working on the apt idea, but it’s really not moving too quickly. Plus, things are expensive and I’m not sure with out our help he could do it. So we will wait and see. 

B’s up in south Lake Tahoe working, and I’m off till tomorrow. Then Friday night I’ll start my new cycle of rev.

imageThis is Ollie,my daughters very large cat. And very sweet.