Shopping at Sur La Table

I decided to go for it …. The pizza steel. It has the best reviews for a crispy crust and heats higher than a stone and will not crack. It was 79.99, plus then I bought some King Arthur pizza flour to try and well, let’s just say quite a few other little things. We are going to call this my anniversary gifts. I made the pizzas last night and they were perfect. The steel did get a little dis colored where pizza sauce and cheese spilt. I thought it wasn’t going to do that.  But no big deal. 

Today I’m making another no knead loaf of bread. I like this recipe as you keep the dough in the fridge till you need it and then cut off a chunk and bake. 

Also, I’m staying home today and just Flyladying, and reading. Back to the library tomorrow .Tonight is chile rellenos with chiles from the farmers market and beans. 


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